5 Tips On How to Restore Natural Curve in Neck

5 Tips On How to Restore Natural Curve in Neck

There are a lot of people out there who suffer from a curved neck. Aside from the fact that it doesn’t look natural nor very good, it can also cause neck pain in many cases. This is usually due to the fact that we spend a lot of time in from of computer screens. Many people spend 8 hours a day in the office in from of their computer. Even if you aren’t one of them, you probably own a smartphone and spend a lot of time looking down at it. This is another cause of the so-called “neck bump”.In today’s article, we’ll be having a look at ways on how to restore the natural curve in the neck.

There are certain types of exercises you can do that will help you in due time. It is of utmost importance that you execute these exercises in a right manner and also do them on a daily basis. Frequent visits to the chiropractic can also help a lot. If not dealt with, having an unhealthy curve can cause additional problems as well.

What additional problems can an unhealthy curve cause?

There have been many cases where patients with an unhealthy neck curve reported feeling migraines and frequent headaches. In many cases, this is directly linked to the neck curve. It is really a terrible position to be in. Neck pain is stressful and painful all on its own and add to that the additional headaches.

How to Restore Natural Curve in Neck

Can chiropractic help?

The answer is yes, it can help. Visits to chiropractic have shown results in most cases. People with an unhealthy neck curve and frequent headaches who were treated by chiropractic have reported feeling better. After adjustments and treatments their headaches started to loosen up and in many cases have stopped altogether.

5 Recommendations on How to Restore Natural Curve in Neck

1.  Visit a chiropractor

Take an x-ray of your cervical spine and let a chiropractor examine you. Consult with them and follow their advice and recommendations on how to take care of the problem. Stick to the agreed plan, be patient and trust the process. You might feel better right at the start and if so, you’re one of the lucky few. Keep in mind that such a correction will take time and will require persistence. Try to look at it like you’re wearing braces.

2.  Be aware of your posture at all time!

If your posture is poor, your curvature will soon follow and cause problems. When you stand and sit, make sure your shoulders are back and also make sure you aren’t pushing your head forwards. A good reference point is to try to align your ears in line with your shoulders.

3.  Do not sleep on your stomach

Although it may seem comfortable, it is not a very good idea. It is bad for your back, neck and in time this position will slowly cause problems to your spinal curvatures. Consult your chiropractor about sleeping positions as well as what type of pillow you should get.

4.  Watch how you work!

If you spend your working hours sitting on a desk, pay close attention on how you set up your workplace. The monitor should be set directly in front and it should be around 3 inches higher than your eye level. It is not recommended that you look down on your screen. Also, make sure your feet can rest flat on the ground. If necessary get a smaller chair. In addition to that, as we already mentioned, make sure your shoulders are back.

5.  Avoid putting your wallet in the back pocket when seated.

This is known for creating an imbalance. Instead, place your wallet in your front pocket or in your jacket when you sit down. Furthermore, if you are using a heavy purse, get yourself a strep that can go across the chest and switch it from time to time. This will help you spread the weight evenly.

How to restore the natural curve in the neck using the Neck Wedge

A neck wedge is a tool that can help you restore the natural curve of your neck. It is made from closed cell foam which won’t lose its shape. Also, it is adjustable, it features a removable base and comes in 2 sizes. Moreover, it is ergonomically designed in a triangle shape, with a cutout for your neck. It is recommended that you use the neck wedge on the floor or in bed. In due time it will help you restore your natural neck curve.

There are a couple of exercises you can do on the neck wedge and all of them have a purpose. It has proven to work and relieve neck pain. Just make sure you consult your chiropractor before using it. If he gives you the green light, make sure that your progress is tracked and supervised.

Summary: How to restore the natural curve in the neck?

We’ve reached the end of our article and we can all agree that neck pain is a serious thing. It can cause more problems like migraines and frequent headaches if not treated in the right way. However, there are multiple ways you can deal with the problem. If you are someone who suffers from neck pain due to an unhealthy curve don’t fall into despair. You have to be patient and persistent in order to get it back in its natural posture. Remember that this thing hasn’t happened overnight and as such, it can’t go away overnight. It is a product of doing daily things wrong frequently. Simple tasks like sitting on the desk and working on the computer, or looking down at your cell phone.

We hope that some of our recommendations seem promising to you and we urge you to stay patient and trust the process. Consult your chiropractor and find the best way to tackle your neck problems together. Make sure you keep him updated on your condition throughout the process.

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