Can Massage Therapists Wear Nail Polish?

Nail Polish is Not Okay to Be Putting on Your Massage Therapist’s Nails and Do Not Look Professional

As a massage therapist who works with sensitive clients who may be allergic to essential oils, I am aware of how powerful nail polish can be when it comes to scaring and making someone feel sick when they are around someone with whom they may have an allergy.

One of the biggest complaints I hear is that the nail polish is disgusting on a massage therapists nails and do not look professional.

To a massage therapist, putting on nail polish can be really weird because it looks weird.

I have even heard of some clients getting their nails manicured because they want to look great and put on that perfect touch that will make them feel confident and make them want to go out and impress everyone.

If that is the case, then it would make sense that a person who has their nails done for that reason should not be allowed to practice massage therapy because they are not following accepted standards.

Professional Massage – Jewelry and Hair Should Not Touch the Client While Doing Massage Sessions

It is very common for clients to ask if hair and jewelry should not touch the client during massage sessions.

The answer is yes; you should always make sure that your hands and especially your fingers and your massage therapist’s hands are clean before touching any part of the client’s body.

  • If you are performing a professional massage then you already know that it is professional to be clean and safe.
  • But just because you have been trained in how to be professional does not mean that you can ignore the fact that you need to be very careful when treating clients who are still wet.
  • If you are performing a professional massage then you should definitely be very aware of the fact that you might be causing a past incident if you are using dirty towels, or you are rubbing your hands on the client’s body when they are still wet from having had a massage.
  • Some people worry too much about the fact that their hair or jewelry should not touch the client while they are being massaged.
  • However, if you have recently had a massage then you should know that the main focus during that massage is to relax both the client and the massage therapist.
  • The jewelry and the hair of the client should be left up to the professionals to determine if they are distracting or not.
  • Most importantly, the therapist should not be distracted by any kind of unnecessary hair or jewelry on the clients.
  • When performing massage therapy you need to remember that it is your job to keep the client comfortable and relaxed so that they will be open to receive whatever treatments you may decide to do to them.
  • When a person feels uncomfortable there is a good chance that they are shut out from receiving any benefits from the massage therapy.
  • So keep in mind that the person receiving the massage should not be disturbed by any unnecessary touching or unnecessary jewelry on the clients.

My Personal Opinion is That Jewellery and Nail Polish Can Harbor Bacteria

  • Well I must say that I don’t know why anyone would wear nail polish or jewellery if they had such bacteria growing on them.
  • But my personal opinion is that nail polish and jewellery can harbor bacteria dead skin cells underneath the polish causing it to become a breeding ground for other bacteria.
  • It’s not just women who are at risk because nails and jewellery get in the air, shared by men and women alike and you don’t know what other people are breathing in.
  • It’s not just finger nails either; you can get powdery residue on your hand, feet and clothing from the powder used in cleaning and making jewellery.

So is it safe to use nail polish and jewellery? Yes it is absolutely safe as long as you clean it off thoroughly afterwards.

The first thing you must do however is to make sure the polish was applied correctly the first time and that you have applied enough of it to completely cover the surface of your nails and finger nails.

I would recommend you read the instructions on the bottle or the back of the product to make sure. It may also be a good idea to remove the polish right after application to allow it to dry fully and to ensure there are no bacteria living on the surface of the nail.

If you wear nail polish it can be a breeding ground for bacteria especially if you leave it on all day every day.

If you’re going to wear jewellery you need to make sure you wear it with cotton clothes so that any bacteria doesn’t get onto your nails or finger nails.

Some myths About Wearing Jewelry During Massage Sessions

It has been suggested by several massage therapists that wearing jewelry might accidentally hurt a client during massage sessions.

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Some have cited that certain gemstones, bracelets and rings (especially of the same color as the skin tone) rub into the skin during the massage.

I’ve read articles in which the authors expressed fears that “hot” stones (like hot rocks or jasper) might cause burns on the skin, but I’m not sure if that’s ever really been tested.

The only thing I can really think of is that a client wearing studs or bangles might push against the skin during the massage.

There have also been stories told by massage therapists about clients who have gotten a burn on their leg from the friction caused by wearing some type of jewelry.

I don’t know if those stories are true or not, but again, maybe they’re just fabrications and embellishments created by those wanting to make their business sound better than it is.

If you’ve ever done any research on this topic, you probably know that there are some real myths out there and it’s worth your while to do a little bit of research into the subject before using it as a way to judge someone else’s business.

If you are wearing jewelry during a massage session and you somehow manage to get a burn on your leg from using jewelry, you should take it to your doctor immediately and explain what happened.

Wearing jewelry can be a dangerous thing, but as long as you’re aware of what can happen, it shouldn’t affect how you perform your job. Remember that you’re working on trust and a person’s trust is everything, so be careful in how you carry it.

No Dangling Earrings When Massage Therapy Sessions Are Done With Jewelry

No dangling earrings when massage therapist doing massage therapy sessions.

The use of earrings during massage is very much in vogue nowadays. It is due to the fact that there are some clients who are so bothered about their dangling earrings during a session.

So for this they should be given proper care and attention as they are the tools which they would slip on during the session.

No dangling earrings when massage therapist are working with healing process of the body of the clients.

No dangling earrings when massage therapist are doing massage therapy sessions on children and adolescents.

There are many young patients who do not want any jewelry or other jewelry accessories during the massage therapy session.

Therefore, the use of such jewelry and accessories will not be a problem for the massage therapist as such jewelry items when removed would not be able to pull down or tug on the skin on the part of the patient which is being treated.

Stacked Stud Earrings and Sized Necklace May Be Acceptable When Massage Therapy to Client is to be Done


How to Remove All Jewelry When Doing Massage to a Client

When I do massages, sometimes it is necessary to remove all jewelry when doing massage to a client to avoid unnecessary noise.

There are several reasons that I explain in the following paragraphs.

First of all, when you remove all jewelry when doing massage to a client, you eliminate one more sound that can interrupt the flow of massage.

The next reason is that some types of jewelry can be uncomfortable and hurt the skin when you are doing massage on someone.

For instance, rings and necklaces can rub against the skin and cause discomfort.

They also can cause shock if you were to apply too much pressure on them.

Another type of jewelry that you might need to remove all jewelry when doing massage to a client is earrings.

Some people like to keep earrings on during the whole session, but if you have safety concerns, then you may want to remove them.

Basic Oils To Avoid When Doing Massage Therapy

There are several different types of oils that should be used when doing massage therapy.

One of the main reasons for using oils when doing massage therapy is to prevent the spread of bacteria.

The spread of bacteria can easily occur when one massage oil is used and it then comes in contact with another type of oil and so on.

This can easily spread the bacteria throughout the entire massage.

When doing massage therapy it is best to avoid using any type of detergent when cleaning the skin or when doing massage therapy.

When doing massage therapy it is best to avoid any type of soap that may contain any type of dyes or fragrances.

The use of soap when doing massage therapy can cause dryness of the skin. This can easily cause the skin to crack and create irritation to the patient when the next massage comes.

It is best to avoid oils that contain dyes and fragrances when doing massage therapy it is best to use only moisturizing oils when doing massage therapy it is best to avoid any type of oil that contains any type of dyes or fragrances.

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Some of the basic oils that should be avoided when doing massage therapy is the peanut oil, the grape seed oil, the olive oil and the coconut oil.

Although they are considered to be moisturizing oils they can also cause dryness of the skin.

It is best to avoid any type of vegetable oil when doing massage therapy it is best to use only moisturizing oils when doing massage therapy it is best to avoid any type of oil that contains any type of dyes or fragrances.

Some of the basic oils that should be avoided when doing massage therapy it is best to avoid using any type of essential oil that may contain any type of dyes or fragrances.

GEL As Is – Does it Encourage Vigorousness?

Over the past several years, GEL nail polish has established itself as one of the top selling hand painted polishes on the market.

The biggest selling point is that it is FDA approved and that it does not contain harmful chemicals and dyes which are often found in many other brands.

Another advantage of GEL nail polish as is described above is that it resists bacteria and does not allow oil to build up on the nails.

Many massage therapists, who believe that the nails should always be kept clean, often recommend this type of polish to their patients.

Because of its high barrier protection, this product is especially good for individuals who have busy work schedules and who must expose their hands to a variety of chemicals and other irritants on a regular basis.

In fact, most salons and day spas which do not screen their clients prior to treatment often make the mistake of purchasing inferior products which are more often than not found to contain toxic and carcinogenic chemicals which may result in a number of serious health issues.

GEL nail polish as is sealed via UV light and does not chip.

Not only is GEL nail polish free from toxic and carcinogenic chemicals but it also does not peel or yellow the nails.

This benefit is particularly important to individuals who are required to use artificial nails.

School Doing Massage Certification – Must-Have Short, Painted Nails

School doing massage therapy is a very rewarding field and also one that can be extremely demanding.

Those who are interested in starting such a career should have a genuine desire to help others and to truly improve their health and well-being.

As you might guess, it’s quite difficult to get into such a competitive and yet attractive field without proper training, so schools that offer massage therapy certification or licensure are highly recommended.

Of course, not every school that offers such programs will actually make this requirement clear to potential students, so if you’re unsure what the minimum standards for hygiene are in your state, it’s best to find out ahead of time.

Some states, such as California, actually require that massage therapists who want to open up their own business have at least a year of experience and training under their belt, while some only require that they have two or more.

Even within these different states, however, there are many variations. A good school doing massage therapy certification will make you aware of all of the requirements in order to pass and keep your certificate valid, so you’ll know ahead of time which ones you need to meet.

Another important factor regarding schools doing massage therapy is that they should provide you with an adequate range of courses. You may want to focus on a specific type of massage therapy, such as traditional back rubs, deep tissue massages, sports massage, or Thai massage.

If you want to become a full-fledged masseuse, you may even want to go on and take further classes that focus on body mechanics and physiology.

It is also important that the school you decide to attend has a sound medical background and faculty. It goes without saying that any school that does not provide you with faculty and a working medical office to call upon at a moments notice is ultimately not worth your time or money.

How to Accidentally Cause Injury to Your Massage Client With Long Nails

Accidentally cause injury to your massage client particularly with long nails will not only embarrass you but also cause you a reputation of not knowing how to be a professional massage therapist.

Long nails, especially with cuticles, can rub against the pressure points caused by the hands as the massage therapist moves his or her fingers and the clippers across the body.

There have been cases that have even caused injury to the clients’ wrists and forearms. So what are the things that you should keep in mind when you think you are about to do this?

First of all, you have to remember that the hand that is going to receive the massage is a human being.

Its sensitivity and rate of reaction to touch is far more than that of a machine or some kind of tool that you are using to perform massage therapy.

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You have to be extra careful not to injure the client especially with long nails because of the possibility that it may scratch the delicate skin that covers the nerves.

Second, you need to consider the client’s safety first.

Make sure that he is not allergic to the material of the clippers.

Also, ask the client if he feels comfortable enough while having the massage.

Being sensitive and a human being is quite different from machines and tools. If you think that your client is uncomfortable with the texture and the feel of the massage, do not force to continue.

This will surely cause injury on both parties and could lead to a reputation loss for you and your massage therapist business.

Jewelry Is Not Always a Necessity For a Massage Therapist

When a person becomes a massage therapist, one of the things that they will learn is the importance of not wearing any jewelry when they are working.

Many times, some of the most common reasons that people are asked to remove certain jewelry from their arms or hands while they are receiving a massage are because of allergies, infections, and poison.

When a person has an infection in their arm, they may be asked to remove jewelry that could potentially cause the infection to spread.

If a client has a skin allergy, they will be told to keep their jewelry away from their skin if at all possible.

Some therapists also have a problem with infections and they will instruct their clients to refrain from using any type of perfumes, colognes, or other products that could possibly cause an infection.

This policy may not be imposed on all clients, but it is always good practice to follow this type of instruction.

Being a massage therapist can be extremely relaxing, but sometimes people who work in this profession do not feel that it is safe to let their hair down and not wear any jewelry.

There are many different problems that can arise from allowing the hair to fall free and not putting jewelry on one’s arms.

However, many people are just as concerned with keeping their clients happy and comfortable as they are with being fashionable.

This is a job that requires a lot of concentration, patience, and caring and many people feel that letting go of any of these things could ruin a good massage.

It is important to keep the hair free and in place and this can be done without having to worry about someone accidentally scratching an open wound or causing pain from a ring that has become too tangled.

Jewelry Dangles is Unnecessary and Unappropriate Detracting While Massage Sessions Are Necessary

While massage is a wonderful experience, sometimes it can get to be too much.

The reason that jewelry dangles is unnecessary and inappropriate while massage is necessary is that sometimes a distraction during a massage can cause you to lose focus on the person you are massaging.

For example, having your hair tied back in a ponytail while you are massaging the back of the neck or legs can cause you to lose focus on the person you are massaging.

As well, it may be distracting for other people in the room to see you tying your braids, wearing a hat, or even having jewelry dangling from your wrists and/or necklace.

While many people wear jewelry when they go to massage, it should not be used as a distraction.

After all, if your goal is to relax and relieve your stress, then using jewelry and chains is not going to help you accomplish that.

If you are really serious about using jewelry during a massage, then you should leave it off until you are finished with your session.

After all, why wear jewelry when you are trying to enjoy the benefits of a full body massage? Besides, you can always put that jewelry back on when you are done with your session.

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