Can Nuru Massage Cause HIV?

Can You Contract HIV From Skin To Skin Contact During A Nuru Massage?

Nuru massage is a form of massage where the female therapist uses her body to massage you.

There is a myth circulating that you cannot contract HIV through skin to skin contact.

It is important to note that there are many different types of massage, and each one has a different way of providing contact with one another.

You cannot contract HIV from skin to skin contact during a Nuru Massage Session, for instance, nor can you contract the illness by touching an infected object.

A traditional Thai massage will likely involve your receiving massages on your arms, legs, chest, and face.

You should also keep in mind that many people who receive Thai massage find that they also feel very good and have increased energy afterwards.

Can someone get an HIV from a naked body at a body massage

Therapist With HIV and AIDS Can Give Many Massages

The Therapists that specialize in treating people with HIV and AIDS should not have a fear of giving out a massage to someone that is sick.

AIDS victims that have had no contact with needles are now showing some amount of signs of having AIDS.

That is why Therapists are told not to be afraid of AIDS victims.

Therapists should not have any fear of giving out massages because there are very few AIDS victims that show any kind of sign of AIDS.

Therapist with HIV can give many massages they are not bleeding hands forearms

In other words Therapists are not doing something illegal when they are giving out massages to sick people with AIDS.

People have been receiving massages for thousands of years and it has always been safe to give out massages to people with no negative consequences.

Also Therapists are not putting anyone’s life at risk when they are giving massages. That is why Therapists with HIV and AIDS do not have to worry about their personal safety.

There are many Therapists that choose to work with people with different kinds of conditions.

When a Therapist with HIV and AIDS gives a massage it is because that person needs it and they know that the Therapist with AIDS will give out a very good massage.

It is not because they are trying to get money from the person. They know that giving a good massage can save someone’s life and make their pain go away.

The HIV Virus Is Also Carried in Vaginal Mucus

Specifically, the study explored the question of whether the HIV virus is also present in vaginal fluids. The answer is a resounding yes!

Scientific Source :

Although the majority of the HIV-infected individuals are known to have only one initial exposure to the virus – through blood transfusions – some women who have multiple previous exposure risks have been identified.

Therefore, it would seem obvious that the HIV virus could be present in women with multiple previous infections. However, the precise mode of HIV entry into the body remains unknown and this is the main area of concern for medical researchers.

The HIV virus is also carried in human semen and vaginal mucus


In most cases, once the HIV virus is activated it replicates itself inside the body without the presence of any outside stimuli.

The absence of any such stimuli means that during the course of normal sexual intercourse, there is virtually no way for the HIV virus to be transmitted from one person to another.

However, the fact that the HIV virus is present in the bodily fluids does not mean that there can be transmission of the virus between persons.

The fact that the virus is present in the vaginal mucus and semen indicates that there is some kind of exchange of genetic material that takes place during normal sexual activity between two people.

When HIV enters the body of an HIV infected individual, it first makes contact with the epithelial cells found in the mouth, rectum and vagina.

The HIV virus then makes copies of itself within these cells and they are then released into the various lymphoid organs.

These various lymphoid organs are mainly made up of red blood cells.

However, the virus eventually ends up getting translated into AIDS virus particles through the activation of the CD4 type DNA in the cells of the genitalia.

This is where the HIV virus is thought to cause the symptoms of AIDs, or acquired immune deficiency syndrome. In this case, the HIV virus is also carried in the vaginal mucus as it aids the entry of various bacteria and other pathogens into the body.

Do You Only Get Infected With HIV If Your Skin Is Damaged?

One of the major causes of AIDs (HIV infection) is through your skin if there is a cut or a small open wound.

So, if you have HIV and your skin contains a cut where the virus can enter your bloodstream or blood vessels, this is one of the most common causes of AIDs.

When you don’t have the virus in your bloodstream, your body can make it through the skin cells it needs to protect itself from infection, but when it finds HIV infection present, it gets stuck in the damaged cells, and begins to multiply uncontrollably, causing AIDs.

You only get infected with HIV virus if your skin is damaged

HIV only gets infective when it has made a direct connection with a person’s immune system.

You get infected with HIV when the HIV virus damages the immune system of a person.

The problem with this explanation is that the immune system of an infected person’s body can provide some much needed assistance to fight off the HIV virus.

But when the HIV virus invades a damaged immune system, it can easily take over and cause AIDs.

So it seems like the damage to your skin is not what actually causes AIDs, but rather, the damage to your immune system is what does.

People with HIV who have yet to receive a diagnosis of AIDs should be on the lookout for these symptoms.

These symptoms include sores or blisters that appear on the mouth or around the nose and/or in other areas of the body, painful urination, fever, weight loss or gain, swollen lymph nodes in or around the neck or armpit area, headaches, and fatigue.

If someone is infected with HIV and shows even one of these symptoms, they should be seen by a medical practitioner as soon as possible.

AIDs can turn into serious conditions such as AIDS if treatment is not started early enough, and even if the virus is not in a person’s body, it can be passed from one person to another through contact with infected fluids.

One Drop of Blood From Someone With HIV Can Infect You

If one drop of blood from someone with HIV gets on you then you are at serious risk of contracting the HIV virus.

Just knowing this fact alone can be life threatening.

one drop of blood from someone with HIV gets on you you are at risk

Hence, it is very important to have yourself screened every now and then.

If you are HIV positive then you need to start living a healthy lifestyle.

Your doctor will give you certain medications but they will not help if you do not take good care of your health.

This is the reason why it is very important to make sure that you do not get HIV.

It is not just a disease but a serious threat to your life.

You can live a long, happy and normal life if you adopt a healthy lifestyle.

The blood transfusion method is no longer used and people are now more health conscious.

It is also possible to get HIV antibodies through natural means like drinking milk and eating food that carries Vitamin D.

Scientific Source :

Does Human Saliva Not Transmissionly transmit HIV?

For the past few years, researchers have been trying to prove the theory that Human saliva doesn’t transmit HIV.

This discovery came as a huge relief to HIV infected individuals all across the world.

When Human saliva doesn’t transmit HIV, then there’s no reason for anyone to get HIV.

Not only that, but it also means that you won’t have to worry about infecting your partner if you’re positive.

If your saliva doesn’t transfer the HIV virus, then you can kiss good health goodbye forever. This discovery has given a lot of people hope.

Scientists aren’t quite sure why Human saliva doesn’t transmit the HIV virus. They’re trying to find a way to make this saliva virus interact with T-cells so that they can create a reaction which will break down the HIV virus.

Currently, scientists don’t think that this method will work in a long term situation.

Therefore, the best way to stay healthy and uninfected is to avoid at all costs from the kiss with an infected HIV person.

Have You Been Exposed to HIV through Your Blood and Semen?

The Human Blood and Semen Database has been in existence for a few years. It was created after much research on AIDS and HIV.

All those who are infected or know people who have been infected, they all know that the Human Blood and Semen Database can make a huge difference in the fight against HIV.

The database allows us to find HIV antibodies, DNA, and related substances in HIV patients.

Human blood and semen have all the right conditions to keep HIV alive and harmful

HIV is transmitted through sexual contact, and there is a certain amount of risk when engaging in these activities.

But when you take it one step at a time, you do not have to worry that you might be infected with the HIV virus.

HIV Positive – It is Too Late to Do Anything

It only has one life cycle and it ends when your body stops replication of the virus.

When a person has his or her CD4 count less than 250, the person becomes infected by HIV virus. So if a person does not have sufficient number of T cells then his or her immune system will not be able to fight against the HIV virus.

HIV virus is highly contagious and can be transmitted from one human to another via different forms of methods like sharing of needles, anal sex, blood transfusion and so on.

So once you become infected with HIV virus, it is important that you tell your close friends and family about your status. If you are taking prescribed drugs and you want to start on HIV therapy, then you must inform your doctor about it. You should also get counseling before you take up HIV therapy. The most important thing that you should do is to tell your close friend and family about your status so that they will be able to inform their family about yours.

Can HIV Get Into Your Body Either Through A Needle An Open Wound Orifice Or By Non-infectious Means?

HIV has a weakness that is common to other retroviruses.

Unlike most retroviruses, HIV does not affect the immune system of humans and as such cannot be transmitted via the body. Instead, HIV enters the body through one of a number of ways, including anal, oral, and vaginal sex with an infected person, blood transfusion or injection of needles used to carry out medical treatments, and even breastfeeding.

Once inside the body, HIV has no control over its own mutation and can easily spread between cells within the body, causing serious illness and death. This is why HIV has to get inside your body, via a pore orifice.

HIV has to get inside your body either via needle open wound or orifice

When HIV enters the body via a pore orifice, it begins to replicate rapidly, putting the host at risk of developing various infections ranging from fever to AIDS.

Once the virus sets up a base of organization within the body, it replicates itself increasingly and more efficiently until it is unable to replicate anymore.

In order to break this cycle, doctors use anti-HIV drugs or a combination of medicines to interrupt the replication process. Unfortunately, due to the extremely inefficient method of delivery and the extremely high rate of reproduction of HIV when it enters the body, these drugs have failed to provide a cure for HIV.

For those already infected with HIV, a doctor may recommend that a variety of different forms of anti-HIV drugs be taken in order to slow down the replication process and prevent the infection from spreading once inside the body.

However, due to the fact that HIV is a retrovirus, meaning that it is a virus that invades a living host’s immune system, it is highly unlikely that any type of medication will be able to stop the infection once it has entered the body.

Instead, medical attention should be sought in order to obtain a cure for HIV. The infection may invade various organs in the body over the course of years; therefore, a cure for HIV is still highly possible – just waiting for the body to react in the proper way to the infection may be enough to make the infected person survive.

You Can Get HIV Through UnSafe Sex

You can only get HIV through unsafe sex if you have one partner who has it and you share that person’s personal medical information such as their name, address and phone number.

That is why it is so important that every single person who is engaging in pre-sexual activity inform any potential partner that he or she has HIV.

It is also recommended that they be tested at the first sign of any symptoms so they do not become infected.

It is a good idea for people to get tested each year even if they have already been tested once. In fact it is advisable for everyone to be tested at least once in their lifetime especially if they are living with someone who is infected with HIV.

You can only get HIV via transfer of body fluids on vaginal fluidThe second way that you can only get HIV through safe sex is if your partner does not currently have it but has been diagnosed with it previously. In this case it is possible for them to still pass the infection on to another person. Although it is not likely, it is not impossible for it to happen. However if you want to avoid this possibility then you should use protection during sex and you should always use a condom if you have oral sex with multiple partners.

You Can Also Get HIV Via Transfer of Body Fluid on Mothers Milk

It is well known fact that one of the ways by which you can contract the disease is through transfusions from an infected mother to her child.

You Can Only Get HIV Through Transfer of Body Fluid on the Infected Partner

In the case of a person who is infected with HIV, there is only one way to transmit the disease to another individual and that is through the exchange of body fluids, such as blood, vaginal secretions or semen.

The fact is that many people are infected by HIV without ever experiencing any symptoms or sign of infection.

However, this does not mean that the disease can be contracted through any form of non-sexual activity.

Although it is possible for a man to contract HIV through anal, oral or vaginal sex with an infected person, the chances are slim to none because the virus can only be transmitted via bodily fluids.

When discussing how you can only get HIV through the exchange of body fluids, it is important to mention two main types of fluids that are most common means of contact between people who have HIV.

The first type of fluid is blood.

This is one of the most common routes of HIV transmission since the virus is able to survive in large concentrations inside infected blood cells.

Also, there is a possibility of infection occurring when an infected person has an open wound or cut in his body. Since the virus can survive in these kinds of wounds, the possibility for transmission exists.

You Can Also Only Get HIV Via Transfer of Body Fluid on Blood

The virus spreads through the bloodstream when one person touches an infected person, or when their body fluids are shared on a same surface with an infected person.

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