Do Massage Therapists Get Turned On By Clients?

Is It Alright to Ask a Female Massage Therapy Questions?

Is it OK to ask a female massage therapist if she prefers a man or vice versa? It’s not rude to ask this question and you may prefer to receive your massage either way if you like.

In all these years that he has been in business, many individuals who have received massages from male or female therapists have stated that the main reason that folks request a male or female therapist are due to there being some kind of a problem or they simply do not want deep pressure applied.

The truth is that when receiving a massage from a certified massage therapist you should ask whatever questions you’d like to ask.

If you feel uncomfortable with the therapist or just want to switch it up, then that is completely OK and it may be your right to request something different.

Is it OK to request a female massage therapist

Many men and women find that many certified massage therapists tend to lean toward giving a man a back rub rather than a back massage.

This may be fine with you but if you feel uncomfortable with the situation, then again, you have the right to say so and you have a right to receive something different.

So, if the back rub is too firm for you then politely say so and request that it be reduced or that another therapist do it instead.

You don’t have to accept the massage all the same way that a couple does because you don’t have to and neither does a woman.

When receiving a massage, whether from a man or a woman, always keep an open mind and try something new if you’re not entirely sure about it.

You’ll find that a good massage session can not only relax your body but also make you feel great. Many women enjoy receiving massages from professional licensed massage therapists. If you are a woman who wants to experience the same benefits for yourself, then why not go ahead and schedule one?

Full Body Massage – What Does it Include?

Does full body massage include sensitive private parts? If it does, how is that so? You see, when you are giving a full body massage, you can’t help but notice what part of your body is being stimulated.

Does full body massage include private parts

Here’s what I’m talking about.

A lot of people have told me that they don’t want to feel “fcked up” during their massage therapy session.

They tell me that they want a happy ending (not a painful one). Well, if you ask a professional massage therapist, they would agree with you 100%.

A happy ending is possible only if the massage therapist can successfully pry open all your muscles, release stress and ease the tension in your muscles.

This is where professional massages come into play. The only way to a happy ending is if the massage therapist is able to successfully pry your muscles aside and relieve the tension in those muscles.

If the masseuse cannot do this successfully, he or she will not be able to give you a full body massage.

Therefore, in my opinion, you should always check the massage therapist’s belt or certification to make sure he or she is indeed a certified massage therapist before hiring them for your next massages.

How Far Can a Massage Therapist Go?

There are many things that you must take into account when determining the answer to the question, “How far can a massage therapist go?”

The first consideration is the type of massage that you will be having.

If you are having a back massage, then the distance is going to be considerably shorter than if you were getting a shoulder massage.

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This is simply because there is not that much space involved when it comes to the neck and shoulders.

If you are having a deep tissue massage, then the distance can go as much as a few inches beyond the length of the individual’s arm.

how far can a massage therapist go

Another consideration that you must make when trying to determine how far can a massage therapist go is the equipment that is being used.

You might be surprised to know that the typical massage therapist has the ability to stretch their hands out to relatively long distances.

This is because they use a device known as a mobile extender. The extender is a small piece of equipment that is used to surgically stretch the muscles that a massage therapist is working on. This is something that can stretch all of the muscles in any given area and can help to increase the range of motion when it comes to those muscles.

When you are trying to determine the answer to the question, “How far can a massage therapist go,” you will have to consider all of these different factors. You will have to consider the equipment that is being used, as well as the distance that a therapist will be able to stretch his or her hands. You should also keep in mind how many different types of massages the therapist is performing in order to get a true assessment of how far they can go.

Do Massage Therapists Ever Get Turned On by Their Clients?

Ever wonder how some massage therapists get turned on by their clients? I used to wonder the same thing when I was working in the corporate world and I worked as a corporate headhunter.

Believe it or not but many of our corporate clients would sometimes bring in a new masseuse just to get a “test run” so to speak.

They felt that if they were testing out this new masseuse that maybe they might feel good about hiring them or they might feel good about themselves and thus be more willing to give the client what they want.

do massage therapists ever get turned on by their clients

Of course that doesn’t always happen but it’s funny to think about it.

Now then when I’m doing a job which involves pressure points, I always feel good whenever I’m doing it and I never get turned off in the process.

If someone wants to test you and see if you’re a good massage therapist and they bring someone in that makes them uncomfortable and they make you nervous, you can bet that you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about and you will feel good because you know where your human weak points are and you can use these weak points to make people feel good about themselves because you’ve found your “weak spot.”

Here’s another example: Some massage therapists feel very strongly about certain areas of the body.

Perhaps they spent years getting very good at that particular part of their body and it brings them great joy when they do massage therapy on people.

Sometimes they’ll even go out of their way to massage parts of their body that other therapists really hate to massage.

They may even go out of their way to avoid pressure points that other therapists don’t like to massage.

When their clients feel good about themselves and the therapist makes them feel good about themselves, they’ll tell other people about it because they love themselves and the experience of giving a great massage makes them feel good.

How Do Massage Therapists Get Turned on By Their Clients?

One of the mysteries that surround massage therapy is that do massage therapists get turned on by their clients.

For years I was a licensed therapist and a few years ago had a case where a client came in with what appeared to be a sprig of “something” stuck in her hair.

We concluded it was some type of shingles, but were not able to find out what it was.

The therapist asked her if she wanted to put something in her hair, so we obliged. Well, as you might expect, after she had done that for about 20 minutes, she was totally turned on.

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do massage therapists get turned on by their clients

This led to the therapist asking her if she would like to have more of that “something”. After some time passed she managed to get a tissue out of her hair and then used that to massage the back of her leg.

While she was massaging it with the tissue I noticed that the client seemed to be looking at me and she said to me “I wonder what that tissue feels like”.

It may be difficult for therapists to determine what is causing their clients to become sexually excited but we did notice that many times when clients would come in with a case such as this they would not want to leave the therapist’s office.

When we asked them what happened they said that it felt good to have the massage and that it may have also increased their blood flow.

This may not always be the case but many times massage therapists will tell their clients that certain massage strokes or techniques can trigger an increase in blood flow and this may in turn cause a person to become excited.

Why Do Massage Therapists Get Turned On? A Closer Look Into This Process

Why do some massage therapists get turned on only by certain clients and never get turned down? Why do some massage therapists have a special liking towards certain types of women over others? What is it about a massage that triggers this physiological response within a person?

Why do some massage therapists get turned on only by certain clients? As previously mentioned, some massage therapists have a special “favourite” client.

If a massage therapist has such a client, then they are much more likely to get turned on when they are doing massage for them, even if they are not particularly interested in them personally at that moment.

On the other hand, if the therapist feels repulsed by a certain type of client, then they would not want to do massage for them.

How does a massage therapist get turned on? As mentioned before, some people are highly turned on upon receiving massage therapy, while others are not so turned on at all.

So how much money does a massage therapist need to make in order to get turned on primarily by a massage?

The amount of money that a massage therapist makes is highly dependent upon the type of client that they are working with. Some individuals may pay a lot of money for a massage, while others may not pay a lot of money for a massage.

Is it Real For Client Who Gets Aroused by the Therapist?

It is real for client who becomes aroused by the therapist either unexpectedly or willingly.

The arousal of the client involves mental and emotional processes that can be activated either intentionally or unintentionally by the therapist or by the client themselves.

In order to be able to know whether it is real or not, the person should be examined by a qualified psychologist. If the client says that it is real and the psychologist agrees with him, then only then it is considered as true.

It is real for client who becomes aroused by the therapist either willingly or unexpectedly


There are a lot of people who ask whether or not it is real for client who becomes aroused by the therapist.

Some of them feel attracted towards the therapist’s touch while others feel that they can feel the therapist’s energy flowing through their bodies.

However, it is necessary for clients to understand that the feeling they have is usually related to the lack of proper information regarding their body.

However, the presence of love between the therapist and the client does not necessarily imply that the arousal that they feel is real.

Arousal is a process and it is real only if it produces positive results or effects on the person who becomes aroused by it.

If this happens, it is definite that the feeling that follows is a natural effect of the process. If the person does not get any positive results after he has been aroused by the therapist, then it is not considered as being real.

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Is There Room For Sexual Feelings For A Professional Massage Therapist?

For people who are thinking that they can have a career as a massage therapist, they need to be very clear on one thing – there is no room for sexual feelings in a professional massage therapy.

There are some therapists who allow clients to have a fling or a touch, but this is it.

The entire practice of massage therapy is based on the idea that it should be totally relaxing and uneventful.

A professional massage therapist does not like to have to worry about the feelings of his or her clients because there is no room for such feelings.

there is no room for sexual feelings for a professional massage therapist

There is also absolutely no room for sexual feelings even if you are a massage therapist.

If you are not comfortable with a client, then you shouldn’t be giving him or her a massage.

If you do not feel comfortable doing certain tasks that involve the use of your hands or feet, then you need to stop immediately.

You cannot continue to work with someone who is uncomfortable. There is a difference between working in the professional sense and casually. For instance, you cannot sit behind your massage table and rub someone’s back every time he or she does some stretching.

If you have been seeing a massage therapist for some time now, you may already be aware of the fact that there is no room for sexual feelings in their sessions.

What Did We Actually Learn About Touching in Massage Therapy?

We learned words like palpate instead of touch during my first massage therapy class.

The massage therapist who was teaching us had mentioned that when a patient comes in he or she should be given a quick examination to see if there are any deep-seated traumas that the patient may be carrying around inside of them.

Touch is one of those things, along with pain, which can cause feelings of discomfort in the patient, and it is also an essential part of the healing process.

In the state of grace, along with all of the other things that are going on in that moment, it is very important to not be so intrusive as to make the patient feel uncomfortable.

During that time, I remember thinking, “What do I do when the patient is not uncomfortable?

Do I just keep touching him all throughout the massage session?”

During that time, I also found myself feeling ashamed of the fact that I had touched my client and felt guilty for it. After the class, I told this story to one of my friends and they told me that they had experienced the exact same thing.

They said, “Do you know what you should say to the patient during touch? You should say, ‘I feel your breath’ or ‘I feel your skin.’

After saying these words, you then should transition into touching the area.

This will help the patient feel better because touch is such a big part of massage therapy.” After the explanation about why touching is a good thing, I thought to myself, “That’s really good advice and it really makes sense.”


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