7 Reasons Why Do I Hold My Own Hand When I Sleep

Why You Should Be Constantly Holding My Hand When Sleeping Because It Is Comfortable

Holding my hand when sleeping because it is comforting comes from being able to share feelings with another person.

  • There are times when I need to express myself to another and I cannot because of a physical disability or some other reason, but the idea of expressing myself physically gives me a way to do it.
  • So if I am laying there and need to get someone to understand what I am feeling because I am unable to speak, or if I want to express a wish to another person that is also physically unable to do so, holding my hand while sleeping because it is comforting can be a way to make that happen.

It helps to keep me focused and on track as to what I am trying to say because it can be hard to remember all the things I have to say if I am not holding my hand.

holding my hand when sleeping because it is comforting

  • There are also times when I just need to know how someone else is feeling or even to know what they want to say to me in a non-threatening manner, and so I will reach over and grab something to drink or eat because I am confident I will be able to handle whatever is in front of me.
  • This is also something that most people who have the ability to walk on two feet without any assistance at all probably do, but for some reason they cannot do it when they are holding something in their arms.
  • That’s when it really counts because this is one of the ways that the body has developed to help us stay comfortable.
  • It does not mean that it is not important to be in control of what you are holding, it just means that sometimes there needs to be a situation where you have to reach over and grab something. It is not a sign of weakness per se because you should be able to do that when you need to.
  • Holding my hand when sleeping because it is comforting comes from being able to feel the support that someone else gives to me because I cannot feel it for myself.
  • When I can hear the heartbeat in my ear, I know that they are nearby and so I am less worried about having an out of body experience when I am sleeping.
  • When I know that someone is there to make me feel comfortable, I sleep better. Holding my hand when sleeping because it is calming is really holding my hand because it is comforting.

Holding My Hand When Sleeping Because It’s a Childhood Habit

Holding my hand when sleeping because it is a childhood habit is something that I did and still do. Now I don’t think that this is a bad thing but it’s a habit.

One thing that many parents don’t realize is that the tendency to hold your hand is a learned behavior.

There is a reason for the hand to be on the ground when your child is asleep and this is because the child is learning to be comfortable in their environment.

By putting yourself in a relaxed state all of the time, you are naturally creating this relaxed feeling in yourself.

holding my hand when sleeping because it is a childhood habit

  • This can be done in so many different ways and many times you’ll hear people saying that it has to be the hands or the feet or the neck or even the head.
  • The truth is that everyone should be using this basic human instinct. Many people don’t realize that when you place your hand on something, your mind starts working from the brainwaves in your hand.
  • When your mind works from the brainwaves in your hand, you will be more relaxed.
  • You will have that feeling of comfort and security, because you’re not being disturbed by a crying baby or by a noisy person or by some loud noises.
  • You will have that feeling because you’ve learned the basics of relaxation.

So don’t let anything stand in the way of you making sure that you have this innate human habit of relaxing. You need to go back to those things that will help you relax before you go to sleep. Some parents don’t do this and they struggle with their children and with themselves because they have these habits. Help your children to relax and then make sure that you practice those things with them because by doing this, you will be teaching your children good habits at the same time.

Holding My Hand When Sleeping Because Of Comfortable Sleeping Posture

Holding my hand when sleeping because of comfortable sleeping posture may sound a little weird to you but it is not. I know it may seem like an exercise in theory but the concept is actually very simple.

Our body needs to be in a relaxed state to fall asleep and when we do that, we are better able to get all of the nutrients we need to stay healthy and strong.

One of the best ways to do that is to make sure that our head is not elevated so that our brain is not directly above our heart and in turn this will keep the blood flowing and stopping circulation problems and thus ensuring a peaceful and restful night’s sleep for everyone involved.

holding my hand when sleeping because of comfortable sleeping posture

You can use a neck pillow or pillows to support your neck while you are trying to get used to sleeping on your side. When you are comfortable enough to do so, remove the headrests so that you can sleep on your back and this is the first step towards learning how to hold my hand when sleeping because of comfortable sleeping posture.

  • Next, place a pillow under one arm so that your head is not too high or too low and remember to use a pillow underneath your head to help to support your neck.
  • This will also help prevent your brain from heating up too much and keeping you from snoring and other sleep disorders.
  • The second part is to lie down flat on your back in a way that your feet are slightly raised but not higher than your hips and knees. If you can’t do this with your own mattress, you can always use a stack of pillows.
  • Keep your hands by your sides and begin to gently massage your sides and fingers in a slow, soothing motion until you feel your mind start to relax and slip into a deep level of relaxation.
  • Once you find yourself in that position, you will find that you can go ahead and lay your head back and let the sleep walk by.
  • Hold your hand and fingers at your side for several minutes and it will be time for you to drift off and sleep without thinking about the next day.

Holding My Hand When Sleeping Because of Warmer For Both Hands

A question I get a lot is “holding my hand when sleeping because of the warmth”. It’s a very reasonable question and one that I try to help people with. The reason I say this is because, although your hands are the source of your warmth, your body as a whole also has a role to play. Your head, neck, eyes, feet and muscles all get part of the heat that comes from you body. If you sleep with your arms straight out to your side (as if you’re just standing in front of a fan), then most of that heat goes out to your hands.

holding my hand when sleeping because of warmth for both hands

By holding your hand out to your side, your body partly opens up, letting some of that heat to find its way through to your hands. Of course, you don’t want your hands to be completely blocked by your body, so you should always keep your hand fairly close to you. What I suggest is that you hold your hand out at an angle. If possible, hold your hand at a 90 degree angle to yourself, so you can look down and see what’s happening. This will help you determine which hand is getting the most heat.

Some people have problems when they sleep holding their arms straight out because of the warmth. They end up cradling their arms in their chest, or worse yet, their heads will tilt to the side. This is a problem, and it’s something you’ll want to avoid. When you’re sleeping, keeping your hands away from your face will ensure that your head stays the same temperature as your body. Not a bad deal, right?

Holding My Hand When Sleeping Because of Lack of Self-Confidence

I have had a problem for most of my life and a lack of self-confidence is what caused this.

It seems as if I was born with no confidence in who I am, or the world that I live in.

The fear of not having what I want in this world has been controlling my life since I was very young. One day a friend gave me a book to read, and I learned that fear can come from many different places, and it is not always a bad thing.

Holding my hand when sleeping because of lack of self-confidence is one of these fears.

holding my hand when sleeping because lack of self confidence

The fear of others seeing me fail is another fear. I was very scared of being laughed at or seen as useless because of my lack of self confidence. When I read that fear was caused by my own imagination, or my own thinking. So by learning how to control my thoughts I learned how to change my imagined fears into real ones, and so now I can go about my daily business without any more fear.

A lack of self-confidence can be very damaging to your life. If you have this fear, then now is the time to change it. I am not saying that holding my hand when sleeping because of lack of self confidence is easy but you can do it. And it can be done by just learning how to relax your body and your mind.

Holding My Hand When Sleeping in a Prayerful Manifestation

One of the most powerful prayers I ever learned was from the book of Acts in the New Testament, chapter twelve. It reads as follows: Behold, he that holds my hand, I know him: for he that is called, I hold my hands; and he that comforts me, I also love. Now if you are looking for a prayer holding my hand when sleeping in a prayerful manifestation, this is it. God is so much more powerful than we give Him credit for.

holding my hand when sleeping in praying manifestation

When praying in a prayerful manifestation you need to do several things. First, make sure you are in a quiet place, a place where you won’t be disturbed. Second, pray softly and quickly. Third, keep your hands loose and free at all times. Fourth, keep your eyes on the knees and feet throughout the prayer.

What is so powerful about praying in a prayerful manifestation? As you prepare for your next prayer, take time today to think about how God is influencing you right now through His power. It is important to always hold my hand when sleeping in a prayerful manifestation. Hold it close to your heart and trust that God is raising up something from inside of you. If you can do this, then you will receive what you are seeking for in the future.

Holding My Hand When Sleeping In Moments of Anxiety

Holding my hand when sleeping in moments of anxiety is extremely important, as you want to be able to relax and not worry if you are going to die or if your arm is going to break.

It is also very important that you do not forget how to breathe regularly throughout the night. Breathing properly before going to sleep can help you get a good night’s sleep, as it helps you get into a relaxed state of mind. You can also find tips for relaxing your muscles before bed by visiting the site Panic Away.

holding my hand when sleeping in moments of anxiety

I know this might seem a bit weird at first, but if you can learn how to relax and calm down before bed, you will notice a huge difference between the night before and the night after.

Your heart rate will start to slow down, you might even fall asleep quicker.

You should feel better before you go to sleep, and you won’t feel as anxious when you wake up the next morning. This is great if you suffer from chronic anxiety, but if you are looking for a short term fix, you might consider purchasing a panic attack over the counter medication to help you feel better before going to sleep. This way you will have the relief of an instant fix, but the medication can make you dependent on it and that is never good.

Holding my hand when sleeping in moments of anxiety is a great way to calm down and feel much more relaxed. Make sure that you learn how to relax before going to bed, because you do not want to ruin your sleep by having an anxiety attack while you are trying to sleep. It is better to catch your anxiety before going to bed than it is to make yourself go through the motions of an anxiety attack while you are trying to sleep. Do your best to relax and breathe slowly before going to bed.

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