How Much Does A Freeman 47 Cost?

How Much Does A Freeman 47 Cost

What Type of Boat Is a Freeman?

Freeman Boatworks revolutionized the offshore fishing boat industry when they started building center console catamarans over a decade ago. Their luxury performance vessels are in high demand among both charter operators and devoted anglers who prioritize stability, speed, fuel efficiency, and spacious decks for offshore angling trips.

Each Freeman is custom-built to order at their Soutach Carolina facility, and the wait time can sometimes exceed two years. However, owners of these high-performance catamarans overwhelmingly report that the resale value of their boats is well worth the lengthy wait time.

The Freeman 34VH and 42LR are the most popular models in their lineup, but the manufacturer also offers a range of other catamarans from 37 to 46 feet in length. Both the Freeman and Invincible brands offer a variety of options for buyers to customize their new vessels with features like towers, tuna doors, certain electronics, extra fish boxes, and more.

As with any catamaran, operating a Freeman requires a learning curve compared to handling a monohull. However, a properly-operated Freeman can handle a wide range of sea conditions.

Because they often travel long distances into the Gulf of Mexico to reach distant offshore fishing locations, charter captains rely on their Freeman boats for stability, comfort, and speed. In fact, the company has even developed a unique stepped hull design for its flagship model, the Freeman 42LR. This design allows for triple outboard motors without sacrificing fuel efficiency or maneuverability.

What is the Top Speed of a Sea Hunter 45?

There are many center console fishing vessels within the industry but very few of them boast the amazing attention to detail that this particular vessel does. Within this boat you will find that the movement of people throughout the cabin is easy as it has been designed with a much wider fishing platform and more easily accessible storage. Within the cabin you will find a full sized queen bed, sink, head and TV as well as plenty of seating, which allows more than just three people to sit comfortably while the boat is in motion.

The SeaHunter Tournament 45 is capable of blazing speeds when rigged with quad 300hp Verado engines. This is one of the fastest boats of its kind and allows you to reach your favorite fishing spots before anyone else in the best conditions possible.

The SeaHunter Tournament 45 is a quad powered monster that can travel over 600 miles on a single tank of fuel, which means no matter where you go or what the conditions are there will be nowhere that this vessel cannot go. It is a true game changer for those who love to go out on the water and hook big fish for ultimate bragging rights. With this vessel you will be able to take your entire crew and all of the gear you need out on the water and never have to worry about being left behind or having to come back early because of an insufficient amount of power.

What is a 47 Freeman?

The newest and best in offshore center console fishing boats. The Freeman 47 is a catamaran designed to be one of the fastest and most comfortable tournament fishing boats under 50 feet. The design has quad motors and a large fuel capacity to provide long range speed and endurance for your hardcore tournament fishing runs. These boats are highly customizable and offer a lot of features to make your experience on the water enjoyable.

LOADED WITH OPTIONS BY EXPERIENCED OWNER AND MAINTAINED WITH OPEN CHECKBOOK. “King of the Seas” is powered by Quad Mercury 450R’s and has 750 hours on her engines. She is equipped with a Marlin tower, omni sonar, new electronics and much more. She is also fitted with Lumitech multicolor overhead and under water lights that are controlled via the Garmin screens.

Atlantic Yacht and Ship is pleased to offer this 2023 47 Freeman for sale in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Contact the yacht broker for more information or to schedule a showing.

What is the Top Speed of the Magnum 51 Bestia?

Almost 70 mph on a calm coastal bay is fast enough to blow your socks off, but to do it comfortably and safely while carrying a full passenger load is another thing entirely. That’s exactly what the new Magnum 51 Bestia can do, and this one-of-a-kind speedboat is just the latest in a line of seaworthy high-performance boats that go back more than 27 years. The first of these was a Buster Magnum, which was 7.2 metres long, certified for eight people and powered by a Yamaha F225 V8 engine. It was a very fast boat and its success opened up the entire market for large open boats that combine luxury with racing power.

That market has exploded since. The original Magnum was founded by businessman Don Aronow, who had a knack for turning around underperforming companies and revolutionising the industry. In the mid-sixties, he sold his photocopying empire and set up a factory to build Magnum Marine’s flagship 27ft race boat, which became a world champion.

Then came the 35, and then a line of lifestyle versions that were customised with sedan, racing and cruising layouts. All had a common design theme – they were heavy for rough water handling ability and that was considered more important than top speed in those days.

In 2001, Katrin Theodoli, CEO of Magnum Marine, designed the Magnum 60 Furia, which combines luxury and performance with safety and seaworthiness. It was an instant success and has been a favourite of celebrities including Johnny Halliday and Gentleman’s Journal cover star Lenny Kravitz.

How Fast is a Freeman 37?

When professional charter captains routinely run hundreds of miles into the Gulf of Mexico in their quest to put clients on fish, stability, comfort and speed are mandatory requirements. That’s why they rely on Freeman catamarans.

The Freeman 37 has become a benchmark in offshore performance. Utilizing state-of-the-art vented hull technology, this center console boat delivers class-leading speed and fishability for boats 36 to 40 feet. Whether you’re heading offshore for tournaments, recreational fishing or an overnight cruise, the ability to comfortably travel at 45kt opens the playbook on new, untapped fisheries.

How fast is a Freeman 37?

For years, catamaran manufacturers were criticized for their slow ride over rough seas. This is largely due to the fact that, unlike monohulls, double-hulled vessels are inherently unstable. Thankfully, innovative companies like Freeman Boatworks are changing this perception with their stable, comfortable designs that offer unparalleled performance.

According to owners on various forums, a Freeman vessel can easily achieve speeds of up to 60 mph, with some going even faster. While many of these boats are built for professional offshore charters, the average Freeman customer is an avid recreational or family fisherman who wants a boat that can perform well in a variety of conditions and sea states.

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When you list a Freeman 37 with Staten Island Yacht Sales, our team of full-service professionals will work diligently to improve your chances of selling your boat quickly and at the best price possible. SI Yachts is a recognized leader in the industry and our product knowledge will help you reach your goals with confidence.

How Fast is a Freeman 42LR?

When serious offshore fishermen are looking for a new center console to run to their favorite fishing spot, they often look to the Summerville-based manufacturer Freeman Boatworks to deliver on their promise of exceptional performance and a smooth ride over heavy seas. Unlike other catamarans, Freeman boats are designed for high speeds while still providing a stable ride and excellent fishability for charter operators and amateur sport fishermen alike.

The result is a series of well-appointed powercats that are capable of blasting through heavy sea conditions and reaching a top speed that will blow the competition out of the water. The Freeman 42LR, for example, is a long range model that can be outfitted with quad 350s to cruise at 55 mph and reach an eye-watering 71.6 mph. This enables it to cover long offshore distances while consuming about a gallon per mile at cruise and never falling below 0.5 gallons even at top speeds.

If you’re interested in buying a Freeman 42LR, there are several models available on the market today that can be found through specialized yacht brokers and dealers who specialize in selling high-end powerboats for commercial and recreational purposes. One of the most interesting and well-equipped examples is a 2021 Freeman 42LR that’s listed on YachtWorld and includes features like 400 gallons of fuel capacity, a massive under deck fish box with an overboard drain, dual Gemlux bluewater gunnel rod holders, and more.

Where Are Freeman Boats Made?

The Freeman Boatworks began when Billy Freeman, a retired farmer in Summerville, South Carolina decided to develop the ultimate offshore fishing catamaran. In 2007 he quit his job and finished hull #1 in his garage. The Freeman hulls are fast, offering an exceptionally smooth ride. The company’s motto is “Offshore Performance, On Time.”

Freeman boats have a stellar reputation and have earned a spot on the list of premium US Fishing charters and tournament boats. The boat’s are purpose-built for offshore fishing and exceed Marine Industry manufacturing standards. Depending on the model, they may have a medium-depth draft and an exceedingly wide beam, which make them ideal for tackling tough seas and conditions that would keep other center consoles inshore.

A Freeman is built to last, with a very strong keel and high-quality materials used throughout the entire boat. Woodwork is a ‘hallmark’ of the brand, with whole trees being purchased to ensure continuity of color and grain in each piece. Traditionally, the varnish was hand-applied in three coats; a two-pot spray system is now used in the factory.

The Freeman 37 VH is a mid-size model that can accommodate two or four motors for optimal performance at high speeds. The boat comes loaded for fishing with multiple rod holders both behind the helm seating and around the boat. Towers and rocket launchers can also be added along with extra fish boxes. The boat is also equipped with impressive rigging of electronics wiring and bilge plumbing.

Do Freeman Boats Have Bathrooms?

The company makes three center console catamarans that may be customized by the owner. They are considered to be high-end offshore fishing vessels, and they are expensive. However, they are seen as extremely durable and dependable boats. Most owners of Freeman boats tend to gush about them on forums. The company is highly respected in the marine industry for meeting or exceeding all manufacturing standards.

If you’re interested in buying a new Freeman boat, be sure to research the specifications and visit the dealerships. Check out the boats at winter and spring boat shows and schedule a sea trial to get a feel for how the vessel performs in rough conditions. A sea trial is a great way to test drive different models and determine which one best fits your needs.

Do Freeman Boats Have Bathrooms?

The brainchild of Billy Freeman, who designed his first boat in 2007, Freeman Boatworks offers a variety of high-performance offshore fishing catamarans. Each hull is meticulously built by hand, and it can take up to five years to go from dreaming and sketching to completion. Those who are considering purchasing a Freeman boat should be prepared for a long wait. Some of the brand’s newest models come equipped with quad Mercury Racing 450-horsepower outboards.

The brand is known for its speed over waves, and customers appreciate the ability to outfit the vessels with a variety of features. A typical Freeman boat comes standard with a pair of 185-quart tackle storage units, a freshwater washdown/shower, twin 510-quart gullwing coffin fishboxes, a teleflex Optimus hydraulic power steering system, Bennett XPT heavy-duty trim tabs, and custom livewells.

How Fast is a Freeman 47?

The answer to the question “How fast is a Freeman 47?” depends on how quickly you want to get to your fishing destination. The Freeman Boatworks team builds twin hull saltwater fishing center consoles that slice through ocean conditions and cruise through a bay at up to 80 mph, giving captain and crew an exhilarating ride without the spine-jarring jolt of regular monohull and catamaran centers consoles.

Freeman powercats are primarily designed for offshore fishing-tournament, recreational, and premier charters. With a capacity to carry up to 800 gallons of fuel, no fishing grounds are out of bounds. They also provide excellent fishability with multiple rod holders, huge livewells and gear storage spaces.

Whether you are going after a record catch or simply enjoying a day with family and friends, a Freeman will deliver class-leading performance. Their large decks are spacious enough to accommodate multiple anglers and their powerful engines allow them to reach distant fishing grounds in a timely manner. Their durable construction and exceptional fishability make them popular among charter operators and amateur sport fishermen alike.

If you are interested in purchasing a Freeman 47, browse our selection of new and used listings on Boat Trader. You can also contact a local boat dealer to learn more about this model and find the perfect vessel for you.

How Much Does A Freeman 47 Cost?

The Freeman is a center console catamaran boat built in Summerville, South Carolina by Freeman Boatworks. This highly customizable model promises speed, durability, and a great ride offshore while maintaining a solid fuel economy. It features a large fish boxes, tackle station, and rear facing seating. This is a tournament catamaran designed to win tournaments and deliver an unmatched fishing experience.

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These catamarans are powered by quad 400hp Mercury Verado outboards. They come equipped with the Teleflex Optimus 360 EPS backbone system, which is integrated with Garmin’s GHP20 autopilot. This system is capable of turning the outboards individually, allowing them to maneuver like sports cars. It also offers position hold, heading hold, and dynamic vessel positioning to maintain the transom towards the action.

Freeman has an excellent reputation for building high-performance fishing boats. This is due to the fact that they meet and exceed industry standards in both performance and durability. This reputation has made them popular with charter operators and amateur anglers. Many of these boats are custom ordered to fit the exact specifications of each owner. As a result, there is often a wait for this model. Luckily, this company has recently opened a new factory in order to increase production and accommodate the demand for these amazing vessels.

If your in the market for a luxury yacht that’s both sleek and spacious, chances are you’ve come across the Freeman 47.

The Freeman 47 is a highly sought-after sailing vessel that’s been turning heads since it was first introduced. But with all the bells and whistles that come with it, just how much does a Freeman 47 cost?

Whether you’re a seasoned sailor or a first-time yacht owner, it’s important to know what you’re getting into before making the investment. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at the price of a Freeman 47 and what makes it worth the investment.


1. Freeman 47 price range

The Freeman 47 is a highly sought-after boat in the world of sportfishing. Its exceptional performance and spacious deck area make it a top choice for fishing enthusiasts.

The price range for a Freeman 47 can vary depending on various factors. For instance, a brand-new 2023 Freeman 47 could cost around $1.4 million, while a used Freeman 47 model could range from $800,000 to $1.2 million.

The pricing of a Freeman 47 may also depend on the level of customization and upgrades that the buyer opts for. The boat’s features may also play a significant role in determining the price.

The Freeman 47 has features such as the Optimus 360 Joystick with Seastation, Multi-Color Under Gunnel Lighting, and Multi-Color Underwater Lights.

As such, it remains a significant investment for sports fishermen who want exceptional performance and luxury in a sportfishing yacht. Despite the significant price range of the Freeman 47, it remains a top choice for anglers looking for a high-performance boat that could take them offshore to catch the biggest fish. [1][2]


2. Factors affecting the cost of a Freeman 47

The cost of a Freeman 47 varies depending on several factors. One of the primary factors that determine the cost is the boat’s year of production. For instance, the 2023 Freeman 47, which starts production in October 2022 and is available for delivery in December of the same year, is likely to cost more than the older models.

The boat’s features and accessories can also affect its price.

The Freeman 47 has incredible features, including large storage spaces, multiple livewells, raw water washdowns, a custom-fitted polycarbonate windshield enclosure, and an extended custom-molded T-Top.

Additionally, the boat comes with a variety of lighting options and electric marine head with holding tank, among other accessories.

These features add to the overall cost of the boat. Finally, market demand plays a role in the cost of a Freeman 47. Like most products, the cost of the Freeman 47 is determined, to some extent, by supply and demand conditions. High demand for the boat can drive up the price, while low demand can lead to lower prices. Ultimately, the cost of a Freeman 47 depends on several factors, and buyers should research and compare prices across different models to make an informed purchasing decision. [3][4]


3. Comparing Freeman 47 prices with other sportfishing yachts

When comes to purchasing a sportfishing yacht, the Freeman 47 is a popular choice. But how does its price stack up against other yachts in its class?

According to market data, the average price for a new Freeman 47 is around $1.4 million. Comparatively, other sportfishing yachts in the same size range, such as the Viking 48, Hatteras GT45X, and Bertram 50, can have prices ranging from $1.5 million to $2.5 million.

While the Freeman 47 may have a slightly lower price, it still offers top-of-the-line features and performance. With a production time of just over a year and a delivery date as early as December 2022, the Freeman 47 also has a more reasonable wait time compared to some other yachts.

Additionally, the Freeman brand is known for its high-quality construction standards and materials, which makes the lower price point even more attractive. Buyers looking for an exceptional offshore fishing experience would do well to consider the Freeman 47 and its competitive pricing in the sportfishing yacht market. [5][6]


4. Average cost of a new Freeman 47

The average cost of a new Freeman 47 depends on several factors, including the specific features and options chosen by the buyer. A base model generally starts around $1.2 million, but the price can increase significantly with customizations.

The Freeman 47 is known for its high-quality construction and innovative design, and it has quickly gained a reputation as one of the top sportfishing boats on the market.

With features like insulated storage boxes, livewells, and rod holders, the Freeman 47 is designed to provide a superior fishing experience.

The vessel also boasts a luxurious interior, with comfortable seating and high-end finishes throughout the cabin. Despite its premium price tag, the Freeman 47 is in high demand from serious fishermen and yachting enthusiasts who want the best of the best. Overall, the cost of a new Freeman 47 is a significant investment, but one that is well worth it for those who demand top-level performance and luxury in their sportfishing yacht. [7][8]


5. Average cost of a used Freeman 47

The average cost of a used Freeman 47 can vary depending on its age and condition. According to market research, a well-maintained Freeman 47 can cost between $800,000 to over $1 million.

However, it is important to keep in mind that Freeman boats are highly customizable, with many owners choosing to add additional features and upgrades which can also affect the final price.

Owning a Freeman 47 is considered a luxurious investment, as these boats are known for their innovative design and exceptional performance.

Freeman boats stand out from other vessels on the market due to their attention to detail and immaculate craftsmanship. Customers can also receive personalized support from Freeman’s customer service team, who are committed to ensuring that every customer has a positive experience with their brand. In conclusion, while the price of a used Freeman 47 may seem steep, it is a worthwhile investment for those seeking a high-quality and unique sportfishing experience. [9][10]

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6. Factors that may influence the cost of a used Freeman 47

When looking to purchase a used Freeman 47, there are several factors that may influence the cost. Firstly, the year of production and the overall condition of the vessel will play a significant role in determining the cost.

A newer model in excellent condition will typically command a higher price, while an older model with wear-and-tear may be less expensive.

Secondly, the location of the boat can also affect the cost, as transport costs may be added for buyers who live further away. The number and type of optional features and upgrades installed on the vessel can also impact the cost, as well as the amount of use and maintenance history. In addition, market demand and availability of similar vessels will also have an effect on pricing.

It is important to work with a reputable seller or broker to obtain accurate pricing information and conduct a thorough inspection prior to making a purchase. Ultimately, investing in a well-maintained Freeman 47 can be a worthwhile expenditure for those looking for the top-of-the-line offshore fishing experience. [11][12]

7. Financing options for purchasing a Freeman 47

When looking to purchase a Freeman 47, there are various financing options available. Many dealerships offer in-house financing, which can be beneficial for those who do not want to go through a third-party lender.

It is also possible to secure a loan from a bank or other financial institution.

The terms of the loan will depend on factors such as the borrower’s credit score, income, and the value of the boat. Some lenders may require a down payment, while others may offer no-money-down options.

It is essential to shop around and compare rates and terms to ensure that you are getting the best deal possible. Many dealerships also offer trade-ins that can help offset the cost of a new boat.

Additionally, some dealerships may offer promotions or discounts for specific models, including the Freeman 47. This can be an excellent opportunity for buyers to save money or secure a better financing deal. Ultimately, it is essential to work with a reputable dealership or lender to ensure a seamless financing process and secure a loan that meets your needs and budget. [13][14]

8. Maintenance and operating costs for a Freeman 47

Maintaining and operating a Freeman 47 can be expensive, but it’s a small price to pay for such a high-performing and luxurious vessel. The costs will vary depending on factors such as usage frequency, maintenance requirements, and location. According to experts, annual maintenance costs for a Freeman 47 can range from $15,000 to $25,000.

This includes routine servicing, engine maintenance, and replacing various parts and components, as necessary. Additionally, fuel costs can be significant due to the vessel’s size and power.

It has a fuel capacity of 800 gallons and can consume up to 150 gallons per hour when cruising at high speeds. On average, fuel costs can amount to $1,000 for a day-trip and up to $5,000 for an extended cruise.

The Freeman 47 may also require dockage, storage, and insurance, all of which will add to the overall operating costs. However, these expenses are manageable for those who prioritize quality, performance, and comfort. To optimize the longevity of a Freeman 47 and minimize unnecessary costs, it’s recommended to follow manufacturer-recommended maintenance schedules, store it properly, and operate it responsibly. Overall, the Freeman 47 is a worthwhile investment for anyone who values top-tier boating experiences. [15][16]

9. Depreciation of a Freeman 47’s value over time

The value of a Freeman 47 is subject to depreciation over time, as with any other vessel. However, factors such as maintenance, upgrades, and market demand can affect the rate at which a Freeman 47 depreciates.

According to research on similar catamarans, it is estimated that a Freeman 47 can depreciate at a rate of around 10% per year during the first five years of ownership.

This equates to a total depreciation of approximately 50% by the end of this period. However, after this initial period, depreciation may occur at a slower rate of around 6-8% annually. It is important to note that these estimates are based on general trends and may vary depending on factors specific to the individual vessel.

Regular maintenance and upgrades can help to slow down depreciation, as well as ensure that the boat maintains its value on the market. Overall, while depreciation is inevitable, a Freeman 47 can still hold its value well over time if it is well-maintained and demand for this luxury brand remains high. [17][18]

10. Resale value of a Freeman 47

The Freeman 47 is a highly coveted boat in the sportfishing market due to its superior design, construction, and performance.

Because of this, resale values of a Freeman 47 can be quite high. According to recent market data, a well-maintained Freeman 47 in good condition with low hours can sell for upwards of $1.5 million.

However, factors such as location, age of the boat, and any customizations can impact the actual resale value. It’s also important to note that owning a Freeman 47 is not just an investment in the boat itself but also in the Freeman brand.

Freeman’s reputation for excellence in design and performance has been well-established in the industry, and this is reflected in the resale value of their boats. Ultimately, whether buying or selling a Freeman 47, it’s important to work with a reputable broker who can provide accurate market data and help navigate the process. [19][20]

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