What Is Ashley Campbell Doing Now?

Ashley Campbell is a name that resonates with many music lovers across the globe. She is the daughter of the legendary country singer Glen Campbell, who passed away in 2017. Ashley followed in her father’s footsteps and made a name for herself in the music industry. However, after her father’s death, fans have been curious about what she is doing now.

So, what is Ashley Campbell doing now? Well, she has been busy making music, performing at various events, and collaborating with other artists. She has also been using her platform to raise awareness about Alzheimer’s disease, which her father battled for many years. Let’s take a closer look at what Ashley has been up to lately and what we can expect from her in the future.

what is ashley campbell doing now?


What is Ashley Campbell Doing Now?

Ashley Campbell, daughter of the late country music icon Glen Campbell, has been making waves in the music industry since her debut album, “The Lonely One,” was released in 2018. But what has she been up to lately? Let’s take a look.

1. Touring with her band

Ashley and her band have been busy touring all over the United States, playing shows at various venues and festivals. Her unique blend of country, folk, and Americana music has been well-received by audiences, and her live performances showcase her impressive musicianship and songwriting abilities.

To catch Ashley on tour, check out her website for upcoming dates and ticket information. You won’t want to miss her captivating live show.

2. Collaborating with other artists

In addition to her solo work, Ashley has been collaborating with other artists in the industry. She recently teamed up with country singer-songwriter Lainey Wilson to co-write the song “Things A Man Oughta Know,” which has been a hit on country radio.

Ashley’s musical talent and versatility make her a sought-after collaborator, and we can’t wait to see what other exciting collaborations she has in store.

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3. Advocating for Alzheimer’s research

As the daughter of a legendary musician who battled Alzheimer’s disease, Ashley is passionate about raising awareness and funds for Alzheimer’s research. She has been actively involved with the Alzheimer’s Association, participating in fundraising events and speaking out about the importance of finding a cure for this devastating disease.

By using her platform to advocate for Alzheimer’s research, Ashley is honoring her father’s memory and making a difference in the lives of those affected by this disease.

4. Writing and recording new music

Ashley is always working on new music, and fans can expect to hear more from her in the near future. She has been writing and recording songs for her upcoming album, which promises to showcase her growth and evolution as an artist.

With her unique voice and heartfelt lyrics, Ashley’s new music is sure to be a hit with fans of all genres.

5. Honoring her father’s legacy

As the daughter of a country music legend, Ashley is always mindful of her father’s legacy and the impact he had on the music industry. She has been involved in various tributes and events honoring Glen Campbell, including the 2019 ACM Awards tribute performance, where she performed her father’s hit song “Wichita Lineman.”

By continuing to honor her father’s legacy, Ashley is keeping his music alive and inspiring a new generation of musicians.

6. Embracing her unique style

Ashley’s music is not easily categorized into one genre, and that’s just the way she likes it. She embraces her unique blend of country, folk, and Americana, and isn’t afraid to experiment with different sounds and styles.

By staying true to herself and her musical vision, Ashley is carving out her own path in the industry and inspiring others to do the same.

7. Connecting with fans on social media

Ashley is active on social media, where she shares updates on her music, tour dates, and personal life. She has a loyal following of fans who appreciate her authenticity and engaging personality.

By connecting with fans on social media, Ashley is able to build a community around her music and share her passion with a wider audience.

8. Balancing her personal and professional life

As a successful musician, Ashley has a busy schedule, but she also values her personal life and relationships. She is married to musician and producer Jeremy Lister, and the two of them balance their careers with their family life.

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By prioritizing her relationships and finding a healthy work-life balance, Ashley is able to thrive both personally and professionally.

9. Inspiring others through her music

Ashley’s music is not only entertaining, but also inspiring. Her songs are deeply personal and relatable, touching on themes of love, loss, and self-discovery.

By sharing her own experiences through her music, Ashley is able to connect with listeners on a deeper level and inspire them to embrace their own unique journeys.

10. Building a bright future in the music industry

With her talent, passion, and drive, Ashley Campbell is poised for a bright future in the music industry. She has already achieved so much in her career, but we can’t wait to see what she has in store for us next.

By continuing to push boundaries and explore new musical territory, Ashley is sure to leave her mark on the industry and inspire a new generation of musicians.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions people ask about Ashley Campbell and what she is currently doing:

What is Ashley Campbell doing now?

Ashley Campbell is a singer, songwriter and musician. She is currently working on her music career and performing at various venues and events around the country.

In addition to her music, Ashley Campbell is also an advocate for Alzheimer’s disease awareness. This is a cause that is very close to her heart, as her father, country music legend Glen Campbell, battled the disease before his passing in 2017.

Has Ashley Campbell released any new music recently?

Yes, Ashley Campbell released her debut album, “The Lonely One,” in 2018. The album features a mix of original songs and covers, including a tribute to her father with a cover of his hit song “Gentle on My Mind.”

Ashley continues to write and record new music, and fans can expect to hear more from her in the future.

Does Ashley Campbell tour often?

Yes, Ashley Campbell is an active performer and tours frequently. She has played at a variety of venues, from small clubs to large music festivals. In addition to her solo shows, she has also opened for major acts like Brett Eldredge and Dwight Yoakam.

Check Ashley’s official website or social media pages for updates on her upcoming shows and tour dates.

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What other projects is Ashley Campbell involved in?

In addition to her music and advocacy work, Ashley Campbell is also an actress. She has appeared in several TV shows and movies, including “The Bold and the Beautiful” and “Calm Before.”

Ashley is also involved in various charitable organizations, including the Alzheimer’s Association and the T.J. Martell Foundation.

Where can I find Ashley Campbell’s music?

Ashley Campbell’s music is available on a variety of platforms, including iTunes, Spotify, and Amazon Music. Her official website also has a store where fans can purchase physical copies of her albums and other merchandise.

Additionally, Ashley’s music videos can be found on YouTube and Vevo.

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In conclusion, Ashley Campbell, the daughter of the legendary country musician Glen Campbell, has been making waves in the music industry in recent years. After touring with her father as a banjo player and backup singer, she has stepped into the spotlight as a solo artist.

Currently, Ashley is continuing to tour and perform her original music across the United States and beyond. She has released several albums, including “The Lonely One” and “Something Lovely,” which showcase her unique blend of country, folk, and Americana.

Despite her success, Ashley remains humble and grateful for the opportunities she has had in her career. She is dedicated to continuing her father’s legacy of creating timeless music that touches the hearts of people around the world. So stay tuned for more exciting things from Ashley Campbell in the future!

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