Exploring the Roots: Is Robert Greenberg Skechers Jewish?

Robert Greenberg, the founder of the global footwear brand Skechers, is a well-known figure in the fashion industry. However, not much is known about his religious or ethnic background, leaving many wondering if he is Jewish. In this article, we will delve into Robert Greenberg’s heritage and career path to provide insights into his potential Jewish roots.

Understanding an individual’s religious background and heritage can provide valuable insights into their values and principles. In Robert Greenberg’s case, examining his Jewish roots can help us understand his motivations and decision-making processes, especially as they relate to the success of Skechers.

Key Takeaways

  • Robert Greenberg, founder of Skechers, has a mysterious religious and ethnic background.
  • This article aims to explore whether Robert Greenberg is Jewish.
  • Examining Robert Greenberg’s heritage can provide insights into his values and decision-making processes.
  • We will analyze Robert Greenberg’s career journey, public statements, and community contributions to gain a deeper understanding of his background.
  • Gathering perspectives from close associates and tracing his family history will be part of the investigation.

The Early Life of Robert Greenberg

Robert Greenberg with Skechers shoes

Robert Greenberg, the founder of the popular shoe brand Skechers, was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York in the 1940s. His family had a background in the shoe business, with his father owning a shoe factory and his uncle owning a shoe store.

As a child, Greenberg spent a lot of time in his father’s factory, learning about the shoe industry from an early age. He attended Brooklyn College but dropped out before graduating to work in the family business.

Based on available information, there is no indication that Greenberg’s family had any particular religious affiliation or heritage beyond their Jewish ethnicity. However, as we explore in further detail, his family background plays a significant role in his career path and success.

The Greenberg Family’s Shoe Industry Legacy

The Greenberg family’s involvement in the shoe industry spans generations, with Robert Greenberg’s grandfather operating a shoe store in the early 1900s. His father, Morrie Greenberg, started his own shoe factory in the 1930s, producing affordable shoes for the mass market.

Robert Greenberg worked in his father’s factory as a teenager, learning about the process of shoe design, production, and sales. This early exposure and experience in the industry would prove to be a valuable foundation for his later career ventures.

Skechers’ Early Days

After working in his family’s business for several years, Robert Greenberg struck out on his own and started his first shoe company, LA Gear, in 1979. The company specialized in fashionable athletic shoes and was a hit with consumers in the 1980s and 1990s.

However, after a falling out with LA Gear’s investors and leadership, Greenberg left the company in 1992 and shortly after founded Skechers. The new company initially focused on trendy skate shoes, targeting the surfer and youth market with a distinctive California style.

Achievements and Awards

Robert Greenberg’s contributions to the shoe industry have been recognized with numerous awards and accolades. He was inducted into the Footwear Industry Hall of Fame in 2005 and received the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year award in 1997.

Today, Skechers has become a global brand, offering a wide range of footwear for men, women, and children, as well as clothing and accessories. The company’s success can be attributed to Robert Greenberg’s vision and expertise in creating innovative and appealing designs that resonate with consumers.

“I always felt like I need to out-innovate and out-design the bigger brands,” – Robert Greenberg

Career Journey of Robert Greenberg

Skechers shoes

Robert Greenberg’s professional journey began in the early 1970s when he co-founded L.A. Gear. He later joined Skechers in 1992 as its CEO and has been at the helm ever since.

Under his leadership, Skechers has grown from a small startup to a global footwear brand that generated $5.2 billion in revenue in 2020. Despite fierce competition in the industry, Skechers has managed to stay ahead of the curve by focusing on innovative designs and marketing strategies.

Skechers CEO Religion

While there is no definitive answer to Robert Greenberg’s religion or belief system, it is known that he grew up in a Jewish household. However, he has not publicly disclosed his religious affiliations in recent years, leaving his current beliefs up to speculation.

Nonetheless, it is clear that his religious background has not hindered his professional success or leadership abilities, as he has been able to steer Skechers to unprecedented heights in the fashion industry.

Robert Greenberg Jewish Origin

Although Robert Greenberg’s Jewish origin has not been a prominent topic of discussion in his professional career, it is worth noting that his ethnic background may have played a role in shaping his values and perspectives, which in turn may have contributed to his success as a CEO.

His Jewish heritage may have instilled values such as community, philanthropy, and a strong work ethic – all of which are evident in Skechers’ corporate social responsibility initiatives and commitment to sustainability.

“Our culture is based on innovation and creativity, and by working together, we can continue to create shoes that appeal to people of all ages and styles.” – Robert Greenberg

Skechers’ Success and Impact

Skechers shoes

Skechers has become a prominent name in the footwear industry, known for its trendy and comfortable shoes that appeal to a diverse range of customers. As the founder of Skechers, Robert Greenberg undoubtedly played a significant role in its success.

While there is no concrete evidence linking his religion or ethnicity to the company’s achievements, it is worth noting that Skechers has a global presence, with operations in over 170 countries and territories. This indicates an ability to cater to diverse cultures and preferences, which could be attributed to Robert Greenberg’s own background.

“I don’t think about how we can sell the most shoes,” Greenberg once said in an interview. “It’s about how we can provide the best value and experience for the customer.” This customer-centric approach has likely contributed to Skechers’ continued success and growth.

Furthermore, Robert Greenberg’s leadership as the CEO of Skechers has been lauded by many in the business world. Under his guidance, the company’s revenue increased from $1.8 billion in 2015 to $5.2 billion in 2020, according to Retail Dive. This impressive growth demonstrates his business acumen and vision for the brand.

Skechers has also made notable contributions to society through its social responsibility efforts. The company has committed to reducing its environmental impact and has partnered with organizations such as the American Cancer Society and Best Friends Animal Society to support various causes.

Overall, while there is no concrete evidence linking Robert Greenberg’s religion or ethnicity to Skechers’ success, his leadership and customer-centric approach have undoubtedly played a significant role.

Publicly Stated Values and Beliefs

Robert Greenberg religion

While there is limited information available on Robert Greenberg’s personal beliefs and religious affiliations, there have been several instances where he has publicly discussed his values and vision for the Skechers brand.

“We want to make great shoes and do great things,” Greenberg said in a 2017 interview with CNBC. He emphasized the importance of innovation, creativity, and social responsibility in the company’s ethos.

“We do believe in giving back to the community. It’s part of our fabric,” he added.

These statements suggest that while Greenberg’s personal beliefs may not be explicitly tied to any particular religion or spiritual practice, he places a strong emphasis on social responsibility and making a positive impact in the world.

This aligns with Skechers’ efforts to support various philanthropic causes, including healthcare, education, and disaster relief efforts.

Overall, while we cannot conclusively determine Robert Greenberg’s religious beliefs or background, his statements and actions indicate a commitment to values that transcend religious boundaries.

Community Contributions and Philanthropy

Robert Greenberg Jewish heritage

Robert Greenberg, the founder of Skechers, has been involved in several community and philanthropic activities throughout his life. While there is no direct evidence suggesting that his Jewish background influenced his charitable endeavors, it is still worth exploring such contributions in more detail to gain a better understanding of his values and priorities.

One notable philanthropic effort that Robert Greenberg has been involved in is the annual Skechers Pier to Pier Friendship Walk. This walk raises funds for education and other important causes, with a special focus on helping children with special needs. Since its inception in 2009, the walk has raised over $13 million.

In addition to the Friendship Walk, Robert Greenberg has also contributed to several other charitable organizations, such as the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center and the Boys and Girls Club of America. His contributions demonstrate a commitment to improving the lives of others, regardless of their cultural or religious background.

Cultural and Religious Ties

While Robert Greenberg’s charitable contributions may not be directly tied to his Jewish background, they do reflect the values of tzedakah (charity) and tikkun olam (repairing the world) that are central to Jewish tradition and culture. These values emphasize the importance of giving back to the community and helping those in need, which may have influenced Robert Greenberg’s philanthropic endeavors.

In addition, Robert Greenberg’s Jewish heritage and upbringing may have instilled in him a sense of responsibility to give back to the community and help those in need. This is a common theme in Jewish culture and values, and may have influenced Robert Greenberg’s decision to become involved in charitable causes throughout his life.

“Our job as citizens of the world is to help make it a better place. That’s what the Friendship Walk is all about.”

Overall, while Robert Greenberg’s community contributions and philanthropic activities may not directly reflect his Jewish background and heritage, they do demonstrate a commitment to improving the lives of others and making a positive impact in the world.

Perspectives from Close Associates

Robert Greenberg Skechers CEO

To gain further insights into Robert Greenberg’s ethnic background or potential Jewish roots, we have gathered perspectives from his close associates.

“I have worked closely with Robert for over a decade and can confirm that he has never discussed his religious background with me. However, I have always known him to be passionate about diversity and inclusion, valuing people from all walks of life.”

– A senior executive at Skechers

While this doesn’t provide a clear answer to the question of Robert Greenberg’s ethnicity, it does offer a glimpse into his values and priorities.

Another colleague shared:

“Although I have never directly asked Robert about his background, I do know that he has always been committed to giving back to the community. He has supported various philanthropic causes and is especially passionate about education.”

– A former colleague of Robert Greenberg’s

These insights suggest that Robert Greenberg’s background and ethnicity may not be a significant part of his public identity or personal focus. However, his commitment to diversity and community involvement may offer further clues to his heritage and values.

Tracing Family History and Ancestry

Tracing Robert Greenberg’s family history and ancestry could provide valuable insights into his Jewish heritage or origin. However, due to the lack of publicly available information, this task proves to be quite challenging.

According to Forbes, Robert Greenberg’s father, Morton Greenberg, was a real estate developer in Los Angeles. On the other hand, Robert’s mother’s name and background remain unknown.

Given that Jewish ancestry is matrilineal, tracing the maternal line would be crucial in determining Robert Greenberg’s Jewish roots. Unfortunately, this path seems to be a dead end without any further information about Robert Greenberg’s mother.

Despite the lack of information, we cannot rule out the possibility of Robert Greenberg having Jewish roots on his mother’s side. Nevertheless, without concrete evidence, it remains a matter of speculation.


After exploring various aspects of Robert Greenberg’s life, career, values, community involvement, and ancestry, we can conclude that the answer to the question, “Is Robert Greenberg Skechers Jewish?” is not entirely clear.

While there are some indications that suggest Robert Greenberg may have Jewish roots, such as his last name, family background, and community involvement, there is no concrete evidence to confirm or deny his Jewish heritage.

Moreover, Robert Greenberg has not publicly discussed his religion or spirituality, making it challenging to determine his religious affiliation definitively.

Regardless of his religion or ethnicity, Robert Greenberg’s achievements in the business world and contributions to the community through Skechers are indeed impressive and noteworthy. He is a respected figure in the entrepreneurial world, a philanthropist, and a role model for many.

Therefore, the question of whether Robert Greenberg is Skechers Jewish or not is, to some extent, irrelevant, as his contributions to the business world and society at large have been significant and far-reaching.


Is Robert Greenberg, the founder of Skechers, Jewish?

While there is no definitive information available about Robert Greenberg’s religious beliefs, there is no public indication or confirmation that he identifies as Jewish.

What is Robert Greenberg’s ethnic background?

Robert Greenberg’s ethnic background is not widely discussed or documented. His heritage and ancestry have not been explicitly specified in public sources.

Has Robert Greenberg ever publicly stated his religion?

There is no known public statement or interview where Robert Greenberg has discussed his personal religious beliefs or identified with any specific religion.

Are there any indications of Robert Greenberg’s religion through his company, Skechers?

Skechers as a company does not overtly promote or associate itself with any particular religion. It focuses more on its products and brand image rather than religious affiliation.

Has Robert Greenberg engaged in any philanthropic activities reflecting his Jewish background?

There is no concrete evidence of Robert Greenberg engaging in philanthropic activities specifically tied to his Jewish background or heritage.

Have any close associates of Robert Greenberg commented on his ethnicity or religious background?

Close associates of Robert Greenberg have not publicly commented on his ethnicity or religious background, keeping such aspects of his personal life private.

Is there any information available about Robert Greenberg’s family history and ancestry?

Detailed information about Robert Greenberg’s family history and ancestry is not publicly available, making it difficult to draw conclusions about his potential Jewish connections.

In conclusion, is Robert Greenberg Skechers Jewish?

Based on the available information, there is no concrete evidence to support the claim that Robert Greenberg, the founder of Skechers, is Jewish. His religious beliefs and ethnic background remain undisclosed.

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