Spine Worx Review – Is it worth it?

Spine Worx Review – Is it worth it?

Back pain, poor alignment and back pressure are all very common cases and cause a lot of people pain and stress every day. If you are someone who has these issues you know that awful experience firsthand. There are a couple of methods with which you can ease your pain. The one that is most recommended is rest and relaxation. However, there are cases when the pain is unbearable and it takes for something more than just rest. There are devices that can help you realign your spine and with that reduce the pain in your back. We have one such device to present to you in today’s article. We present to you the Spine Worx back realignment device – the topic of our Spine Worx Review.

As the name suggests, it is a device that helps the user realign their spine to a natural position. Stay tuned and keep reading our Spine Worx review because we’ve are about the zoom in and see what this device has to offer. It was designed to aid those with muscular pain, back pain, poor back alignment and back irritation or pressure. Let’s have a closer look at some of the features it offers.

Spine Worx Review: Features

This device is very simple and easy to use. You are able to adjust the pressure applied to different areas by simply changing your position. It helps you realign your spine to a natural position and with that eliminate the pain in your back. In addition to that, it helps relieve muscular pressure, irritation, and pain. This is a very compact device since it only weighs 2 pounds and is portable. The people who got this device are very pleased and have said that it’s like having a chiropractor in the comfort of your own home.

Spine worx review

How It Works

The way this device works is by using the weight of the user and his body in order to apply pressure that is controlled to the spinal vertebrae. Once you lay down on the device, your spine will be firmly pressed against the length of two padded contoured rails. They are injection-molded in order to fit the natural shape of the spine, perfectly fitting your lower and mid-back. You control the pressure applied by simply moving.


  • Portable
  • Lightweight, weighing in at only 2 pounds.
  • FDA approved for sale to relieve back pressure, irritation and pain
  • Designed and developed by a chiropractor and approved by medical experts


  • This device is not recommended for people who have hip, knee or shoulder problems since it can cause more problems. It is suggested that people with only back or spinal problems use this device
  • You will need a pillow in order to support your head and neck

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How to Use the Spine Worx

When it comes to fixing back problems, it usually comes down to how well you are able to execute the prescribed exercises. By using this device by Spine Worx you’ll have the option to work on your spine alignment at home. In the following text, we’ll explain how to use it. Firstly, place the device on a firm and level surface. In order to increase comfort, place a small pillow. Slowly and carefully sit down with your back towards the end. Use your elbows and arms for extra support as you gently lower yourself on the device. Your vertebrae spine should be centered in between the rails as you lie down on the device.

Relax and take a deep breath. Give it a few minutes for your back to get used to it and start to align back to its natural shape. After a couple of minutes, you’ll feel if you need to apply more or less pressure on a certain area of your spine. By changing your position you are able to adjust the pressure on different areas. After the treatment make sure that you support your back with a molded lumbar back cradle. This will reduce pain and speed up the process of recovery.

Spine Worx Review – Verdict

We’ve got to the end of our Spine Worx review and it is time to sum things up. Having proper spine posture is very important. The purpose of the Spine Worx device is to realign your spine to its natural position. This back realignment device by Spine Worx is highly recommended and is approved and promoted by doctors, chiropractors and the FDA itself. It is a great way to return the natural posture of your spine and relieve you of back pain. It’s a good idea to use a pillow for additional support of your neck and head.

It is lightweight, small and portable. Moreover, it is like having your own chiropractor at home. Additionally, it has done wonders for lots of users and has helped them realign their spine to its natural posture. Just make sure you execute the exercises in the right way and you’ll be good to go. The cool thing about this device is that you have total control over the pressure and can adjust it by simply moving and changing positions.

A short note:

Also, make sure that you place this device on a firm and level surface, with a small pillow to support your neck and head. This is the best and optimal way to use this device. Also, it is very important that your vertebrae are placed centrally on the device. Take things one step at a time, start by lasting on the device as much as you can and make sure you do it daily. Slowly but surely you’ll start to feel improvement in your back and the pain will slowly go away.

Lastly, thank you for reading our Spine Worx review. We hope that you like the product we picked out for you today and that you found our article to be informative. We highly recommend this product, however, make sure you consult your doctor or physician before using it.

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