How Much Do Bathroom Attendants Make?

Bathroom attendants are a unique part of the hospitality industry. They provide a valuable service to customers, ensuring that restrooms are clean and presentable. But how much do bathroom attendants make? In this guide, we’ll explore the salaries, benefits, and job outlook for bathroom attendants and how to become one. Read on to learn more about this unique career path.

How Much Do Bathroom Attendants Make?

How Much Money Do Bathroom Attendants Make?

Bathroom attendants are professionals responsible for providing exceptional customer service in public restrooms. They may keep the restroom clean, provide toiletries, and answer any customer questions. Bathroom attendants typically make an hourly wage, though the amount can vary by location and employer.

Minimum Wage Rates

In most states, bathroom attendants must be paid a minimum wage rate that is determined by the state or federal government. Minimum wage rates vary by state, but the federal minimum wage rate is currently $7.25 per hour. Depending on the restroom’s location and the employer’s budget, bathroom attendants may make more than the minimum wage rate.

Tips and Other Benefits

In addition to the hourly wage, bathroom attendants may also receive tips from customers. The amount of tips received will depend on the customer’s satisfaction with the restroom attendant’s services. Some employers may also provide additional benefits such as health insurance and vacation time.

Factors That Affect Bathroom Attendant Salaries

Bathroom attendants’ salaries can vary depending on a variety of factors. These include the restroom’s location, the restroom’s size, and the type of services provided by the attendant.


Bathroom attendants typically make more money in larger cities or in upscale establishments. This is due to the fact that larger cities tend to have more customers, which means more tips for the attendant. Upscale establishments may also pay higher wages due to the quality of services expected by customers.

Size of the Restroom

The size of the restroom can also affect how much a bathroom attendant makes. A larger restroom may require more services from the attendant, such as stocking supplies and cleaning the restroom. This additional work may result in higher wages for the attendant.

Job Outlook for Bathroom Attendants

The job outlook for bathroom attendants is generally positive. As the economy grows and more people travel, there will be an increased demand for restroom attendants. Additionally, as the population ages and people become more health conscious, they may be more likely to utilize public restrooms, which could lead to additional job opportunities for bathroom attendants.

Potential for Growth

Bathroom attendants may be able to move up in the industry by taking on additional responsibilities or by working in more upscale establishments. With experience, an attendant may be able to move up to a supervisory position or may even open their own restroom attendant business.

Training and Certification

Some employers may require bathroom attendants to complete a certain level of training or receive certification before they can work in certain establishments. This may include courses in customer service and sanitation. Attendants who complete the necessary training may be able to find higher-paying jobs or increase their earning potential.

Related Faq

How Much Do Bathroom Attendants Make?

Answer: Bathroom attendants typically make an hourly wage, with wages varying depending on the type of business and location. According to, bathroom attendants in the United States make an average of $12.32 per hour. The highest reported salary for a bathroom attendant is $21.45 per hour.

What Factors Affect a Bathroom Attendant’s Salary?

Answer: There are several factors that can affect the salary of a bathroom attendant. The type of business, the geographical area, and the size of the establishment can all have an effect on wages. Additionally, the experience level of the attendant and the demand for their services can also impact the amount they make.

What is the Typical Job Description for a Bathroom Attendant?

Answer: The typical job description for a bathroom attendant includes ensuring that the bathroom areas are kept clean and stocked with supplies. Additionally, bathroom attendants may be responsible for reporting any maintenance issues and providing customer service to guests. They may also be required to provide a professional and welcoming environment to guests.

What are the Benefits of Working as a Bathroom Attendant?

Answer: Working as a bathroom attendant can be a great job for those who enjoy working with people and providing excellent customer service. Bathroom attendants typically have flexible hours, allowing them to work around their other commitments. Additionally, bathroom attendants can often benefit from tips and gratuities from appreciative customers.

What Qualifications Do I Need to Become a Bathroom Attendant?

Answer: Generally speaking, the qualifications needed to become a bathroom attendant are minimal. Most employers prefer that applicants have some prior experience in customer service or hospitality. Additionally, bathroom attendants must be able to speak and understand English, as well as have a good understanding of basic hygiene and safety practices.

What is the Job Outlook for Bathroom Attendants?

Answer: The job outlook for bathroom attendants is expected to remain steady over the next several years. The demand for bathroom attendants is expected to increase as more businesses open and expand their operations. Additionally, the need for bathroom attendants is expected to increase as companies focus on providing a pleasant and clean environment for their customers.

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It is clear that bathroom attendants make a significant amount of money, with the potential to become even more financially successful depending on their location and the venue. While it is not a particularly glamorous job, it can be a great way to make money in the hospitality industry. For those looking for a job with flexible hours, a steady income, and a chance to interact with people, becoming a bathroom attendant could be a great career move.

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