How Often Does Mcdonalds Change Oil?

McDonald’s is a well-known fast food giant, but how often do they change the oil in their fryers? This is an important question when it comes to how safe and healthy the food is that you are eating. In this article, we will explore how often McDonald’s changes the oil in their fryers and what steps they take to ensure the safety and quality of the food they serve.

How Often Does Mcdonalds Change Oil?

McDonald’s Oil Change Frequency

McDonald’s is the world’s largest fast food chain, serving up millions of burgers and fries daily. To keep up with this high demand, McDonald’s needs to ensure their kitchen oil is always fresh, clean, and safe. To ensure this, they have established a regular oil change frequency.

McDonald’s commercial-grade fryers use a blend of vegetable oil and canola oil. To preserve the quality and safety of their cooking oil, McDonald’s requires that each of their fryers be drained and refilled with fresh oil every six to eight weeks. This regular oil change allows them to ensure that the oil used to prepare their fried food is always fresh and of the highest quality.

To ensure this oil change process is carried out, McDonald’s has implemented a strict maintenance schedule for each of their fryers. Every six to eight weeks, a trained technician visits the restaurant to drain and refill the fryers with fresh oil. This process also includes a thorough cleaning and inspection of the fryers, to make sure they are operating safely and efficiently.

Oil Quality Checks

In addition to the regular oil change frequency, McDonald’s also has a series of quality checks in place to make sure the oil is always safe for consumption. Each time the fryers are refilled with fresh oil, a sample of the oil is taken and tested to ensure it meets the standards set by McDonald’s. The oil is tested for temperature, acidity, and viscosity. If the oil fails any of these tests, it is discarded and replaced with fresh oil.

Each McDonald’s also has a fryer thermometer, which is used to ensure the oil is at the ideal temperature for cooking. The thermometer is checked regularly and any discrepancies are reported to the restaurant manager. This helps to ensure that the food is cooked in clean, safe oil at the ideal temperature.

Oil Disposal

Once the fryers have been drained and the oil has been replaced, the used oil is disposed of in a safe and responsible manner. The used oil is collected in a storage tank and then taken to a licensed oil disposal facility. At the disposal facility, the oil is recycled and repurposed for other uses. This helps to ensure that the oil is not wasted and is disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner.

Oil Storage

McDonald’s restaurants are required to have a designated storage area for the oil. This area must be kept clean and well-maintained at all times. The oil must be stored in a safe, sealed container and kept away from food preparation areas to prevent contamination. The oil must also be kept away from any other combustible materials to avoid the risk of fire.

Oil Quality Tests

In addition to regular visual inspection and quality checks, McDonald’s also performs regular oil quality tests to ensure the oil is safe for consumption. These tests include checking the temperature, acidity, and viscosity of the oil. The oil is also tested for any foreign particles or contaminants. If any of these tests fail, the oil is immediately discarded and replaced with fresh oil.


McDonald’s takes the quality and safety of their cooking oil very seriously. To ensure the oil is always fresh and safe to consume, they have established a regular oil change frequency of every six to eight weeks. This process includes draining and refilling the fryers with fresh oil, as well as performing regular quality checks and oil disposal.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Often Does Mcdonalds Change Oil?

McDonalds changes its cooking oil every 12-15 days, depending on the volume of customers served. The oil is changed more frequently in particularly busy restaurants, and less frequently in slower locations. McDonalds ensures that the oil used for cooking is always fresh and clean. The old oil is disposed of properly and in accordance with local regulations.

2. What Type of Oil Does McDonalds Use?

McDonalds uses a 100% vegetable oil blend made up of canola, corn, and soybean oils. This blend is designed to offer a flavor that customers have come to expect from McDonalds, while also meeting the nutritional standards set by the company. The oil is free of cholesterol and trans fat.

3. How Does McDonalds Dispose of the Used Oil?

McDonalds works with a specialized company to dispose of the used cooking oil. The oil is collected and recycled into other products, such as biodiesel fuel and animal feed. This process helps to reduce the environmental impact of disposing of the used oil.

4. Does McDonalds Test the Oil for Quality?

Yes, McDonalds tests the oil for quality on a regular basis. This is done to ensure that the oil is safe for cooking and meets the company’s standards for flavor and nutritional value. The tests are conducted using samples taken from different locations in the restaurant.

5. What Happens if the Oil Test Results are Not Satisfactory?

If the oil test results are not satisfactory, McDonalds will take immediate action. The oil will be replaced with fresh oil and the restaurant will take steps to ensure that the same issue does not occur again. This could include additional training for staff or changes in the cooking process.

6. Does Changing the Oil Require Special Equipment?

Yes, McDonalds uses specialized equipment to safely change the oil. This includes an oil filtration machine that is used to remove any food particles or debris from the old oil. The oil is then carefully transferred into storage containers and safely disposed of.

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McDonald’s regularly changes its cooking oil to ensure that their customers are getting the best quality and taste of their food. The freshness and safety of their cooking oil is of the utmost importance to them, so they change it regularly to ensure that their customers are getting the best product. So if you’re looking for delicious and safe food, you can trust that McDonalds follows strict protocols to keep their cooking oil up to date.

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