How Far From a Breaker Box is it Safe to Sleep

Sleeping near a Circuit Breaker Box Has Been Linked to Many Health Issues

In the case of a light switch going off in your home you will not get a shock, but instead, the current will flow into your home’s electricity system causing a short and a small shock.

However, when you are sleeping near a circuit breaker box, the current from the electric meter will flow through the breaker box and directly into your home.

Unfortunately, the strong current, EMF radiation can induce many health issues such as tingling and numbness, difficulty breathing and heart palpitations.

Sleeping near a Circuit Breaker Box has been linked to many health problems

The good news is that by avoiding sleeping around a circuit breaker box you can reduce the risk of these health problems occurring. Many people make the mistake of thinking that just because they are sleeping they are safe.

The truth is that just like the light switch above the breaker box, any electrical appliance or device in your home can activate the current that runs through your home, and without the proper safety measures you could be hurt.

To avoid these potential problems, simply keep your circuit breaker boxes, lights and appliances far away from your bed and you’ll sleep much safer and easier.

The Importance of Clearing the Circuit Breaker Box is an Important Step to Reducing EMF Exposure While Mobile

The importance of clearing the circuit breaker box is an extremely important step in reducing EMF exposure while one is mobile.

Most people, when they are using cell phones, are within several miles of electrical power lines.

The constant charging and discharging of cell phones batteries cause this to happen. Along with the battery’s life, the time the battery remains on also increases and along with this is the potential for a larger number of EMRs.

The potential for multiple EMRs being produced by the charging of a cell phone batteries also creates the possibility of having a surge in one’s EMR readings.

The electromagnetic frequencies produced by many cell phone manufactures has been found to be extremely high.

Some manufacturers of cell phones have stated that their products have been tested and it was determined that there is very little potential of causing EMRs.

However, the testing was only done on battery power and not when on the cell phone itself. This means that most people are putting themselves at much greater risk of being exposed to EMRs while they are using cell phones.

The importance of clearing the circuit breaker box is an important step in reducing the amount of EMRs one is exposed to while mobile.

By doing so one is reducing the potential for EMF exposure while they are using their cell phone and keeping away from the EMR danger area.

However, if one is going to use their cell phone, they need to make sure that their devices are equipped with a device which allows them to turn off the power automatically when the battery is drained or when they are not in an area where their device is capable of receiving protection from the EMR.

This way one can reduce the chance of having an unfortunate event occur when their cell phone goes out while they are away from a protected area.

A cell phone can be a wonderful device which can help a person keep in contact with family and friends, but it can also be quite hazardous if precautions are not taken to keep it away from the most damaging areas.

Avoiding Sleeping Near An Electrical Panel Will Cause Sleep Issues

The thing I am going to reveal in this short article is that you can avoid many common problems that are associated with sleeping close to a power distribution panel by simply being aware of the potential hazards it could present.

The first problem I will discuss with you is the potential hazard of sleep apnea.

By now you may have heard of the disorder and the effects it can have on your life. Sleep apnea is caused by a stoppage in your breathing while you are asleep and it can cause serious problems such as heart attacks and strokes if you do not get treatment.

Sleeping Near An Electrical Panel Will Cause Memory Problems

One of the top reasons why so many people are waking up in the middle of the night is because they are worrying about whether or not their home’s electrical wiring is up to code.

Many people spend many valuable hours every single night worrying about the security of their home, and the safety of their family.

Sleeping Near An Electrical Panel will cause Digestive Issues

Sleeping Near An Electrical Panel May Cause Digestive Issues

If you are worried about what it would be like living in a home with no electrical power, or you simply want to know if it is a risk or not, then this article is for you.

It will deal specifically with the problem of “Sleeping near an electrical panel.” So what exactly is a sleeping problem? A sleeping disorder is more than just restless tossing and turning, but can also include such things as excessive perspiration and even asthma.

Sleeping Near An Electrical Panel will cause Fertility Issues

Sleeping Near An Electrical Panel Can Have Serious Fertility Effects

While we all know that electricians are mostly male (it’s just a fact of life), a common enough cause of “what does sleeping around mean” problems is sleeping next to an Electrical Panel. As the name suggests, Electrical Panels can really be a nuisance, causing everything from headaches to trouble sleeping. But did you know that sleeping directly beside one can cause significant fertility problems – specifically in the male?

Sleeping Near An Electrical Panel will cause Asthma

Sleeping Near An Electrical Panel Will Cause Asthma

If you are sleeping in a room with an electrical panel nearby, you are putting yourself at risk for an asthma attack.

Sleeping Near An Electrical Panel will cause Heart Arrhythmia

Sleeping Near An Electrical Panel Will Cause Heart Arrhythmia

Sleeping near an electrical panel can lead to cardiac arrhythmia – a rapid or irregular heartbeat – and heart failure, which are usually fatal. If you do not use a bed to sleep on and are often exposed to high levels of electricity in your bedroom, it is essential that you install a EMF guard.

It is best to reposition your bed as far away as possible near high current high EMF radiation electrical panel.

Sleeping Near An Electrical Panel will cause Mood Swings

Sleeping Near An Electrical Panel Will Make You Suffer – Find Out How Far The Damage Will Be

A lot of people sleep near power lines because it’s safer. But a new study shows that you can be just as alert and prone to have a deadly accident if you sleep too close to an electrical panel or other high voltage device.

This stems from long term exposure to high EMF radiation.

The danger comes from the fact that the brain is not able to send proper signals to the legs, which means your heart will have to pump harder in order to work out where the dangerous long term exposure to high EMF radiation coming from staying close to electrical panel.

Sleeping Near An Electrical Panel will cause Headaches

Sleeping Near An Electrical Panel Can Cause Headaches

It is common knowledge that a good night’s sleep can help you handle all the stresses of the day; if your head is kept straight by sleeping close to an electrical panel you can rest assured that you will wake up without suffering a headache. Sleeping near an electrical panel can be dangerous in long term exposure to EMF radiation.

Sleeping Near An Electrical Panel will cause Fatigue

Sleeping Close To An Electrical Panel Will Cause Fatigue

Some people do not like sleeping close to power lines, and if you are one of those people who dreads the thought of moving closer to a power line while sleeping, there is an easy way to alleviate your problem.

Electrical breakers give off an enormous amount of EMF radiation

Electrical Breakers Give Off an High Levels of EMF Radiation Energy Field

sleeping near an electrical panel can be quite dangerous

Is an EMF Meter So That You Can Measure How Much Radiation Your Electrical Panel is Giving Off?

When it comes to the issue of electromagnetic energy or EMR, This is a fact that electrical panels and other electrical devices are being constructed with various types of materials which include non-metallic and metallic materials which are then coupled with several electrical circuits and components which are embedded within the walls and floor of a building.

The issue of EMR or EMF has become more prevalent over the last several years with the increasing awareness regarding the dangers of electromagnetic radiation.

With the use of an EMF meter, you can then monitor the amount of radiation that your electrical panel is emitting away from you and also from the building that surrounds your electrical panel.

The presence of this radiation often has adverse effects on individuals, especially if they are exposed for prolonged periods of time.

EMF meter so that measure how much radiation your electrical panel is giving off

A cell phone EMF meter is used so that individuals can keep track of the radiation that their cell phones are emitting.

Many people own cell phones nowadays, which are considered to be a fashionable item that most people carry around with them at all times.

Along with this, many cell phones today are also packed with features and programs which make them very handy.

These devices are also being packed with numerous gadgets that emit radiation such as digital cameras, MP3 players, computers, televisions, and additional accessories which often make it difficult for individuals to understand that they are being exposed to EMR and EMF.

When you plug in your cell phone to an electric device, you are unknowingly exposing yourself to EMR and EMF radiation which can have harmful affects on your body.

This meter is designed so that you can keep track of the radiation from your cell phone is emitting.

This can be an excellent tool for ensuring that you are not being exposed to harmful levels of radiation which can have health effects such as brain damage or cancer.

If you think that your cell phone is causing you to be having health problems then you should try using an EMR or EMF meter so that you can find out for sure.

Shielding Shared Walls Between the Electrical Panel Using EMF Protection Paint

If you’re considering shielding a shared wall between your electrical panel and the walls in your home, there are several things you can do to reduce the exposure from these radiation fields.

There are many different options available, depending on the shape and location of the wall and how much of it is actually in contact with the electrical panel. It’s important to note, however, that if you have the wall in a bedroom, you should consider a different solution altogether. bedrooms typically have more reflective surfaces than do other rooms, such as the kitchen or a recreational room.

consider shielding shared walls between the electrical panel using EMF protection paint

If you have the worse case scenario of a larger room that’s in constant contact with the wall, then there are several solutions you can consider.

These include; concrete barriers or pad dividers, which can be stacked up against one another, either permanently or temporarily, and some systems that have a sliding plate option.

Another option is to install a sheet metal enclosure.

Some companies make an entire enclosure out of this material, while others buy enclosures and fit them to existing wall frames. This is not recommended for children, however, so keep that in mind.

There are also kits available on the market today that will allow you to create a shield by soldering together sheets of plexiglass and some aluminum foils.

These work quite well when combined with an existing frame or a specially designed corner shield, but the total cost can add up quickly.

As an alternative to these kits, you can consider shielding paint.

It’s important to note, however, that the paint is only a shield; it doesn’t actually provide any kind of protection against EMF radiation. In order to truly protect yourself, you need to use a complete system that uses multiple solutions in conjunction with each other.

EMF Radiation Dramatically Hinders the Body’s Ability to Produce Melatonin

EMF radiation has been used for a long time and has been found to be very dangerous. It can have serious health implications for people who are exposed to it on a regular basis.

People that work in an environment that constantly puts them in contact with EMF radiation such as cell phone towers, power lines, and even military bases are at risk of suffering from various illnesses including cancer. In fact, the American Cancer Society states that EMF radiation is one of the most common causes of headache, stress, depression, and fatigue.

EMF radiation dramatically hinders the bodys ability to produce melatonin

  • How does this happen, you ask? Well, EMF radiation is emitted from many different sources including radar systems, communication towers, power lines, and mobile phone towers.
  • When you are using or staying near these sources, your brain is constantly exposed to EMF radiation.
  • In fact, most people are not even aware that they are being exposed.
  • EMF is said to be the most harmful type of radiation that there is and according to the American Cancer Society, every year about 150 new cases of headaches, depression, stress, and fatigue are reported due to this radiation.

One way to decrease the amount of EMF you are exposed to is by avoiding being near these areas at all costs.

This sounds difficult to do since many of these EMF emitting sources are located in populated areas. If you don’t have to be anywhere near EMF emitting objects, you will be able to sleep more soundly at night and reduce the amount of stress and headaches you have in the day.

You can do this by using earplugs when listening to music on your mp3 player or using a headset if you are using a computer.

You should also consider getting a portable EMF detector such as the EMF neutralizer which you can keep in your car, purse, or briefcase and plug into an outlet in your home.

|Sleeping Near An Electrical Panel will cause Sleep Issues

Cheaper Option to Shield EMF Mylars Ability to Block EMF Radiation

cheaper option to shield EMF Mylars ability to block EMF radiation

Why is it cheaper option to protect yourself from EMF radiation by using EMF Mylars?

The reason why it is cheaper option to protect yourself from EMF radiation is because it doesn’t involve the use of expensive devices and it does not require you to spend a lot of money to get a good protection.

Some people think that getting protection from EMF radiation is an expensive venture.

This is not true, because nowadays, you can get a variety of EMF neutralizer products in the market for a cheaper price.

This means that the cost of purchasing and using the product itself are almost negligible compared to other protection methods. Moreover, it is also a very efficient technology that only needs to be used as needed. This means that once you purchase this type of product, you will not need to use it for a long period of time because it works continuously. What’s more, you can also take advantage of its protection capabilities to protect your health while you stay at home.

One of the disadvantages in this kind of protection is that it only works on low energy waves. The human body emits EMF waves during various activities, especially when these are conducted in a long line. This means that it only works to block the high-energy waves, which can easily pass through walls and other surfaces in your house. Hence, it cannot protect you when you conduct telephone conversations or even internet surfing while you are at your home. You need to buy a different product to obtain full protection.

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