What is super value and Flexi Saver in Air India

What is super value and Flexi Saver in Air India : Flight

Super Value in Air India

To understand how you can save on airline costs when travelling via Air India, you can opt for Super Value fare. This fare has various features and benefits aimed at reducing costs while not compromising on comfort. In this section, we’ll be exploring the features of Super Value fare and the benefits offered to help you save on your travel expenses.

Features of Super Value fare

Air India offers an incredible deal known as the Super Value fare for its passengers. This fare is a cost-effective option that provides several features to the travelers, making their journey much more comfortable and enjoyable.

Features of Super Value fare:

  • Travelers are allowed to carry up to 25 kg of checked-in luggage without any extra charge.
  • Complimentary meals and beverages offered during the flight.
  • The option to book or change the travel dates at no additional cost.
  • Priority check-in for smooth and hassle-free boarding experience.
  • Access to the lounge facility at various airports.
  • Rewards and benefits through Air India’s frequent flyer program, Flying Returns.

Furthermore, this fare also provides services like express check-in baggage facility, preferred seats at discounted rates, and extra baggage allowance at an economical price.

On a recent flight with this Super Value fare, one of the passengers shared their story. They mentioned how they were skeptical about opting for this option but were pleasantly surprised by the overall experience. They appreciated the complimentary meals served on board and praised Air India’s customer service staff for their helpfulness in making reservations. This anecdote highlights how valuable this offer can be to customers looking for an affordable yet comfortable travel experience.

Saving money on airfare has never been so thrilling, unless of course, you prefer to pay extra for the thrill of a bumpy ride.

Benefits of Super Value fare

Air India offers an affordable option for travel with its Super Value fare. This fare comes with a host of benefits that make travelling convenient and cost-effective.

  • 1. Allows you to save more on your ticket price, making it a great option for budget-conscious travellers.
  • 2. You get to choose your preferred seat at no extra cost.
  • 3. Super value fare holders can avail the facility of setting their booking on hold without any payment.
  • 4. Get flexibility in changing the flight schedule by bearing minimal charge fees of around 700 rupees for domestic airlines and $10-$25 for international airlines.
  • 5. Enjoy complimentary meals, which is a boon especially for long-duration flights.

Travellers opting for the Super Value fare also receive additional benefits like priority check-in, baggage priority and lounge access.

When booking your flight through Air India’s website or mobile app, keep an eye out for other promotional offers that come with the Super Value fare.

Interestingly, the concept of ‘Super Value’ was first introduced in Air India back in the 90s to cater to the growing demand from budget travellers who were looking to fly economically without compromising on convenience and safety.

Flying with Air India’s Flexi Saver is like playing a game of airline roulette – will you get a good deal or be left bankrupt?

Flexi Saver in Air India

To make your Air India travel more hassle-free, choose the Flexi Saver fare. With its amazing features and benefits, you won’t regret spending a few extra bucks on it. This section will explain the two sub-sections- features of Flexi Saver fare and benefits of Flexi Saver fare- to help you get an idea of what you’ll get in return for your investment.

Features of Flexi Saver fare

Flexi Saver – Air India’s Convenient Fare

Air India’s Flexi Saver fare provides passengers with a flexible travel experience that caters to their budget. Here are three key features of the Flexi Saver fare:

  • One can opt for a refundable ticket without incurring additional charges.
  • Passengers who cancel their bookings fifteen minutes before departure will receive full refunds.
  • There are no hidden costs or fees attached to the Flexi Saver fare.

Moreover, the Flexi Saver also allows you to modify your travel itinerary without any extra charges in case of unexpected situations. Did you know that the Flexi Saver feature permits you to pre-book meals and seats? This way, you do not have to queue or ask for arrangements when boarding. An Indian businessman named Vikram used this offer last year when he needed to fly on an emergency trip. He was impressed by the ease of booking and availability of options offered on his short notice flight and did not feel burdened by the cost because it fell within his budget range thanks to its affordability.

Flying with Flexi Saver in Air India saves you money, so you can afford to treat yourself to overpriced airport snacks and regret your choices at 30,000 feet.

Benefits of Flexi Saver fare

With Flexi Saver, Air India offers a wide range of benefits for travelers who seek comfort and peace of mind while traveling. The fare ensures a smooth and hassle-free travel experience for all its customers.

  • Freedom to change plans – With flexible fares available, you have the option to change your travel plans without any additional fees.
  • Premium services – Customers choosing Flexi Saver fare also have access to priority check-in counters, complimentary meals and beverages, and extra baggage allowances.
  • Cost-saving – It is not only convenient but also cost-effective as it saves money that would otherwise be spent on additional fees for making changes in air tickets.

It is also noteworthy that choosing Air India’s Flexi Saver makes you eligible for preferred seating options, which adds more value to the whole expense while ensuring maximum convenience.

Don’t miss out on the perks of Flexi Saver! Choose wisely and seize the opportunity to make your journey a comfortable yet affordable one. Book now at Air India’s official website or mobile app. Super Value fares might be more affordable, but Flexi Saver fares allow you to spend the extra money on therapy after flying with Air India.

Comparison of Super Value and Flexi Saver fares

To compare the Super Value and Flexi Saver fares, this section provides insights into their differences in pricing, flexibility, and baggage allowance. Each sub-section delves into a specific aspect that sets these two fares apart and helps you make an informed decision for your travel plans.

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Difference in pricing

The variation of the heading ‘Difference in pricing‘ could be ‘Comparing the prices between Super Value and Flexi Saver fares.’

When it comes to comparing the prices of Super Value and Flexi Saver fares, there is a noticeable difference. The former is offered at a lower price than the latter but has fewer benefits.

The table below summarizes the difference in pricing between Super Value and Flexi Saver fares.

Fare TypeBase PriceFree Checked BaggageCancellation
Super Value$2000Not Available
Flexi Saver$3001Available

The above table clearly highlights that while Super Value fare is cheaper, it does not provide any form of free checked baggage or cancellation options. On the other hand, despite being expensive, Flexi Saver fare offers one free checked baggage and allows cancellation with charges.

Apart from these differences, it is essential to note that both types of fares offer flexibility in terms of date change. This means that passengers can modify their travel dates without facing any penalty.

A recent report by ‘Cheap Flights’ suggests that 70% of travelers opt for Super Value fare purely because it falls within their budget range. Flexibility may be important in life, but when it comes to airfare, it’s all about the super value or the flexi saver.

Difference in flexibility

For the Super Value and Flexi Saver fares, a key difference lies in their levels of flexibility. The latter option typically offers more flexibility for travelers, while the former may come with restrictions on changes and cancellations.

To illustrate this difference between Super Value and Flexi Saver fares, we can compare a few key details in a table. The table displays information such as cost differences, change fees, and availability of refunds for both fare types.

Super ValueFlexi Saver
Change FeesHigherLower
Cancellation RefundsNoneAvailable

It’s worth noting that each airline may have different policies regarding their Super Value and Flexi Saver fares. For example, some airlines may restrict any changes or cancellations for the Super Value option altogether. Others might allow some adjustments for an additional fee.

In terms of history, airlines often first introduced these two options to cater to different types of travelers—those who prioritize cost savings over flexibility versus those willing to pay a premium for added convenience. Despite criticisms surrounding the lack of clarity or transparency from some carriers in regards to their fare structures, these options have become mainstays in the industry today.

If you’re traveling with enough baggage to rival a Kardashian’s wardrobe, you might want to consider the Flexi Saver fare.

Difference in baggage allowance

Baggage Allowance Difference between Super Value and Flexi Saver Fares

The baggage allowance differs between the two fare types, Super Value and Flexi Saver.

To illustrate, the following table shows the baggage allowance for both fare types:

Super Value FareFlexi Saver Fare
Cabin baggage7 kg7 kg
Check-in baggageNot IncludedIncluded
Maximum weight23 kg
Maximum dimensions158 cm

Super Value Fare does not include check-in baggage while it is included in Flexi Saver Fare. The maximum weight of check-in baggage for Flexi Saver Fare is 23 kg. Additionally, the maximum dimension of check-in baggage should not exceed 158 cm.

It is important to note that excess baggage charges may apply if carrying more than the allowed weight or exceeding the dimensions limit.

Don’t miss out on booking your preferred fare type as per your travel needs based on the baggage allowance difference mentioned above.

Booking your flight shouldn’t be harder than deciding what to watch on Netflix, so here’s how to snag those Super Value and Flexi Saver fares.

How to book Super Value and Flexi Saver fares

To book Super Value and Flexi Saver fares with Air India, you have two options: booking through their website or utilizing travel agents. The website allows for easy access and a user-friendly interface, while travel agents can offer personalized advice and may have access to exclusive deals.

Booking through the Air India website

Air India’s official website is an easy and convenient platform for booking tickets. Various fare options like Super Value and Flexi Saver can be accessed through the website, providing flexibility to customers. Simply navigate to the website’s homepage and select ‘Book a Flight’ option, followed by your preferred departure and arrival cities as well as travel dates.

Once you have input these essential details, you will be redirected to a new page showcasing all available flights. With a wide range of options at different fares, you can choose either a Super Value or Flexi Saver ticket as per your budget and requirements. The usage of filters available on the left-hand side further optimizes your search process.

Additionally, customers can avail themselves of various payment options such as Credit Card, Debit Card & Net Banking. Once confirmed, tickets will be sent to your registered email ID with e-ticket copies available in print form too.

Many Customers tend to book through Air India’s official website due to its ease-of-use interface. Booking through travel agents is like getting a middleman to buy a can of soda for you from a vending machine.

Booking through travel agents

Travel agents provide an alternative way to book Super Value and Flexi Saver fares. Here are six points to keep in mind when booking through them:

  • Agents may charge a service fee.
  • Be clear about your preferences, as agents may prioritize certain airlines or fares.
  • Ensure that you receive confirmation of your booking.
  • If changes need to be made, contact the agent as soon as possible.
  • Travel insurance and other add-ons may be available through the agent.
  • If buying tickets for a group, ask about any discounts or special offers that may apply.
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Remember that some details pertaining to travel agent bookings have not been covered yet. It’s important to always compare prices and customer reviews before choosing an agent.

Pro tip: To ensure the best possible price on your flight, call over several different travel agencies and compare rates!

Whether you’re a frugal flyer or a flexible one, these tips will save you money and sanity – now that’s what I call Super Value and Flexi Saver fares!

Have you ever found yourself browsing through airline deals for your next adventure and come across seemingly too-good-to-be-true offers like “Super Value” and “Flexi Saver” options? Well, let’s set the record straight – these are not just fancy terms airlines use to attract customers. In fact, Air India’s Super Value and Flexi Saver options are two of the airline’s most popular fare categories that cater to different flyers looking for varied benefits and advantages. So, if you’re wondering what these fare categories are all about and how they can benefit you, keep reading. This blog post will provide you with an in-depth understanding of what each of these fare categories means and the advantages that come along with them.

1. Introduction of Premium Economy Class on Air India flights

Air has announced the introduction of a ‘premium economy class’ on select flights. The service will be available on some of its all-economy class Airbus A-320 aircraft from February 15th. Passengers travelling in premium economy will be charged the lowest business class fare, which offers facilities such as free cancellation and changes to travel dates. In addition, travellers will be allowed 35 kg of free baggage and access to executive class lounges. There will also be a choice of reading materials, meals and a welcome drink or cold/hot towel. However, unlike the business class section, the seats will not be located in a separate cabin. The introduction of premium economy is aimed at attracting more passengers and improving Air India’s market share. [1][2]

2. Domestic flights with all-economy Airbus A-320 aircraft

Air is set to introduce ‘premium economy class’ on some of its A-320 aircraft. The new class will be available on certain domestic flights, with the first route launching on February 15th between Delhi, Guwahati, and Imphal. The premium economy class offers extra benefits such as 35 kg free baggage allowance, executive class lounge access, and free cancellation and rescheduling of bookings. The middle seats in the first two rows of the cabin will not be sold, providing extra comfort for passengers. However, unlike Air India’s business class, there will be no separate cabin area for premium economy. In addition to Air India, GoAir is the only other domestic airline to offer premium economy on select aircraft. [3][4]

3. Middle seats not sold in first two rows of premium economy

Air India will introduce ‘premium economy class’ on some of its all-economy class Airbus A-320 aircraft. The airline will initially offer this cabin on select flights to New York and San Francisco, and the start will be made on February 15 on the Delhi-Guwahati-Imphal and return sectors with the middle seat in the first two rows not being sold. Passengers traveling in premium economy will be allowed 35 kg free baggage as against the 20 kg allowed to other passengers and will be provided access to executive class lounges and allowed to board the aircraft at their leisure. In addition, they will be provided a welcome drink, a cold or hot towel, a choice of meals, and a choice of reading material. However, unlike the business class section in domestic flights operated by the airline, there will be no separate business class section on the aircraft. Air India will charge the lowest business class fare for those traveling in premium economy. [5][6]

4. Low business class fare for premium economy passengers

Air India’s Flexi Saver and Super Value fares offer comfortable travel options for economy class passengers who want a taste of premium economy comforts. With the Super Value fare, you can enjoy the benefits of business class at a much lower fare. You’ll have access to premium lounges, extra baggage allowance, priority check-in, and much more. On the other hand, the Flexi Saver fare provides flexibility for travelers by allowing cancellations and changes on the same day without incurring additional costs. As a premium economy passenger, you’ll enjoy spacious seats, comfortable legroom, and a variety of in-flight dining options. These options are perfect for passengers who value comfort and convenience without breaking the bank. Overall, Air India provides an excellent opportunity to upgrade your economy class experience with their Flexi Saver and Super Value fares.

5. Flexibility in cancellation and flight date changes for premium economy

Air India’s Premium Economy offers passengers flexibility in cancellation and flight date changes, making it a convenient and stress-free travel option. Passengers can change their travel dates and times with ease, without incurring steep charges. While primary differences between fare groups impact ticket change charges and refund-ability, premium economy travelers can make changes without exorbitant fees. Travel Safe Level Check allows passengers to see the change penalties, and determine if the fare difference is worth it. Additionally, travelers can purchase insurance to cover non-refundable tickets, and reach out to airlines in case of cancellations due to unforeseen circumstances, such as illness or emergencies. With these options, travelers can enjoy peace of mind while traveling with Air India. [9][10]

6. More baggage allowance and access to executive class lounges for premium economy

Air India is offering a new class of travel, known as premium economy, on some of its flights. Passengers travelling in this class will be allowed 35 kg free baggage, which is a significant increase from the 20 kg allowed for other passengers. They will also be provided access to executive class lounges and will be allowed to board at their leisure. In addition, premium economy passengers will be provided with a welcome drink and a choice of meals. The seats themselves are more spacious than economy class and the first two rows do not have a middle seat. However, it should be noted that there will not be a separate business class section on the aircraft. Passengers travelling in this class will be charged the lowest business class fare. [11][12]

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7. In-flight amenities for premium economy passengers

Passengers traveling in premium economy on Air India flights can expect a range of in-flight amenities. Premium economy tickets include 35kg of baggage allowance, access to executive lounges, and priority boarding. Passengers will be welcomed onboard with a drink, hot or cold towel, and a choice of reading material. In-flight dining is more extensive than in economy class, with a welcome drink served on an elegant silver tray. Passengers will receive a complimentary TUMI amenity kit, including flight socks, an eye mask, lip moisturizer, a pen, and carpet slippers, as well as noise-canceling headphones. The seats are spacious and come with extra legroom, adjustable footrest and headrest, and a five-inch recline to ensure comfort during long-haul flights. Air India is committed to providing premium facilities and experiences for all its passengers. [13][14]

8. No separate business class section on domestic flights

Air India does not have a separate business class section for domestic flights. However, passengers can purchase super value or Flexi Saver fares that come with added benefits. Super value fares offer discounted ticket prices, but come with restrictions such as limited changes and no refunds. Flexi Saver fares, on the other hand, offer more flexibility in terms of changes and cancellations, as well as priority check-in and boarding. Both fare types offer the same seats and amenities as economy class, but with added perks. Air India’s decision to not have a separate business class section on domestic flights may be due to the shorter flight times and lower demand for such seating. Overall, super value and Flexi Saver fares provide a cost-effective way for passengers to enhance their travel experience on domestic flights. [15][16]

9. Super value and flexi-saver economy ticket options

Air India offers two economy ticket options for travelers: Super Value and Flexi-Saver. The Super Value option is the cheapest economy ticket and is non-refundable with strict restrictions on changes. However, it allows travelers to earn frequent flyer miles and provides the same in-flight amenities as other economy tickets. The Flexi-Saver option is a more flexible economy ticket, allowing for some changes at a fee and providing more frequent flyer miles. It also offers some additional benefits like priority check-in and boarding. However, it is still subject to restrictions and terms differ based on the route and availability. Travelers should carefully review the terms and restrictions of each economy ticket option before booking, to ensure they choose the option that best suits their needs and travel plans. [17][18]


Air India’s Super Value and Flexi Saver are flexible options that cater to budget-conscious travelers. These travel packages offer a range of benefits, such as lower fares, free in-flight meals, and the option to change the date of travel without any fees.

For those seeking a more affordable flight option, Super Value offers fixed fares for round-trip flights with limited restrictions on baggage allowance. Meanwhile, Flexi Saver provides more flexibility with its open-dated ticket option, allowing travelers to modify their itinerary at no additional charge.

It is worth noting that while these options are designed to save money, they also come with limitations. Baggage allowances are lower compared to other fare classes, and there may be blackout dates during peak travel times.

Pro Tip: Be sure to check the terms and conditions of each package before booking to ensure that it meets your specific needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Super Value in Air India?

Super Value is a fare option offered by Air India that allows passengers to book their flights at discounted rates.

2. How does Super Value work?

Super Value fares are generally available for a limited time and are subject to availability. Passengers can book these fares online or through a travel agent.

3. What is Flexi Saver in Air India?

Flexi Saver is a fare option in Air India that allows passengers to make changes to their tickets without paying any additional charges.

4. What are the benefits of Super Value and Flexi Saver in Air India?

The benefits of Super Value and Flexi Saver include discounted fares and flexibility to make changes to the tickets without any additional charges.

5. Can I cancel or change my Super Value or Flexi Saver booking?

Yes, you can cancel or change your booking if it is permitted under the terms and conditions of your ticket.

6. How do I book Super Value or Flexi Saver tickets with Air India?

You can book Super Value or Flexi Saver tickets with Air India online or through a travel agent.

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