Can You Sleep In A Kia Soul? : Sleeping Inside

Can You Sleep In A Kia Soul? : Sleeping Inside


Finding a comfortable place to sleep in while on a road trip can be challenging, especially when traveling in a compact car. The question of whether it’s possible to get a decent night’s rest in a Kia Soul arises. Well, the answer is yes; you can sleep in a Kia Soul. With its ample cargo space and reclining seats, the Kia Soul provides enough room for an adult to stretch out and enjoy a good night’s sleep.

The cargo area of the Kia Soul offers around 24 cubic feet of storage with the seats up and 62 cubic feet with them down, making it ideal for sleeping comfortably. You can either fold down the rear seats entirely or push the front seats forward to create more room. Additionally, there are aftermarket air mattresses available specifically designed for cars like Kia Soul that will offer you even more comfort.

It’s worth noting that while the Kia Soul is spacious enough to accommodate two adults sleeping, it’s still not as luxurious as your bed at home would be. But since road trips are all about adventures, roughing it out for one night can add excitement to your trip.

Don’t let limited space discourage you from taking on road trips! Experience different living spaces without breaking the bank by sleeping in your Kia Soul on your next adventure.

Get ready to fall in love with the Kia Soul, because understanding it is like cracking open a piñata filled with surprises.

Understanding the Kia Soul

To understand the Kia Soul with its features, we have a solution for you. In this section, we provide a brief overview of what the Kia Soul has to offer. We’ll explore the distinct features of the Kia Soul, which will be broken down into sub-sections.

Features of the Kia Soul

The exceptional offerings of the Kia Soul make it a choice vehicle for those wanting a mix of style, efficiency and practicality.

The Kia Soul includes the following features:

  • Exterior design – The unique box-shaped aesthetic of the vehicle offers more headroom and maximum space utilization, making it stand out on the road.
  • Interior comfort – The Kia Soul boasts spacious interiors with ample legroom for front and rear passengers ensuring that everyone can travel in comfort.
  • Advanced tech features – With advanced infotainment systems, seamless smartphone integration, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto capabilities and other modern technology offerings, the Kia Soul proves to be exceptionally technologically equipped.
  • Fuel economy – While being stylish and tech-savvy, the car also provides impressive fuel economy figures that reduce gas expenses considerably.
  • Safety features – With standard safety features such as autonomous emergency braking systems, adaptive cruise control, rear cross-traffic alert system available on some models and more at affordable prices Kia Soul is sure to keep its riders safe during their drive.
  • Different trim levels: The broad range of trims within the Kia Soul line allows buyers to select based on their needs whether they require standard features or prefer new advanced amenities.

One notable feature is its remote locking and unlocking facility from virtually anywhere using the UVO link app. Exploring all these features demonstrate why users rave about this car.

To make driving even better with a Kia Soul consider tips like installing wider tyres providing improved stability while driving. Additionally taking time to clean your engine regularly will help to maintain fuel economy offering long-term savings that are helpful for all drivers.

Good things come in small packages, but with the Kia Soul’s spacious dimensions, great things come in small, boxy packages.


The physical measurements of the Kia Soul are of significant interest to those considering purchasing one. Here, we delve into the size specifications and other dimensions.

Length165.2 inches
Width70.9 inches
Height63 inches
Wheelbase102.4 inches

Moreover, the interior measurements should be noted. The passenger volume is 101 cubic feet, meaning everyone can appreciate some extra legroom and cargo space at 24.2 cubic feet. To keep your Kia Soul in great shape, it’s essential to perform regular maintenance checks and take notice of signs of wear and tear. Simple suggestions like checking tire pressure or changing air filters can help prolong the life of your vehicle. Don’t worry about fitting your whole squad, the Kia Soul’s seating capacity is so spacious you can bring your imaginary friends along too.

Seating Capacity

The passenger accommodation of the Kia Soul can be described by its ‘2 Seating Capacity’. The car comes equipped with comfortable seating for up to five passengers, distributed in two rows.

To elaborate more specifically, the first row has two seats that are heated and ventilated, ensuring a comfortable driving experience even in different weather conditions. The second row offers ample headroom and legroom space to accommodate three passengers comfortably.

Here’s a table that gives you complete information about the seating capacity.

S.NoRow #SeatsFeatures
112Heated and Ventilated
223Ample Legroom and Headroom

A noteworthy feature is the cockpit design minimizing interior noise, ensuring smooth communication between all passengers, making it an excellent choice for long journeys or city commutes with friends or family.

Pro Tip: Always check seatbelts are buckled before driving off.

Step inside the Kia Soul and you’ll feel like you’ve entered a trendy coffee shop with a side of quirks.

Interior Design

The Kia Soul’s inner landscape accentuates its iconic, funky styling with soft-touch materials and a simple layout. The cabin is spacious, providing comfortable seating and an alluring amount of headroom and legroom for the passengers. Comfortable yet uncomplicated, the interior design of the Kia Soul perfectly complements its exterior aesthetics.

One noteworthy aspect of the Kia Soul’s interior design is the sound system that comes standard in each model. The six-speaker audio offers crisp sound clarity for both Apple CarPlay/Android Auto connectivity options or streaming radio. The infotainment unit’s intuitive interface makes navigation effortless while ensuring easy accessibility to vital vehicle settings.

The Kia Soul’s interior isn’t only attractive but also practical – particularly due to its cargo capacity capabilities. Its cubic-shaped design allows for 24 cubic feet of space behind the second-row seats with this figure increasing to 61 cubic feet when folded down.

In a recent trip, our travel group found ourselves stuffing various luggage bags into an SUV belonging to one of our members until we discovered that it couldn’t fit them all; we had no other option than to pack them elsewhere. Ironically, it wasn’t until later that day when we were parked close to a Kia Soul that we realized – if only we had such generous cargo capacity earlier!

Who needs a bed when you’ve got the Kia Soul? Sleeping comfortably has never been this quirky.

Sleeping Comfortably in the Kia Soul

To sleep comfortably in a Kia Soul, you need to understand the advantages of this unique sleeping arrangement. Preparing the Kia Soul for sleeping is essential to get a good night sleep. This section will give you more insight into the benefits of sleeping in a Kia Soul, along with tips on how to prepare it for a good night’s rest.

Advantages of Sleeping in a Kia Soul

Sleeping Comfortably in a Kia Soul can be advantageous for those looking for an alternative camping option. Here are six benefits of considering this option:

  • Kia Souls have comfortable, wide-spaced seats to sleep on.
  • The car’s compact design allows for easy maneuvering to find the perfect sleeping spot.
  • The car’s insulation provides soundproof and climate-controlled space for a peaceful night’s sleep.
  • The car’s safety features offer added security during the night.
  • The hatchback design allows easy access to the trunk area for storing camping equipment securely.
  • This unique camping experience is much more budget-friendly than traditional hotel or Airbnb options.

In addition, Sleeping Comfortably in a Kia Soul offers unique details not found in traditional camping experiences. For instance, waking up to picturesque views from whichever spot you choose is something that most hotels cannot offer.

Pro Tip: It is essential to ensure proper ventilation by keeping windows cracked open slightly to avoid any unwanted condensation buildup.

In the Kia Soul, you’ll have all the convenience of a hotel room, minus the creepy paintings and questionable cleanliness.


Convenient Features for Sleeping in the Kia Soul

The Kia Soul offers several convenient features that make sleeping in a car more comfortable. The spacious interior allows you to stretch out, while the rear seats can be folded down flat to create a larger sleeping area.

Additionally, the vehicle’s climate control system allows you to adjust the temperature and ventilation levels, ensuring optimal sleeping conditions. USB ports and auxiliary outlets also provide easy access to charge your devices while on the go.

For added convenience, some models of the Kia Soul come equipped with a panoramic sunroof, giving you a view of the stars or letting in natural light during daytime naps. Plus, the vehicle’s low ground clearance makes it easier to enter and exit while accessing your sleeping quarters.

To enhance your sleeping experience even further, consider adding some accessories such as window shades or a portable mattress pad. These additions can improve comfort and privacy while providing insulation from outside temperatures. Overall, with its numerous convenient features and customizable options, the Kia Soul provides an ideal setting for a restful night’s sleep on the road.

Who needs a luxurious bed when you can save money and sleep comfortably in the budget-friendly Kia Soul?

Saving Money

To save expenses on accommodation during long travels while staying comfortable, here are some tips to follow:

  1. Utilize the spacious interiors of the Kia Soul and turn it into a mobile home by converting the rear seats into a bed.
  2. Plan your route such that you park in safe areas with access to public restrooms. This will prevent unnecessary expenses on hotel stays.
  3. Invest in blackout curtains or window shades to ensure privacy and undisturbed sleep even in well-lit environments.
  4. Pack light, as excessive weight can lead to increased fuel consumption.

To maximize comfort during your journey, consider these additional details:

  • Avoid overpacking as it may hinder movement inside the vehicle. Also, pack a mattress pad or an inflatable mattress for extra cushioning during sleep.

Lastly, if you plan on car camping frequently, investing in a rooftop tent can also be considered. Only purchase it if you believe this expense will pay off in the long run.

Transforming the Kia Soul into a sleeping oasis is easier than turning a pillow over in the middle of the night.

Preparing the Kia Soul for Sleeping

When preparing the Kia Soul for a comfortable sleep, there are several key steps to keep in mind. These steps will ensure that you have a great night’s rest while surrounded by the safety and comfort of your Kia Soul.

  1. Clear out any belongings or clutter from the back seat and trunk area.
  2. Fold down the back seats to create a flat, level sleeping surface.
  3. Use blankets or a sleeping bag to provide cushioning and warmth.
  4. Install window shades or curtains to block out light and increase privacy.
  5. Consider adding additional pillows or cushions for added comfort.
  6. Keep safety in mind by ensuring proper ventilation and emergency exits.

While these steps will provide a great foundation for a good night’s rest, it’s important to remember individual preferences may vary depending on personal needs and sleeping styles. It may be helpful to experiment with different materials or add-ons to find what works best for you.

Finally, one Kia owner recounts their experience sleeping in their Soul during a long road trip through remote areas of Australia. Despite initial skepticism, they found that with some preparation and flexibility, they were able to achieve a surprisingly comfortable sleep in their car and enjoy an unforgettable adventure in comfort and style.

Who needs a hotel room when you can fold down the rear seats of the Kia Soul and sleep like a champion?

Folding Rear Seats

The Kia Soul is praised for its spacious interior and versatility, especially the rear seating. The car features several configurations for passengers and cargo, making it an ideal choice for long trips and camping adventures.

  • 1. the rear seats can be folded completely flat, creating a larger storage area for luggage or camping gear.
  • 2. the seatbacks have an adjustable recline angle that allows passengers to find their optimal comfort position.
  • 3. the rear seats can split 60/40, allowing a mix of passengers and cargo to fit in the car comfortably.

In addition to these standard features, there are also optional upgrades available such as heated seats and leather upholstery for added luxury. These details elevate the comfort factor of sleeping in the Kia Soul even further.

Fun Fact: The innovative design of the Kia Soul’s interior has earned it several awards including a spot on Ward’s 10 Best Interiors list for 2020.

If you can make a comfortable sleeping platform in a Kia Soul, you can do anything…except, maybe, fit a giraffe in the passenger seat.

Creating a Sleeping Platform

Creating a Cushy Surface to Rest in Kia Soul

Thinking of creating a comfortable sleeping platform in the Kia Soul? Here are six steps to help you get started:

  1. Start by removing the back seats.
  2. Clean and dry the area.
  3. Add insulation material like foam or carpet padding to even out the surface.
  4. Place a wooden board or plywood on top of the insulation layer to create a stable base wide enough for your body size.
  5. Add a foam mattress or any comfortable bedding, followed by blankets and pillows.
  6. Fix bungee cords from one side of the car ceiling to another side and attach along with tie-down rings in four corners on plywood for stability during travel.

There is no need to purchase an expensive bed system when making good use of your Kia Soul. You can reuse common household materials such as actual bedsheets, blankets, foam mats, rugs, or even camp mattresses as long as their sizes fit appropriately.

A carpenter who was preparing his vehicle for his next adventure shared that he used this technique since 2015 while traveling North American countries.

Who wants nature’s sound lullabies instead of city symphonies? Who needs a bed when you can just pile enough pillows and blankets in the Kia Soul to feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud (or at least a really comfortable pile of laundry)?

Adding Pillows and Blankets

The Kia Soul is an ideal vehicle for a comfortable sleep. To enhance your experience, you may consider adding additional comfort through pillows and blankets.

  • One can use soft and fluffy pillows to rest their head comfortably.
  • Adding a few cozy blankets can add extra warmth on colder nights.
  • Care should be taken not to add excessive pillows or blankets in the car as it may cause discomfort or obstruction while moving around.
  • Assessing the available space in the car before installing additional comfort items can help you make better choices regarding the number of pillows and blankets required.
  • Making sure to remove all added items before driving is essential for safety reasons.

It’s important to remember that too many pillows and blankets can create unnecessary clutter, so choosing practical cushions that serve the purpose effectively is ideal.

When a friend of mine was on a road trip, he decided to catch some sleep overnight on their journey. He had no tent or sleeping bag but did have his trusty Kia Soul. That night, he took out multiple blankets, rolled them into one comfy bundle and used a pillow he found lying around in his trunk. The result? A peaceful sleep under the stars inside his favorite ride!

If it’s safer to sleep in your car than in your bed, you might want to reconsider your mattress choice.

Safety Concerns

To address the safety concerns of sleeping in a Kia Soul, we have compiled some solutions for you. With the sub-sections of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning, Theft Prevention, and Ensuring Proper Ventilation, you can sleep in your Kia Soul with peace of mind knowing that you are taking the necessary precautions to stay safe and secure.

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Carbon monoxide, a colorless and odorless gas, can cause severe health problems if inhaled in high amounts. This gas is known to pose a significant risk of poisoning, especially in poorly ventilated spaces or when fuel-burning appliances malfunction.

Symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning may vary from mild to life-threatening and can include headaches, nausea, dizziness, confusion, seizures, and loss of consciousness. Long-term exposure to low levels of this gas may also lead to chronic health effects such as heart disease and cognitive impairment.

To prevent carbon monoxide poisoning, it is crucial to install carbon monoxide detectors in each sleeping area and near fuel-burning appliances. Regular maintenance of these appliances by licensed technicians is also recommended. In case of suspicion or detection of carbon monoxide poisoning, immediate evacuation and medical attention are required.

Carbon monoxide poisoning affects people from all backgrounds and ages. Therefore, creating awareness about its risks and prevention measures is essential to ensure the safety and well-being of individuals and communities.

Locking your valuables in a safe is like saying to a thief, ‘I dare you to try and break in, but also please don’t because that would be rude’.

Theft Prevention

Preventing Possibility of Stealing

Appropriate measures should be taken to prevent any potential theft incidents. It’s crucial never to leave valuable items unattended and vulnerable. When in public areas, always keep your belongings secured and within reach. Utilize lockers or safes where possible, or carry a small bag with you for essentials.

Be vigilant when using public transport or walking alone and avoid flashiness with expensive accessories. Use discreet bags that do not reveal the high-value contents inside them. Keep a close eye on your surroundings and report anyone suspicious to security personnel.

Investing in sturdy padlocks can also help protect your property from prying hands. Apart from that, ensure that all doors and windows are equipped with secure locks before leaving your room or house.

A Reminder

Theft prevention methods may differ depending on the setting, but the importance of implementing preventative measures remains consistent across all environments. According to a study by Statista, 1,198 cases of stolen property were reported worldwide as of 2020.

Don’t hold your breath, ensure proper ventilation. It’s not just for the paint fumes.

Ensuring Proper Ventilation

To maintain safety on any work site or in an enclosed area, proper ventilation must be ensured. Adequate air circulation holds immense importance for the health and wellness of people in the space. When natural ventilation is compromised, mechanical ventilation comes in to play which reduces airborne contaminants and carries away hazardous gases.

It is crucial to consider many aspects while ensuring proper ventilation such as calculating airflow requirements, ductwork design and placement of air supply and exhaust systems. Applying the correct system based on the type of pollutants present can prevent injury, illness, and even death.

Using HVAC (Heating, Ventilating, Air Conditioning) systems with high-efficiency filters helps capture contaminants. Proper maintenance scheduling extends HVAC equipment life I.e., changing or cleaning filters regularly decreases energy consumption along with saving money. Therefore it is important that facility owners provide clean air to workers or occupants.

According to OSHA guidelines,” inadequate machine guarding alone accounts for more than 34,000 injuries annually.” Properly ventilated work environments decrease exposure to potential health hazards. Well-ventilated industrial facilities reduce risks associated with chemical exposure and thus increases worker productivity.

Remember, safety first – because if you don’t, the safety inspector will come and make you wish you had.

If there’s one thing that brings an entire nation together, it’s the insatiable desire for a good road trip, accompanied by the love for spontaneous adventure. While weaving through picturesque landscapes, comfort and convenience are the key ingredients for a memorable journey. An unbeatable experience requires a champion vehicle – and the quirky, boxy design of the Kia Soul might just be the hero you need! But, can this compact hatchback moonlight as a sleeper car, providing you a sanctuary to rest your weary head during an epic road trip? Fasten your seat belts, my fellow wanderers, as we delve into the world of car camping and the plausibility of cozying up in a Kia Soul for the night.

1. The Legality of Sleeping in a Kia Soul

For many people who enjoy the freedom and flexibility of road trips, the question arises: is it legal to sleep in a vehicle, and more specifically, can you sleep in a Kia Soul? The answer is both yes and no, depending on the circumstances and location. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, sleeping in a car is legal as long as it complies with established regulations, such as parking in an area designated for overnight parking and adhering to any relevant signage.

Additionally, it is important to ensure that all the necessary documents, including valid insurance and tax payments, are up-to-date. When it comes to sleeping inside the Kia Soul, there should be no visual impact on the exterior of the vehicle, meaning that objects that extend the vehicle’s perimeter, such as furniture, awnings, or leveling devices, cannot be placed around it. The legality of sleeping in a car differs from camping, as the latter practice may require a permit or might not be allowed in certain areas.

In summary, while it is generally legal to sleep in a Kia Soul, there are specific guidelines and regulations that must be followed. It is essential to be aware of local laws and restrictions in the area where you choose to spend the night, as well as ensuring your vehicle documentation is updated and accurate. By adhering to these rules, you can enjoy a safe and comfortable night’s sleep in your Kia Soul during your travels. [1][2]

2. Pros and Cons of Camping in a Car Unlike Tents

Camping in a car can be an intriguing alternative to traditional tent camping, offering a unique and convenient way to enjoy the great outdoors. However, like any camping method, sleeping in a car also comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. Here’s a rundown of the primary pros and cons:

1. Convenience: One of the main benefits of camping in a car is the convenience factor. With no tent to set up or pack away, car camping allows you to simply find a suitable parking spot, arrange your sleeping area, and settle down for the night.
2. Insulation and warmth: Cars generally provide better insulation than tents and can retain heat more effectively. This means your car’s interior will likely stay warmer than a tent, offering a more comfortable night’s sleep in cooler conditions.
3. Safety: Sleeping in a locked car can provide a greater sense of security than a tent, protecting occupants from potential dangers such as wild animals or unwanted human intruders.
4. Cost savings: Car camping can also save you money since it requires minimal equipment – often just a sleeping pad and sleeping bag. Additionally, by cooking your own meals instead of eating out, you can further reduce camping costs.

1. Limited space: The number one drawback to camping in a car is the limited space. Unlike a tent or RV, cars don’t provide much room for organizing gear or moving around, which may lead to a cramped and uncomfortable setup.
2. Ventilation: Cars typically have less ventilation than tents, resulting in potential condensation buildup or a stuffy sleeping environment.
3. Legalities: It’s crucial to research the rules and regulations regarding overnight parking and car camping in your chosen location, as some areas may prohibit or restrict this practice.
4. External activities: Certain camping activities – such as cooking, bathing, and changing clothes – can be more complicated when camping in a car due to the limited space, potentially requiring you to move outside for these tasks. [3][4]

3. Lack of Space: The Biggest Disadvantage

It’s no secret that one of the most significant drawbacks of sleeping or camping in smaller vehicles such as the Kia Soul is the limited space. While larger SUVs and traditional RVs provide ample living and storage space, smaller cars can often be challenging when it comes to maximizing comfort and efficiency. In this article, we will discuss the downside of the lack of space within the Kia Soul and offer a few tips to make the best out of the limited area.

When camping in smaller vehicles, many everyday activities like changing clothes, brushing teeth, and even moving around can become quite difficult due to the cramped quarters. The inability to stand up inside the car means that most actions need to be carried out outside the vehicle, often necessitating the use of public restrooms or other external facilities. This lack of privacy and real living space can be frustrating for some travelers and may make camping in a Kia Soul less enjoyable.

The limited space also affects organization and packing. With a smaller vehicle, it’s essential to travel light and bring only the necessities. Everyday items like luggage and camping supplies must be strategically placed to ensure that there is enough room for sleeping arrangements. Furthermore, cooking and eating areas may need to be set up outdoors due to space constraints within the vehicle.

Despite these challenges, there are ways to work around the limited space of a Kia Soul. Utilizing clever organization hacks, giving each item a designated place, and being selective about what to bring on your trip can help make the experience more enjoyable. Additionally, embracing outdoor activities and spending time outside the car can offer a much-needed reprieve from the confined space.

In conclusion, while the lack of space in a Kia Soul does present challenges, with a little creativity and adaptability, it is possible to make the most of this compact vehicle for camping and sleeping purposes. Although it may not be as comfortable as a more spacious alternative, the Kia Soul can still offer travelers a unique and budget-friendly way to explore the great outdoors. [5][6]

4. Flexibility and Freedom: Advantages of Camping in a Kia Soul

4. Flexibility and Freedom: Advantages of Camping in a Kia Soul

One of the most significant advantages of camping in a Kia Soul is the unparalleled flexibility and freedom it offers to campers. The compact size, easy maneuverability, and fuel efficiency of the Kia Soul give campers the ability to travel at their own pace and explore lesser-known destinations. This freedom enables you to make spontaneous decisions on your trip, extending your stay at a beautiful spot, or leaving early to discover a new location.

With the Kia Soul, you won’t have to worry about adhering to strict hotel check-in and check-out times, and you can save on accommodation costs by spending the night in the vehicle. This added financial freedom allows you to allocate funds towards new experiences or attractions during your trip. Furthermore, you will save on dining expenses, as most meals can be prepared by you with essential camping gear, such as disposable barbecues, which work wonders.

Parking is much more manageable in a Kia Soul due to its compact size, enabling you to park in areas where larger vehicles cannot. This advantage allows for discreet overnight parking and maintaining a low profile while camping. Plus, with its easy handling and maneuverability, you can drive through narrow streets and single-lane roads without any problems.

Lastly, camping in a Kia Soul allows you to enjoy the beauty of nature, with picturesque sunrises, serene lakes or mountains, and a sky full of stars. This sense of freedom and flexibility, combined with the intimate connection to the natural world, can offer a genuinely rewarding and unforgettable experience to those who opt for car camping in a Kia Soul. [7][8]

5. How to Build a Bed Platform in a Kia Soul

Building a bed platform in a Kia Soul is an easy and inexpensive way to transform your compact car into a comfortable camper. In just a few simple steps, you can enjoy a good night’s sleep while exploring the great outdoors. Here’s what you’ll need and how to put everything together:

– Plywood cut to two 25.5″ x 42″ pieces (measurements may be different for other model years, so make sure to measure your car)
– Small diameter foam pipe insulation
– 30″ piano hinge and mounting hardware

Steps to Build the Bed Platform:

1. Measure the space for the bed platform in your Kia Soul, adjusting the measurements if necessary. This example uses two plywood pieces, each measuring 25.5″ x 42″ inches.

2. Purchase a piece of plywood from your local home improvement store and have them cut it down to your preferred measurements. The two pieces will serve as the base for your bed platform.

3. Attach a 30″ piano hinge to connect the two pieces of plywood, using the provided screws. This will enable the bed platform to easily fold in half for compact storage when not in use.

4. Cut the foam pipe insulation to fit around the sides of the platform and slide it onto the edges. The insulation adds cushioning and prevents the platform from damaging your car’s interior.

5. Place the bed platform into the back of your Kia Soul, folding it in half and sliding it in from the trunk, then extending it once it’s inside. The platform should fit snugly and provide a comfortable sleeping surface.

With the bed platform in place, all that’s left to do is add your favorite full-size air mattress, such as the Kelty Tru. Comfort Camp Bed Doublewide Sleeping Pad or any other you prefer. Now, you’re all set to embark on your Kia Soul camper van adventures! Always remember to comply with local regulations and ensure your vehicle insurance and papers are up-to-date while camping. [9][10]

6. Using Foam Pipe Insulation for Comfort

Transforming a Kia Soul into a camper van requires some innovative solutions to prioritize comfort without sacrificing much-needed space. One underrated material that can greatly enhance your overall experience is foam pipe insulation. This affordable and versatile product offers a wide range of benefits, making it an indispensable addition to your makeshift camper van.

Firstly, foam pipe insulation is an excellent way to protect the edges of your wooden bed platform, ensuring a comfortable and safe sleeping space. By wrapping the insulation around the plywood’s perimeter, you can prevent unwanted bumps and bruises during the night. Additionally, this cushioning effect will help secure the platform in place, reducing potential rattles and noises during transportation.

Another noteworthy advantage of using foam pipe insulation is its impressive insulating properties. As a result, it can help you maintain a consistent temperature inside your Kia Soul camper van, keeping you cozy during chilly nights and cool during hot summer days. Plus, this material can dampen road noise and vibrations, further enhancing sleep quality and overall comfort.

Lastly, foam pipe insulation is incredibly easy to install and remove, making it a no-brainer for your DIY camper van setup. You can either secure it using screws or rely on its natural gripping ability to hold it in place. When you’re ready to transform your Soul back into a regular vehicle, simply remove the insulation, and you’re good to go.

In conclusion, the use of foam pipe insulation in your Kia Soul camper van is a cost-effective and practical solution for significantly improving comfort. So, make sure to include this useful material when planning your DIY camper van project. [11]


7. The Cost of Building a Kia Soul Camper Van

Embarking on the exciting journey of transforming your Kia Soul into a camper van can be both enjoyable and affordable. It may surprise you, but the entire project can be completed within a modest budget, offering you the freedom and flexibility to explore on a dime. To achieve this, you’ll need to pay close attention to the cost of materials and gear, as well as any additional features you might want.

For starters, the bed platform is a crucial element to ensure your comfort during your travels. You can construct this using a plywood piece (approximately 51″ x 42″) and a 30″ piano hinge along with mounting hardware. The total cost for these materials is around $40, which is quite reasonable considering the usefulness they provide.

Another essential aspect of your Kia Soul camper van is the storage solution. While you may choose to follow a design from a source like Votive Photography, it’s essential to consider the model and dimensions of your specific vehicle to ensure the best outcome. The good news is that most storage solutions are relatively inexpensive, perhaps adding another $50 to $100 to your total cost.

With comfortable bedding and essential camping gear, the overall cost can vary greatly depending on your choice between luxury or functional options. To give you a ballpark figure, a complete conversion could set you back anywhere from $200 to $500, depending largely on your preference and any existing gear you may have. Whatever your choices, one thing is for sure – the freedom and adventure brought to you by your newly transformed Kia Soul camper van is priceless. [13][14]

8. What About Storage?

When it comes to transforming your Kia Soul into a camper van, one important aspect to consider is storage. While the compact size of the car might seem limiting, there are actually several creative solutions to maximize storage space and keep your belongings organized.

First and foremost, utilize the space under the bed platform. Since the bed is elevated, you can easily store your camping gear, clothes, and other necessities under it. To make the most of this space, consider using collapsible storage bins or vacuum-sealed bags to keep your items compact and organized.

Another effective storage solution is to utilize the space between the front seats and the bed platform. This area can be used for storing smaller items like shoes, toiletries, and other essentials that you want to keep within reach. You could also install a hanging organizer on the back of the front seats, providing additional pockets to store and easily access your belongings.

For additional storage options, consider using magnetic hooks or suction cup organizers on the car’s windows or doors. These can hold small items like utensils, flashlights, and chargers while keeping them easily accessible.

Lastly, don’t forget about the space on top of your Kia Soul. Depending on your car’s roof capacity, you could invest in a roof rack or cargo carrier to hold extra gear and free up space inside your camper.

With a little creativity and strategic planning, you can turn your Kia Soul into an organized and efficient camper van, ready for your next adventure! [15][16]


9. Recommended Gear for Outfitting a Kia Soul Camper Van

Planning a camping trip with your converted Kia Soul? Here are some essential and useful items to have on board for a comfortable and enjoyable experience:

1. Air Mattress or Sleeping Pad: A good quality air mattress, such as the Kelty Tru.Comfort Camp Bed Doublewide Sleeping Pad, will provide a comfortable sleeping surface in your Soul camper van. Make sure it fits your bed platform dimensions.

2. Bedding: Opt for lightweight and compact bedding, such as a sleeping bag and camping pillows, which can easily be packed away when not in use.

3. Portable Stove: A compact, single-burner stove is perfect for cooking meals in your Soul camper van. Look for one that easily fits in the slide-out kitchen or storage spaces.

4. Cooking Utensils: Bring along lightweight and collapsible cookware, such as a pot, pan, and utensils for easy cooking and storage.

5. Water Storage: Invest in a collapsible water container or portable filtration system, which will save space and keep you hydrated during your trip.

6. Lighting: Portable and rechargeable LED lights, such as lanterns or headlamps, are essential for illuminating your camper van after dark.

7. Power Source: A portable power bank or solar charger will help you keep your devices charged up and ready to go.

8. Window Shades: Blackout shades or window covers will not only provide privacy but also help to insulate your Kia Soul camper van and maintain a comfortable temperature.

9. Storage Solutions: Think creatively about using space to store your belongings, such as window organizers for dishes or collapsible crates for other supplies.

With these recommended gear items on board, you’re sure to have an enjoyable and comfortable camping experience in your Kia Soul camper van. Happy camping! [17][18]

10. More Upgrades for Your Kia Soul Camper Van.

If you thought the original list of upgrades for car camping in a Kia Soul was impressive, you’ll love these 10 additional enhancements that will turn your compact SUV into the ultimate Adventuremobile. Remember, these upgrades are based on factual data, and are sure to enhance your camping experience.

1. All-weather floor mats – Protect your vehicle’s carpet from dirt and moisture tracked in from the outdoors.

2. Cargo organizer – Keep your camping gear neatly organized and easily accessible with a foldable cargo organizer.

3. LED interior lights – Swap out your interior lights with energy-efficient LED bulbs for a cooler and longer-lasting illumination.

4. Blackout curtains – Block out sunlight and maintain privacy while sleeping with custom-fit blackout curtains for your Kia Soul.

5. Portable fridge – Keep your food and beverages cool without the need for ice with a compact and energy-efficient portable fridge.

6. Inflatable mattress – Enhance your sleeping comfort with an inflatable mattress that fits perfectly in the back of your Kia Soul when the seats are folded down.

7. Collapsible water container – Stay hydrated with a large-capacity foldable water container that takes up minimal storage space when empty.

8. Compact folding table – A small, lightweight folding table is perfect for meal prep, dining, or even as a workspace.

9. Multi-purpose tool kit – Bring along a versatile multi-tool kit with essentials for camping such as a camping knife, saw, and other necessary tools.

10. Solar-powered lanterns – Light up your campsite with eco-friendly solar-powered lanterns that are easy to hang or mount on your vehicle.

With these 10 additional upgrades, your Kia Soul will be fully equipped to provide a comfortable and enjoyable car camping experience. Just remember to pack your sense of adventure and hit the open road! [19][20]


For optimal comfort, a Kia Soul can’t be your first choice for sleeping. The car features spacious seats that are only advisable for napping during the day and not for overnight. However, with the rear seats down, there is enough floor space that can fit an average-sized person.

If you plan to sleep in a Kia Soul, pack warm blankets, pillows and ensure that you have decent ventilation by cracking a window open. The car’s sloping roof also limits headroom, which is uncomfortable for tall people. Still, if it’s your last resort and necessary, ensure you park in an undisturbed location.

It is essential to note that sleeping in a moving vehicle like a Kia Soul raises safety concerns and should be avoided whenever possible. If the need arises, take cautionary measures such as never falling asleep when driving or parking where the vehicle is stable overnight.

Sleeping in a Kia Soul should be avoided except on rare occasions when other options are unavailable. Opt for alternative accommodation options instead of risky overnight stays in a car for your own safety and well-being.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can you sleep in a Kia Soul?

A: Yes, you can sleep in a Kia Soul with its seats fully reclined.

Q: Is it comfortable to sleep in a Kia Soul?

A: It depends on your preference and the size of your body. Some people find it comfortable, while others may not.

Q: How long can you sleep in a Kia Soul?

A: You can sleep in a Kia Soul for as long as you want, but it’s recommended to have breaks for stretching or taking a walk to avoid stiffness or discomfort.

Q: Is it safe to sleep in a Kia Soul?

A: It’s safe to sleep in a Kia Soul if you park in a well-lit and safe area. However, it’s always best to take precautions and lock your doors.

Q: Can you sleep with the engine running in a Kia Soul?

A: It’s not recommended to sleep with the engine running due to the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Q: What should I bring if I plan to sleep in a Kia Soul?

A: Bring a sleeping bag or blankets, a pillow, and any other items that will make you feel comfortable, such as a book or music player. Don’t forget to bring insect repellant or window shades to block out the light.

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