8 Serratus Anterior Stretches Exercises

8 Serratus Anterior Stretches Exercises

serratus anterior stretch

The serratus anterior is a key scapular stabilizer. It keeps the shoulder blades from flying apart, increases core strength, and protects the scapula. Here are several ways to stretch and activate this muscle. These exercises may cause pain, but will result in a stronger, more stable scapula.

What is the importance of serratus anterior stretching? There is some importance you need to know: It helps in scapular protraction and retraction. It is the main stabilizer of the scapula during motion and at rest. Increase flexibility and mobility of muscle.

A Novel Intervention and Its Effect on the Shoulder Range of Motion

The “serratus anterior” originating from a single third or eighth rib. There have been 3 separate parts identified in the muscle. The first division comes from the first two ribs and their intercostal space and is placed at the cost of the superior angle of the scapulum. The second part consists of two digitations in the second, third and fourth ribs and the adjacent septum and inserts on both the costal and side scapulate. The third division was the longest and strongest and was composed of the four lower digitations on the ribs 4th to 8th. The flanges are attached to the anterior side and are placed on the scapular side.

Serratus anterior is a key scapular stabilizer

The Serratus anterior is a key movable scapular stabilizer that is involved in the movement of the shoulder blade. Its activation is critical for healthy shoulders and helps to maintain the subacromial space. A weak Serratus anterior can lead to shoulder pain and impingement. In addition, a weak Serratus anterior can cause a condition known as winged scapula. Winging is a condition where the medial border of the scapula flares up and outward.

The scapula is a joint that works with three other joints to provide movement. A large number of muscles in the scapula affect the function of the joint and provide support and stability for the upper extremities. Inadequate scapular stabilization can lead to shoulder instability and impingement, and in some cases, strains and injuries to the muscles and cervical spine.

The Serratus anterior is a major scapular stabilizer that helps prevent scapular protraction and upward rotation. It originates on the top lateral surface of the upper ribs and wraps posteromedially around the ribcage before inserting onto the scapula. The fibers of the Serratus anterior form a multipennate muscle architecture and interdigitate with those of the external oblique muscle.

The Serratus anterior is also an accessory inspiratory muscle. It helps with forward arm movements and provides more reach for punches. It also coordinates with the upper arm bone. The Serratus anterior is a key contributor to good posture, and helps the shoulder move smoothly while reducing impact on the neck and upper back. Strengthening the Serratus anterior can help prevent rotator cuff tears and impingement.

If the Serratus anterior is weak, it may cause the scapulae to tilt forward, creating excessive kyphosis of the thoracic spine. In severe cases, this can result in a visible winged scapula, which can require surgical intervention.

One of the best exercises to strengthen the Serratus anterior is the mace offset, which involves an overhand grip. The grip should be shoulder-width apart and just above the sternum. During this exercise, it is important to hold the mace offset position with a tight core, and hold it for the duration of the exercise. After performing this exercise, alternate sides and repeat the same process on the other side.

It helps keep shoulder blades from flying apart

The Serratus anterior is the muscle that protracts and draws the shoulder blades forward toward the ribcage. This stabilizes the shoulders and prevents them from ricocheting back into the body during movement. Inadequate engagement of the Serratus anterior can lead to shoulder and neck pain and, in some cases, rotator cuff tears.

A strong serratus anterior is essential for a strong posture, and it allows for a wide range of motion and stronger pressing movements. It also helps maintain good posture and breathing, which helps prevent injuries. But it can also become weakened due to poor posture and inactivity. The best way to strengthen the Serratus anterior is to do exercises that promote scapular protraction and rotation.

While the Serratus anterior is often called the “boxer” muscle, it has many other applications. It is used in throwing a football, swimming, and yoga poses. The name is derived from the Latin word serre, which means “saw.” This muscle is serrated and looks saw-like when it is stretched against the ribs. It works within the shoulder joint to keep shoulder blades in place and allows the arm to reach above 90 degrees.

The Serratus anterior works with the lower and upper trapezius to provide the proper scapular movement. Its most important function is to protract the scapulae up during shoulder flexion. This helps keep shoulder blades from flying apart and provides more reach when punching.

For beginners, the best way to isolate the Serratus anterior is to hold a dumbbell at a 45-degree angle and lift your shoulder blade off the floor. When you repeat, make sure to maintain the correct torso posture. The weight you use will affect the amount of reps you can do.

The Serratus anterior muscle is active during cobra pose. This exercise engages all of the torso and works different layers of muscles. It is crucial to maintain a neutral spine during the cobra pose to ensure safety and stability.

It increases strength of core

The serratus anterior is a muscle that helps strengthen the core. This muscle can be activated by performing push ups that engage the core. Perform them on a wall or with a partner. Push ups with the serratus anterior should be performed 2-3 times per week for two to three sets of ten to fifteen reps.

A weak serratus anterior can cause scapular winging. It may also cause pain in the neck, shoulder and arm. The most common cause of this weakness is inactivity. This can be remedied through stretching and strengthening exercises. You should perform these exercises with caution.

The serratus anterior has finger-like tentacles that originate from the first through the eighth ribs. This muscle wraps around the rib cage intercostally and inserts posteriorly into the scapula. When performed properly, a serratus anterior stretch increases strength in the core.

There are several types of serratus anterior exercises. These can be performed as a standalone exercise or mixed with other exercises. You can add a push up plus or a plank plus to your routine. The key is to make sure that you challenge your serratus anterior muscles every training session. The goal is to avoid plateaus.

The pullover exercise puts the serratus anterior through a wide range of motion, which improves the strength of the core and the chest. It also improves full-body stability. This exercise is particularly useful for those with weak serratus anterior. You should brace your core and glutes in this exercise, and maintain a slight arch in your lower back. Afterwards, bridge up and engage the chest.

The wall slide exercise is another good exercise for the serratus anterior. It works on the serratus anterior in a way that is more efficient than pushups and punches. In addition, this exercise allows you to target the serratus anterior in a way that is functional for athletes with shoulder impingement issues.

The serratus anterior is an important muscle for maintaining healthy shoulders. If the serratus anterior is not stabilizing the scapula properly, it can lead to shoulder impingement. In addition, a weakened serratus anterior can lead to a condition known as winged scapula. This condition causes the medial border of the scapula to flare out and flare up.

It causes pain

Serratus anterior stretch causes pain is an uncomfortable condition, but it generally resolves without treatment. Medications such as nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) can help ease pain and swelling. You may also want to try massages and warm compresses to soothe the area. Other treatment options include stretching exercises and ultrasound.

Serratus anterior pain is caused by a problem with the long thoracic nerve. This nerve is about 25 cm – 10 inches long and extends across the chest. It originates from the cervical roots and forms part of the brachial plexus. The nerve innervates the serratus anterior muscle, and is susceptible to injury.

To do a serratus anterior stretch, you need to find a comfortable position and a supportive object for your lower back. You can use a folded blanket or a half-width block. A friend can also assist you in this stretch by supporting your shoulder blades. You can also use a block to correct the rounding of your lower back.

A serratus anterior stretch is a good exercise for people who want to increase their flexibility and range of motion in their shoulders. Moreover, it also improves blood circulation and nutrients in the area. Performing a stretch on the serratus anterior will help prevent injury. In some cases, the pain will not subside after a few days.

Shoulder internal rotators may also be involved in the problem. An overactive shoulder internal rotator may cause excessive internal rotation of the arm and cause the midline of the scapula to wing out. The pectoralis minor is another muscle that can cause pain by excessive internal rotation. The pectoralis minor runs from the upper ribs to the coracoid process. It also serves as a stabilizer of the scapula.

If you have any questions about the symptoms of Serratus anterior muscle pain, feel free to ask a medical professional. They will likely be able to help you identify the pain trigger points and find the best treatment.

Where is it located and what does it do?

When one is palpating under his or her thigh and under his ribs, it feels like the muscles are stretched out. Although more apparent on lighter individuals it is important, but it is underutilized by all of us! Serratus anterior enables a forward motion in the arm as well as pulling or protracted the scapula into the ribs. Think of the movement of the shoulders as they move in a pushup compared to thrown punches. Likewise they are working together with the rhomboids to hold the shoulder blade together. Stability is the rule.

Take Control and Maximise Your Shoulder Health

To win an NBA championship, it seems three superstars will be a requirement for the club. Behind the stars is the full team supporting operations and ensuring stars’ performances. Is there any way the person uses shoulder models? How should he maintain balance among support staff so he can perform at his maximum potential?

Tell me the Serratus Anterior?

The Serratus anterior is a large flat muscle that runs from the posterior thoracic wall to a posterior surface, and inserts at the costal border of the scapulus to the scapulum. The muscle can be felt in the palm under the shoulder. This muscle functions as an arm lifter and as scapula pulls forward from the neck around the spine. In a wide variety of conditions weakness manifests with either scapular wings or poor scapular control.

Best Closed Chain Serratus Anterior Exercises

Sometimes our exercises involve closed chain serratus exercises. Closed chain exercises occur when the joints stabilize. Sometimes the impairments are due to the serratus having a lack in control but not to the serratus having weak muscles. The ability to do cardio exercises in closed chain environments is beneficial. The weight on your shoulders is causing scapula protractors to work. Several great sounds can be seen at a given moment including the following:

Modified Push Up Plus

How to Do a Modified Push Up With a Plus - YouTube

Sample Phase 1 of the shoulder rehabilitation program exercises. Using modified pushups, you can dictate the weight of your shoulders for the workout. As long as hips are angled towards the ceiling and knees bent towards knees they become harder. If I shift the weight from hand to hand the heavier demands are placed on the head….

Push Up Plus

Push Up Plus - CornellCast


You can even lift the legs off the ground using the traditional pushup. Please see a detailed training progression for the serratus in the close chain.


During the intervention, all 30 male and 15 female subjects received measured results. Among men there was little difference in shoulder ROM after intervention (P>0.05). The median age of females was 19.12 (2.80) and had an a.83 value. The mean (SD) weight of these subjects was 6.2 kg/m2. The body mass ratio between the male and female was 22.44 (13.22), and the differences were not significantly ( P = 0.941.


The purpose of the study is to evaluate the effectiveness of SAS by improving shoulder range. This study demonstrated that novel SAS improved the shoulder range of movement in healthy patients with reduced shoulder motion. This suggests that the stretch increases mobility of the scapula by increasing elasticity at lower and middle divisions in SR. These functions summarise shoulder ROM on multiple planes.

The best open chain serratus anterior exercises

8 BEST Exercises for Serratus Anterior (Shoulder and Scapular Strength) -  YouTube

During exercising you should always keep an eye on your intentions. People compensate if wall sliding involves excessive height on scapular surfaces. Typically, performing the Wall Slide with scapular elevation does not increase the strength or stability required in patients with TOS. Nonetheless, these wall slides are designed to reach the anterior serratus and scapular rotations rather than elevations.

Wall Slides – Serratus Anterior Activation

Serratus Wall Slide With Foam Roll - YouTube

When performed correctly, wall slides are excellent methods of activating serratus anterior. Several shoulder pathologists have included shoulder-stripping exercises as a routine. In most cases this can occur when shoulder impingement occurs. Several individuals are prone to pain at 90-90 degrees and the pain is attributed to poor seratus posterior activity and / or altered scapular kinematics from this injury. The wall slide exercise thus gives individuals the chance for serratus anterior muscle activation over 90 degrees shoulder tilt.

The Best Serratus Anterior Exercises: Uppercut

Rehab and Training - Serratus Anterior Dumbbell Uppercuts - YouTube

In uppercuts often one can overcompensate for pectoral muscle! It may seem like your intent is targeting a anterior serratus. Let’s say you rotate your shoulder as you raise an upper hand. Keep the elbow at a distance from your left arm during this workout and ensure external movement to the shoulders if necessary for a deep stretch.

How To Correctly Perform Wall Slides For the Serratus Anterior

The blue bluff represents the black blob here representing the skull. Here is the instructions for doing the exercise. Prehab memberships offer an anti-barrier approach to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Get free online health coaching at a convenient location! Getting better out of your palm is not so easy.

Bear Hugs

Bear Hugs with Resistive Band - Ask Doctor Jo - YouTube

Sample shoulder rehabilitation exercise. Start this exercise in a straight spine, standing position and straight posture with a lateral position with lateral pulls or therabands. Push against resistance to bring your hands to you. Slowly return into place and repeat raising hands as if giving somebody hugs. It’s a major muscle which is needed for proper shoulder stability.

More Serratus anterior exercises

This three-phase exercise will increase scapular flexion in shoulder elevation. Shoulder muscles can weaken or inhibit shoulder muscles, which causes shoulder instability.

Serratus anterior: 3 functional components

The serratus anterior consists in three different segments: one inferior component, another mid component and one inferior component. The scapulos of serratis anteriors work together in order to protract and upwards rotate the shoulder with each part close to the thoracic wall.

Why is it important to train the Serratus Anterior?

Serratus anterior is a vital muscle that can be used for shoulder girdle performance. Shoulders are prone to injury if these muscles can’t be moved smoothly through their thorax with the correct arm movements. If the scapular winging does not properly engage the serratus anterior it becomes more prominent.

When Weak

It seems like the “serratus anterior” is in fact a part of our posture. The body will need another way to compensate for the higher rotation of shoulder blades when SA is low. Enter the painful upper trapezius and neck. You simply take more power off a muscle group rather than sharing it with others.

Strengthening/ Activating the SAFETY

As noted earlier, these minor pectoral muscles are an integral partner in the Serrato anterior. Because the pecs tend more to move shoulder limbs, pectoral strength can easily be confused with sratus anterior muscle. Having enough power to push 100 more in a row is not an indicator of sufficient SA strength. As with the stretching mentioned above, the muscles should be pushed out so that the target is isolated as best as is possible. Here is a two way activation of the posterior sternum aortal muscle.

When Overactive

Although most of the cases will have weak, inactive SA, there are some possible trigger points and hypertons across the tissues too. The most common location on the 6th ribs is pain on all parts.

Stretching/Releasing the SAFETY

It’s often hard to stretch the SA properly especially for clients with limited mobility or shoulder pathology, shoulder rotation. It may also prove difficult to isolate the SA without the feeling that the muscles of a larger muscle group have become stiff. Some exercises require the client to raise the shoulders and lean laterally. Certainly it will stretch the muscle with the legs but many may lack the ability to raise the arms overhead above the ground without compensating. Because protraction and stability are key functions of the SA, we need to focus on the retraction to optimize muscle stretchability.

Serratus Anterior Weakness and Winged Scapula

Serrate anterior is the main muscles which anchor the spine flat to the spine. The weak serratus anterior muscles may cause a Winged Skula. The median edge of shoulder blades extends above the rib cage. If you have experienced this scapular wings then you may need to develop the strength to activate the Serratus Anterior. More details: Serratus lateral exercise of the scapula.

What causes serratus anterior tightness?

Serratus muscle pain is most commonly caused by tension, stress, and excessive use. This happens often during athletic activities with repetitive motions such as swimming, tennis, or weight lifting. This pain could also be caused by sarratus lateral myofacial pain syndrome (SAMPS).

What does a strained serratus feel like?

Problems in the posterior serratus are usually caused by chest, arms, or back. This condition may also affect your ability to lift your arm upward and maintain normal movement on your shoulder. It can occur to someone with pain in their hands and wrists.

How do you massage the serratus anterior?

I will turn the wheel clockwise first so we get the anterior serratus. It’s the same thing!

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