9 Potential Side Effects Of Massage

Massage Therapy – Some Possible Side Effects ( Edema )

Sometimes massages cause side effect on some patients, for which it is very important to know the whole story behind massage therapy before deciding if you want to try it yourself.

Most of the time, the massage therapist will not tell you about the side effect because they would like to keep their reputation clean and to save themselves from many lawsuits.

However, there are some cases when they should at least give you information about the possible side effects and how to deal with it, so that you can decide yourself if this is something you want to continue to have done.

  • One of the most common is a condition known as “muscle imbalance.”
  • This is sometimes also called “overuse syndrome,” which simply means that the body is reacting to the constant pressure and strain it is subjected to without properly responding.
  • Sometimes, this side effect is caused by not using the right kind of massages, such as the kneading kind or the slow strokes.
  • As long as you are aware that your body is not used to the constant pressure and strain, it will react in a way that you don’t expect, and sometimes it will hurt.
  • Another common side effect is edema. Edema is basically water build up in certain areas of the body, especially the legs and feet.
  • Usually, this happens because you use the massage therapy too much, especially during the intensive part of the therapy.

To avoid this side effect, you may want to choose a massage that uses fewer strokes or even stop doing the massage all together, so that the legs and feet will be rested and the circulation will be better.

In any case, if you feel like you are having an excessive amount of edema, it is best to contact your doctor before continuing with your massage therapy.

Nummular Headache Pain After a Massage – How To Avoid It

Sometimes Massages are painful for the receiver and at other times it is a soothing effect but it is always annoying if you have experienced a side effect like numbness or even bruising.

There are many reasons why the massage can become painful or it may only be because the person that gave you the massage didn’t know what they were doing.

If you notice this happening, try to explain to your masseuse what happened so that they will know how to correct it but remember they should only do what is necessary for the massage to be effective.

Remember they only get paid when you feel great after the massage so it doesn’t make sense to get hurt during a massage.

sometimes massages side effect NAUSEA

Another thing that can cause the massage to become painful is if you have an allergy to one of the ingredients in the massage oil.

When this happens you may get very itchy skin which can cause the massage to become painful.

If you think this is the reason for the pain you are having, then you need to inform your masseuse before they give you the massage.

In some cases it is simply just part of the side effect and often the pain goes away in a couple of days.

In other cases it may take longer to go away but it could also be a symptom of something more serious such as an infection or injury.

If you have experienced a side effect that is bothering you, don’t ignore it. Let the massage therapist know what you are experiencing so that they can fix it the proper way.

  • If it isn’t a muscle problem and you don’t have an allergy, it is probably a result of overdoing it or not using the right massage strokes on your body.
  • It is important to keep your masseuse as comfortable as possible so that they can provide you with the best massage possible. When this is done the side effect of NAUSEA can be easily avoided.

Sometimes Massages Side Effect Redness Occurs

There is one side effect that you need to know about when you are doing some of the more powerful and painful types of massages. It can be called the redness or heat skin reaction.

This can sometimes be uncomfortable and sometimes you can have a burning sensation that you are not used to, but it happens and when you feel that it is getting worse, then you should stop the massage altogether and get something hot to put on it.

Do not worry about the redness, this is an absolutely normal side effects of some of the more powerful massages.

This reaction to the massage can occur for several reasons.

Some people react to certain oils or creams that are used in a massage, whether they are used before or after the massage.

The cream could cause a break down of the natural skin oils that our bodies produce and cause our skins to become dry, flaky and achy.

If you notice that this is happening to you, stop the massage and get something to help your skin with the problem.

Most often this is an allergic reaction to one of the ingredients used in the massage therapy.

Many times there are also different oils and creams that you will need to avoid while you have this reaction, so make sure that you are well informed before you start a massage therapy.

Many times, a massage therapist will tell you that it is okay to have a little redness to go along with the massage, but if they don’t mention the allergy or the cream that you should avoid, then you should let the masseuse know before the massage begins.

This is very important so that you can enjoy your massage therapy and not have to worry about any of the sometimes massages side effect redness.

Common Side Effects of Massages – Inflammation

Massage therapy can and sometimes does have side effects.

Most of these side effects are mild and usually not life threatening.

However, one of the more common side effects of some types of massages is called inflammation.

Inflammation is what causes swelling, and is typically accompanied by pain.

For this reason, it is common for some clients to get additional massage during a session if they feel that they may be having some kind of reaction due to the massage.

sometimes massages side effect INFLAMMATION

Other common side effects from massage therapy can be mild dizziness, blurred vision, tightness in the chest, nausea, vomiting, and/or tightness in the stomach.

These symptoms can be caused by a number of different things, so it is important to know what you should do if you are experiencing any of these side effects.

Massage Side Effect – Fatigue Or Sleepiness After a Massage

Even though a massage has many benefits for your body, sometimes massages side effect such as fatigue or side effects such as excessive sleepiness or headaches can occur.

It is important that you learn to distinguish between these two things so you can be sure that you are not dealing with a real health problem.

Some massage therapy experts are starting to add some natural supplements to their massages so they do not have as many side effects.

sometimes massages side effect fatigue or sleepiness after massage

Another thing that you might experience is the side effect of your massage therapy making you lose your appetite.

This is a common issue for people who have dietary allergies or for people who just happen to be dieting at the time.

However, if you have been adjusting your diet recently and if you are eating healthy and not hungry when you have your massage therapy session, then this side effect will not be a major problem for you.

Massage Side Effects – Dizziness

Sometimes, Massage can be very helpful to cure your Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

But as the massage therapist it is your duty to know what side effects massage may have on you.

You should always keep in mind that, Massage should not cause any long term or severe side effect on you.

In case of any side effect such as Fatigue, it will go away only when you stop the massage therapy. And if you feel like something is stressing you out, tell your therapist immediately. He will help you by giving you natural and safe remedies.

sometimes massages side effect FATIGUE OR SLEEPINESS

Some common Massage side effect such as dizziness, sensitivity to light, sometimes ear ringing and even feeling of fatigue are experienced by few people even during massage therapy session.

If you are feeling any of these symptoms then it is best to inform your therapist and take some medicines before the massage therapy.

Massage may also cause some side effects such as soreness and inflammation of sensitive skin, lips, tongue and eyes.

  • There are some natural and home remedies to avoid such side effects. Some of the simple and easy home remedies for Fatigue are drinking adequate amount of water and some time for rest.
  • Taking food which has less quantity of fat content can also reduce fatigue feeling and provide you with more energy.
  • Avoid intake of coffee, tea, and alcohol before your massage therapy session. These are few tips to reduce the side effects of massage.

Side Effects of Massage and How You Can Prevent Headaches

It is not uncommon for some people to get a side effect of sometimes massages and that is headache after massage therapy.

There are many reasons why this might occur but usually it is due to the stretching of the muscles and the nerves that can cause the pain after a massage.

This pain can sometimes be mild or severe and sometimes the pain becomes so bad that it is unbearable.

If this occurs you should see a doctor or your regular health care provider for an advice on how to deal with the pain and how to get rid of it permanently.

sometimes massages side effect headache after massage

Some of the other reasons why a person might have a side effect of getting a massage are because the therapist didn’t use enough heat when giving the person a massage.

This can be the main reason as sometimes if you don’t get enough heat from the therapist you could hurt yourself.

Another reason is that the therapist may have used too much pressure on the muscles and this can also be a reason why you might have a side effect of headache after a massage.

There are many different ways that you can deal with this problem but you should first find out if the masseuse has taken proper precautions when giving you the massage or not. In some cases they may be able to give you some type of medication that will help to relieve the pain that you are experiencing.

The best way to prevent the headaches from occurring is by trying to find out what caused them in the first place.

Some of the things that could be the cause of your headache after a massage include getting a wrong massage, using the wrong pressure, not using enough heat on the parts that were being massaged and not having enough oil added to the massage.

You should also make sure that you are not taking a lot of coffee while you are getting a massage as this can cause a headache to occur.

You should also avoid drinking anything that contains caffeine and try to avoid taking energy drinks during the day as these can also cause you to get a migraine headache.

Knowing what the side effects of massage are can help you to prevent them and know what to do in the case of something happening.

Common Massage Side Effects – Muscle Soreness

One of the things that can really add to the enjoyment of a massage is when it’s done with some sort of side effect.

Side effects can really add to the experience of a massage, because they can help to take the stress off of you while you relax in between massages.

Some of these side effects can be negative, such as being sore the next day from the touch or being sick from the touch.

However, there are also many positive side effects that can make a massage that much more enjoyable.

These are things that you should be aware of so that you know what you’re getting into before you actually sign up for a massage.

sometimes massages side effect HEADACHES MIGRAINES

The first side effect that we’re going to talk about here is the soreness that people sometimes get from massages.

This can either be mild or very severe depending on the person.

Many times this is mild, but it can happen that the person who receives the massage develops an illness from the stress of the massage therapist’s use of too much pressure.

However, this side effect is great because it means that the massage therapist will have to give them something else to do during the rest of the session to make sure that they don’t develop an illness.

Another one of the many massages side effect is the pain that people sometimes get from the massage. This is usually fairly minimal, but it can still be uncomfortable for the receiver. Fortunately, this pain usually goes away shortly after receiving the massage or after the session has ended.

Side Effects of a Massage – Muscle Ache

Massages are indeed a great way to feel better and to get rid of those tired, achy muscles.

That is why it can be a challenge for some people to find a massages side effect that they will not dread.

The pain of getting a massage often times results in someone cringing as they feel the warmth flow through their body.

There is really no other way to describe the pain other than it is like having an ice cream stuck to your backside. It is definitely discomforting and painful, but there is no guarantee that it will never happen again.

If you happen to have this muscle ache, then you need to know how to handle it properly.

You do not want to get a massage because it feels good, but you also do not want to feel terrible afterwards.

This is the reason why it is important to know the different types of massages so that you will be able to tell if you are getting one that can cause you pain or discomfort.

  • Some of the most common ones are Shiatsu, Swedish, deep tissue, reflexology, Thai massage and others.
  • Each of these has its own type of method and technique when giving a massage to someone. That is why it is essential to learn about each different one so that you will be able to know which kind of massage will not cause you muscle ache after it is finished.

Other things that you need to know about when it comes to the side effects of sometimes massages side effect include the strange sensations that your body feels after the massage is done.

Some of the things that you might feel are like being pinched hard by your skin, or as if someone is squeezing your muscles harshly.

These sensations usually go away after a few minutes or so, but they might just continue to be present for a few hours or so after the massage is done.

These side effects are normal, and they are simply signs that the massage was a good one.

Side Effects of Massage – Cramps

Massages are so much fun, but they can have some negative side effects from time to time. One of the more common side effects that massage go with is a stiff and sore back sometimes called Muscle Aches.

This is a side effect that is caused by overuse or overstressing the muscles of the back. Sometimes massages can actually aggravate this condition because of the position in which the masseuse is sitting and working.

sometimes massages side effect MUSCLE ACHES OR FATIGUE

Another common side effect of a massage is that a person who is a bit overweight, or has cellulite on their body, can sometimes get cramps, or feel bloated after a massage.

This again is caused by overwork, or by bending and twisting wrong during the massage.

The best way to avoid this feeling of sickness after a massage is to talk to your masseuse beforehand and ask what muscle groups will be worked on during the massage, and pay attention to your weight prior to the massage to make sure that you don’t end up feeling bloated afterwards.

One of the most serious side effects of a massage that a person can get is an anxiety attack.

This side effect is very serious because sometimes when a person gets an anxiety attack, they can end up in the hospital or in the emergency room because they may think that they are having a heart attack.

These attacks usually last for about 10 minutes and they are very scary and can be very life threatening if you’re not able to get them under control.

Lingering Massage Side Effect – Back Pain

The problem with Lingering Massage is that it has some of the same side effects as any other massage like pain.

You can sometimes get muscle pain, tightness, soreness, and even bruising from Lingering Massage.

The reason for this is because during a massage your muscles may tighten up and this can be very painful.

sometimes massages side effect LINGERING PAIN

Another Lingering Massage side effect that some people have is that they end up hurting their backs because the massage releases natural chemicals that can irritate your back.

If you are going to be doing a massage on somebody’s back you must make sure that you are using the right technique and you are not overdoing it.

A massage on a persons back can cause a very painful experience.

If you are not sure that you are hurting your back then you should ask a therapist first. I am sure that they would be able to give you a better idea if you are doing something to your back that is not supposed to be.

Why Targeting Lower Back Pain Muscle Tightness Is Best Used For Chronic Pain Relief

Deep tissue treatments are often best used for targeting tight lower back muscles in order to eliminate the core issue that is actually causing the pain.

This type of massage therapy works to isolate and target tight muscle groups so that the individual no longer feels a dull ache in their muscles like they did before.

The massage therapist will then use trigger point therapy to help break up the tight muscle groups and control the knots in them so that you no longer have that nagging pain that has been plaguing you.

Even some individuals who suffer from muscular skeletal conditions may benefit from this kind of treatment as well.

Deep tissue treatments are best used for targeting lower back pain muscle tightness

You can find many different massage therapists that can help you with targeting your specific problem areas.

It is critical that you look into every element of the therapy that you receive because each individual is different.

For example, if you are a woman and you have a problem with your pelvic floor muscles tightening up as you go through the day, you will want to get a specialized therapist who specializes in targeting this particular muscle group.

However, if you are a man and you are suffering from a pulled ham string, you will want to find a therapist who specifically targets tight hamstrings.

This is important because if the muscles are not properly targeted, you will continue to feel pain in your muscles even when they are no longer there.

If you want relief for your lower back pain, you need to work with a skilled therapist so that you can rid yourself of the chronic pain that has been plaguing you.

Even though you have tried many different techniques to reduce the pain and stiffness, sometimes it just does not work.

A good massage therapist should be able to give you results in just minutes. They will target specific areas around your spine and help you to eliminate the chronic pain for good. Instead of reaching for pain medication, you can target the muscles and tissue in your body and get the relief you need.

Massage Oils Are Often Used In Many Therapeutic Massage Applications

Massage oils are a great way for massage therapy to be performed, and the oils can help to soften the skin as well. They can also help to moisturize and protect the skin from damage that may occur during the massage.

Different kinds of massage oils are used depending on what the specific massage treatment is for.

For example, if a massage is to be performed on the face, then oil can be added to the oil used on the body in order to keep the skin soft. However, if a deep tissue massage is desired then oil is not going to be an appropriate choice.

Massage oils are often used and therapists work to apply direct pressure

Massage oils can also help to give the massage recipient some added therapeutic benefits.

Some oils can actually help to reduce swelling and inflammation in the body.

This is an important part of a massage therapy because if the individual is experiencing any kind of soreness or stiffness it can be helped with the use of massage oils.

If massage oils are used properly and they are chosen carefully by the therapist that is giving the massage, they can be a great way to help to relieve a client of discomfort that he or she may have.

This is why it is important for a massage therapist to know what type of oils that a particular person is in need of so that he or she can work to provide the most effective treatment.

Massage oils are often used for sports massage, too, although there are other types of massage that can use them as well.

They can be used to help with the recovery or the complete healing of an athlete after a sports injury.

This is because they can provide an excellent alternative to ice and even physical therapy.

Therapists are able to apply much more direct pressure to an athlete than they would be able to if the patient did receive physical therapy alone.

Because of this, massage oils are often chosen by athletes because of their effectiveness in being able to heal faster and being much more efficient at providing an alternative form of relief for an athlete who is recovering from a sports injury.

How a Deep Tissue Massage Can Relieve You of Any Pain

A deep tissue massage is specifically targeted at the deep layers of muscles and soft tissues in the body.

It works with the central nervous system and the endocrine glands all in an effort to help restore the tissues to their pre-workout/endurance state.

This type of massage can be very effective when it comes to relieving injuries caused by overexertion or heavy lifting as well as helping to relieve tension that has built up over time.

It’s not unusual for athletes to get a massage to help relieve tension and to reduce soreness after a long and intense training session.

Massage also promotes increased blood circulation and improved lymphatic drainage, which will help keep you feeling healthier overall.

deep tissue massage to realign your muscles relieving you of any built up tension

A deep tissue massage often begins with light touch to help loosen tight muscles and loosen tense ones.

The therapist then spends time working directly on each muscle group using short yet firm strokes.

The goal is to work all of the muscles in the body, relieving you of any muscle tension and promoting a natural movement of the affected muscle group.

Depending on the massage provider, you may be asked to move in specific ways depending on how relaxed or sore you are. You may also be asked to focus on specific muscle groups or areas of your body while the therapist performs the massage.

While this type of massage may not provide any pain relief initially, most people find that they can begin to feel some relief from the tension, soreness and aches in their muscles and joints after the massage is over.

Since massage works on the central nervous system, it can also help to naturally relieve you of any post-operative anxiety or pain you may experience after having surgery.

Many people who receive a deep tissue massage to realign their muscles also report higher energy levels and improved moods after the therapy.

The increased range of motion associated with massage also makes it easier for you to get around and perform daily tasks.

A Massage Therapy That Helps To Relax The Body

Swedish massage is a type of massage that involves soft tissue manipulation which mainly focuses on the deeper layers of the body.

It is a gentle therapeutic massage which helps to release stress and relieve tension and muscle tension.

Many people are now using deep tissue massage to treat their body and improve the health and well being of their bodies.

This type of massage helps to repair damaged tissues and strengthen muscles and connective tissues of the body.

Many people use the techniques of this kind of massage therapy to help them get relieved from stress, improve relaxation and pain relief and relieve muscle stiffness and tension.

Deep tissue massage is also known as Swedish massage therapy which is a form of massage therapy that involves gentle manipulation of deep layers of the skin to release muscle tension.

People who want to avail this kind of massage should take the help of a professional therapist who knows the technique of Swedish massage.

The therapist would be able to give you the required treatment by asking your individual points of pressure as well as the muscles that are to be treated.

It is a good way to relax your body and relieve yourself from various kinds of ailments.

Moreover it is also known as one of the most effective and efficient types of massage therapy as it targets and heals major problems in the deepest levels of the body including muscles, joints, tendons and ligaments.

In fact it has been known as one of the best types of body massage that can be used on chronic conditions and disease by increasing blood flow to the entire body and relieving muscle spasms.

Can Chiropractic Work With Physical Therapy Methods For Deep Tissue Massages?

Chiropractic uses its own set of physical therapy methods for helping to improve the quality of life. For pain that can’t be treated by drugs, deep tissue massages and other kinds of massage can provide relief.

Chiropractors use a variety of different massage techniques to help patients, but they do all these in conjunction with other kinds of treatments such as spinal adjustments and special exercise routines.

Massage chairs can also be used to help patients achieve deep tissue massage benefits.

These massages help to improve the stiffness and tightness in muscles that can be caused by a number of different conditions.

Deep tissue massages chiropractic work physical therapy methods repairDeep tissue massages can improve circulation, eliminate muscle spasms, loosen tense muscles, and relieve pain and tension.

Spinal adjustment and special exercise routines can also help to repair the body’s tissues.

These methods work on the nervous system and the muscular systems to restore the body’s alignment.

Many chiropractors feel that massage therapy methods can be used to improve the health of the entire nervous system.

They believe these methods can help the nervous system coordinate its functions so that the body can heal itself.

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