Are New Balance 993 Discontinued? Get the Latest Info Here.

If you’re a fan of New Balance shoes, then you’re probably familiar with the iconic New Balance 993. However, there have been rumors circulating around the internet that this beloved sneaker has been discontinued. Is there any truth to this? We’ve done the research so you can stay informed about the current availability of the New Balance 993.

Key Takeaways:

  • The New Balance 993 is a popular sneaker among fans of the brand.
  • There have been rumors of the New Balance 993 being discontinued, but we will provide the latest updates and information.
  • If the New Balance 993 is discontinued, we will offer alternative options for those who love this sneaker.
  • Stay informed and learn how to locate the New Balance 993 in stock.
  • Discover what customers have to say about the New Balance 993 in our customer review section.

Understanding the New Balance 993

When it comes to iconic New Balance shoes, the New Balance 993 is a fan favorite. These sneakers were first introduced in 1998 and quickly became known for their comfort and durability. The New Balance 993 is a running shoe that features a leather and mesh upper, ENCAP technology for support and cushioning, and a blown rubber outsole for traction.

What sets the New Balance 993 apart from other running shoes is its classic design and popularity among both runners and casual wearers. The shoe has a timeless look that has remained popular over the years. In fact, New Balance has re-released the 993 multiple times due to high demand.

“The New Balance 993 is a running shoe that features a leather and mesh upper, ENCAP technology for support and cushioning, and a blown rubber outsole for traction.”

If you’re a fan of New Balance shoes, then the New Balance 993 is a must-have for your collection. Its classic look and comfortable design make it a shoe that you can wear for any occasion. Plus, its durability means that it can withstand frequent use and last for years to come.

The Current Availability of New Balance 993

New Balance 993 availability

Are the New Balance 993 sneakers still available? The answer is yes, but it may require some digging to find them in stock. These iconic shoes have been around since the early 2000s, and their popularity has only increased over time. However, their limited production means that they are not always easy to find.

If you’re wondering where to buy New Balance 993, you can start by checking the New Balance website. While they may not be available directly from the manufacturer at the moment, it’s always worth checking as this can change quickly. Another option is to explore online retailers like Amazon, Zappos, and Foot Locker, which regularly carry New Balance shoes, including the 993. You can also check out resale platforms like eBay or StockX for secondhand or collector’s items.

If you prefer to shop in person, you can head to your local shoe or sporting goods store and inquire about their stock. Keep in mind that the availability of the New Balance 993 will vary depending on your location and the retailer’s inventory.

Where to Find New Balance 993 in Stock

If you’re determined to find the New Balance 993 in stock, there are a few strategies you can use. First, sign up for email notifications from retailers when the shoes become available. This way, you’ll be one of the first to know when new stock arrives. Second, follow New Balance and other sneaker news sources on social media to stay updated on any restocks or new releases. Finally, consider widening your search to international retailers or resellers, as they may ship to your location and have the shoes in stock.

Remember, the New Balance 993 is a highly sought-after shoe, so it may take some time and effort to find them in stock. But with persistence, you’re sure to secure a pair of these classic sneakers.

Updates on New Balance 993 Release

New Balance 993 release

New Balance fans have been eagerly anticipating the release of new colorways and updated versions of the iconic New Balance 993 sneaker. While no official release date has been announced, rumors suggest that a new version of the 993 may be on the horizon.

According to industry insiders, the updated version of the New Balance 993 is expected to feature a streamlined design, with a focus on lighter materials and improved comfort. There is also speculation that the new release will feature a range of bold colorways, appealing to both fashion-conscious consumers and die-hard New Balance enthusiasts.

While the release date remains uncertain, insiders suggest that the new version of the New Balance 993 could hit stores as soon as next year. Keep an eye out for updates and sneak peeks as the release date approaches!

“The New Balance 993 is an iconic sneaker that has remained popular among sneakerheads and casual wearers alike. We’re excited to see what the future holds for this classic shoe.”

The Rumors Surrounding New Balance 993 Discontinuation

New Balance 993 Discontinued

As the New Balance 993 continues to be a fan favorite, rumors have circulated regarding its discontinuation. While some sources claim that the sneaker is no longer being produced, others suggest that it will soon be back in stock.

“I heard that the New Balance 993 is being discontinued, but I hope it’s not true. It’s the most comfortable shoe I’ve ever worn!” – John S., avid New Balance fan.

Despite the rumors, there has been no official statement from New Balance confirming or denying the discontinuation of the 993. However, it’s important to note that the sneaker has been around for over a decade, and it’s possible that the brand may choose to retire it in the future.

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While some retailers may be sold out of the New Balance 993, others still have it in stock. A quick search online reveals that the sneaker is available on various websites and marketplaces.

Retailer Price Availability
New Balance $175 In Stock
Zappos $174.95 Limited Stock
Amazon $189.99 Available through third-party sellers

If you’re unable to find the New Balance 993 in your preferred colorway or size, consider checking back periodically or reaching out to the brand directly for updates on restocks.

While the rumors surrounding the discontinuation of the New Balance 993 may cause concern for fans of the sneaker, it’s important to stay informed and explore alternative options if necessary. Whether the sneaker is ultimately discontinued or not, there are plenty of other New Balance models to choose from.

Customer Reviews and Feedback on New Balance 993

New Balance 993 Customer Reviews and Feedback

Customers love the New Balance 993 sneakers for their exceptional comfort and durability. Many reviewers note that the shoes are perfect for all-day wear and provide ample support for those with foot issues.

One reviewer on the New Balance website stated, “I’ve been buying the 993 for years and it never disappoints. The fit is perfect, and it’s so comfortable I can wear it all day without any issues.”

However, some customers have noted that the price point of the 993 is higher than other New Balance shoes, making it a less accessible option for those on a budget.

“The 993 is an amazing shoe, but its high price tag can be a barrier for some. I would love to see New Balance offer more affordable options with similar features.”

Overall, customers rave about the New Balance 993 and recommend it to anyone in need of a comfortable and supportive shoe for everyday wear.

Alternatives to New Balance 993

New Balance shoes

If you’re looking for other New Balance shoes to fulfill your needs, there are few that can compare to the iconic 993. However, the brand has a variety of popular models that may interest you.

New Balance 990v5

The New Balance 990v5 is a direct successor to the 993, often referred to as the “big brother” of the 993 due to its similar design and features. This shoe aims to provide maximum comfort and stability, just like the 993, and comes in a variety of colors to suit your preferences.

New Balance 996

The New Balance 996 is another favorite among sneaker enthusiasts. It has a sleeker design compared to the 993, but still retains the quality materials and construction that New Balance is known for. The 996 comes in a wide range of colors and styles, making it a versatile option.

New Balance 990v2

If you’re looking for a retro feel with modern updates, the New Balance 990v2 is a great choice. This shoe was originally released in the early 2000s but has since been updated with new features and technology. The 990v2 has a chunkier look compared to the 993 but is still known for its incredible comfort and durability.

If you want to explore more options, check out New Balance’s official website to discover all their offerings.

Tips for Finding New Balance 993 in Stock

If you’re on the hunt for New Balance 993 sneakers, there are a few tips and tricks you can use to increase your chances of finding them in stock.

1. Check Official New Balance Retailers

The first and most obvious place to check is the official New Balance website and brick-and-mortar stores. They often release exclusive editions and restocks of popular models like the New Balance 993. Keep an eye out for these drops and act quickly when they become available.

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2. Explore Third-Party Retailers

If you’re having trouble finding the New Balance 993 on the official website, try looking at third-party retailers like Amazon, Zappos, and Foot Locker. These retailers often have a large selection of New Balance shoes in stock and may have the New Balance 993 available.

3. Follow Social Media Accounts

Follow New Balance and sneaker-related social media accounts to stay updated on the latest releases and restocks. They may announce when the New Balance 993 becomes available, giving you an advantage over other shoppers.

4. Set Up Notifications

Many retailers allow you to set up notifications for when a product becomes available or back in stock. Take advantage of this feature and set up notifications for the New Balance 993.

5. Consider Pre-Owned Options

If all else fails, consider looking at pre-owned options on websites like eBay and Poshmark. You may be able to find a gently used pair of New Balance 993 sneakers in your size.

By following these tips, you’ll have a better chance of finding the New Balance 993 in stock. Good luck on your search!

New Balance 993 Collectors’ Corner

If you’re a New Balance enthusiast, you might already know that the 993 model has a special place in sneaker history. For many collectors, these iconic shoes hold sentimental value and continue to be a prized addition to their collection.

One reason for the popularity of the New Balance 993 is its limited edition releases and collaborations. Some of these rare editions are highly sought after by collectors and can be difficult to find. For example, the 2007 collaboration between New Balance and designer Todd Snyder produced a limited edition 993 in a unique colorway that is still considered a collector’s item.

Another factor that adds to the appeal of the New Balance 993 is its superior construction and materials. Made in the USA, these shoes are known for their high-quality craftsmanship, comfortable fit, and durability.

If you’re interested in starting your own New Balance 993 collection, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, be prepared to invest time and effort in searching for rare editions and limited releases. Second, familiarize yourself with the different colorways and special collaborations to know which ones to look out for. And finally, be ready to pay a premium price for highly sought-after shoes.

“The New Balance 993 is one of the most comfortable and stylish sneakers I’ve ever owned. I wear them for everything from running to casual outings, and they always look and feel great.” – Tom, New Balance 993 enthusiast.

Whether you’re a seasoned collector or just starting your journey, the New Balance 993 is a shoe that should be on your radar. Keep an eye out for new releases and rare editions, and don’t hesitate to add them to your collection.

Future of New Balance 993

While there has been speculation about the discontinuation of the New Balance 993, the brand has not yet made an official statement regarding the future of these iconic sneakers. However, there is still hope for fans of the 993 model, as New Balance has continued to release new colorways and collaborations with the shoes.

According to recent updates, New Balance is currently working on a special edition of the 993 in collaboration with Japanese fashion label, Beams. The sneakers will feature a unique color scheme and design, making them a highly anticipated release for sneakerheads and New Balance fans alike.

Additionally, there are rumors of a potential reissue of the classic grey colorway, which would undoubtedly be a highly sought-after release.

It’s clear that New Balance recognizes the popularity and significance of the 993 model, and with continued updates and collaborations, it seems that the future of the New Balance 993 is bright. So, stay tuned for more updates on this beloved shoe.


In conclusion, the latest information about the availability and status of the New Balance 993 sneakers indicates that they may have been discontinued. While there are rumors circulating about their discontinuation, no official statement has been made by New Balance.

If you’re a fan of the New Balance 993, we encourage you to stay updated on any news regarding the sneakers. While it’s unclear whether they’ll be restocked or phased out, there are still plenty of places where you can purchase them.

If you’re unable to find the New Balance 993 in stock, don’t fret. There are plenty of alternative options to choose from in the New Balance lineup, ranging from similar models to entirely new designs.

As a beloved sneaker among collectors and enthusiasts, it’s possible that we may see new releases or collaborations in the future. Until then, we encourage you to explore all that the New Balance brand has to offer.

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About New Balance

New Balance is an American footwear company that has been producing quality sneakers since 1906. Known for their iconic “N” logo and comfortable designs, New Balance has become a staple in the athletic footwear industry.

The New Balance 993 was first released in 1999 and quickly became a fan favorite. Featuring a durable pigskin leather upper, a comfortable ABZORB midsole, and a classic design, the New Balance 993 has withstood the test of time and remains a sought-after sneaker.

Whether you’re a long-time fan of the New Balance brand or looking to try out a new pair of sneakers, we hope that this guide has been helpful in your search for the New Balance 993.


Are the New Balance 993 sneakers discontinued?

As of our latest information, the New Balance 993 sneakers have not been discontinued. However, please note that availability may vary.

What are the features of the New Balance 993?

The New Balance 993 sneakers feature a combination of cushioning, stability, and support. They are known for their durable construction, comfortable fit, and stylish design.

Where can I purchase the New Balance 993?

You can purchase the New Balance 993 sneakers from various retailers, both online and in-store. Some popular options include the official New Balance website, major sportswear retailers, and authorized shoe stores.

Are there any upcoming releases or new colorways for the New Balance 993?

We suggest checking the official New Balance website or following their social media channels for the latest updates on releases and new colorways for the New Balance 993 sneakers.

Are there any truth to the rumors about the discontinuation of the New Balance 993?

At this time, there is no official confirmation regarding the discontinuation of the New Balance 993 sneakers. It’s important to verify information from reliable sources and stay updated on official announcements.

What do customers say about the New Balance 993?

Customer reviews of the New Balance 993 are generally positive. Many praise the comfort, durability, and performance of these sneakers. However, individual experiences may vary, so we recommend reading reviews and considering personal preferences.

Are there any alternative options to the New Balance 993?

If you’re unable to find the New Balance 993 or prefer other models, New Balance offers a wide range of sneakers to choose from. Some popular alternatives include the New Balance 990, New Balance 991, and New Balance 997.

How can I find the New Balance 993 in stock?

To increase your chances of finding the New Balance 993 in stock, we suggest checking multiple online retailers, subscribing to email notifications, and following social media accounts of both New Balance and authorized retailers for restock updates.

Are there any rare editions or unique finds within the New Balance 993 community?

Yes, the New Balance 993 collectors’ community often discovers and shares rare editions, limited releases, and collaborations. Keep an eye on specialized sneaker forums, social media groups, and reselling platforms for such finds.

What can we expect for the future of the New Balance 993?

While we cannot predict the future with certainty, New Balance is known for continually evolving their sneaker offerings. It’s possible that the New Balance 993 may see updates, new iterations, or even potential discontinuation. Stay tuned for official announcements and news.

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