How Do I Track My Adidas Order?

Key Takeaway:

  • Adidas, a multinational company based in Germany, is known for producing high-quality sports equipment and generates a significant amount of revenue from Europe and Australia. They also own the Reebok sportswear company and generated approximately €2 billion in revenue.
  • Adidas provides a facility for tracking orders through their website, where customers can sign in and check their order history and status. Guests can also track their orders by entering the Adidas order tracking number on the tracker. Adidas also offers an online order tracking system for customers to check their shipping and delivery status and estimated delivery date information. Customer support is available seven days a week from 8AM ET to 11PM ET through phone number 800-982-9337 and email address
  • If customers need to request personal data from Adidas, they can choose from three options: sending the data, sending machine-readable data, and deleting both data and account. Personal details such as last name and email must be shared, and by clicking the REQUEST button, the individual certifies that they are the subject of the request or have the authority to make the request on their behalf.
  • Adidas uses various tracking technologies such as cookies, pixels, and tags to track user activity for marketing and functional purposes. By selecting “Accept tracking,” users allow Adidas to collect device and browser information for personalized ads and website improvement. Adidas may share this data with third-party partners, including social media advertising partners like Google, Facebook, and Instagram. Users can refer to the privacy notice, specifically the Cookies Notice section, for more information on how their data is used for mandatory purposes such as security and cart features.

Introduction to Adidas

Introduction to Adidas

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Adidas, a renowned sportswear brand, needs no introduction. In this section, we will explore their ownership of Reebok sportswear and the history of the Adidas logo. Additionally, we’ll analyze Adidas’ global presence and financial performance, supported by figures and statistics, to understand the company’s magnitude.

Adidas AG owns the Reebok brand, as of 2006 when the acquisition was completed. The Adidas logo, which consists of three stripes, was created in 1967 by company founder Adi Dassler. Adidas operates in over 160 countries with more than 59,000 employees, making it a global powerhouse. In 2020, Adidas reported €21.5 billion in revenue and €2.1 billion in net income, proving their financial prowess.

Adidas ownership of Reebok sportswear

Adidas, a German corporation, secured Reebok sportswear in August 2005 for a whopping $3.8 billion. This strategic move enabled Adidas to compete with its rival, Nike, on a much larger scale.

The acquisition granted Adidas a larger product portfolio. It also allowed them access to younger consumers through streetwear and fashion collaborations with top designers such as Alexander Wang. Moreover, Adidas added Reebok’s US licensing authority, including NFL merchandising revenue streams.

Today, Adidas is one of the world’s largest sportswear companies. All thanks to their strategic acquisition of Reebok. It’s proof that business acquisitions can lead to long-term financial benefits and expand a company’s market share.

The Adidas logo is known worldwide, with its simple three-stripe design. With ownership of Reebok sportswear in their hands, Adidas continues to revolutionise the sportswear fashion industry.

Adidas logo history

Adi Dassler, the founder of Adidas, created a logo in the early 1950s featuring three iconic stripes. This was meant to symbolize the connection between athletes, Adidas, and the public. The design was chosen for its recognizability, to help with their marketing strategy.

The Adidas logo has evolved over time. It started with the three stripes, then became a trefoil logo in 1971 and a mountain-like symbol in 1990. Despite these changes, the brand kept the three stripes on all apparel items.

The success of Adidas is due to its iconic logo and focus on quality athletic gear. There are now over 2,000 stores worldwide. It shows the power of creating an iconic logo. The Adidas three stripes stands as a testimony to the company’s enduring success.

Adidas global presence

Adidas is a renowned sportswear brand with a worldwide presence. Data shows the firm has a robust financial position and owns Reebok, strengthening its range.

Adidas has created a strong brand image and product leadership. Its logo boosts recognition and it offers top-notch athletic footwear, apparel and accessories for several sports and activities, earning customer loyalty and trust. The company uses progressive technologies to fashion excellent products that meet customer requirements. Plus, Adidas joins forces with eminent athletes across the globe to expand their products.

Adidas has a wide international network with web and physical outlets, enabling customers to access its products everywhere. It targets a diverse audience through marketing campaigns on social media. An interesting fact about Adidas’s international presence is its commitment to sustainability. It has executed green initiatives in production to be more eco-friendly and still manufacture quality goods.

Adidas financial performance

Adidas has displayed resilience throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, achieving solid financial results worldwide. Their success can be credited to their acquisitions and partnerships. In 2020, their revenue amounted to €19.84 billion, with a net loss of €0.85 billion, which decreased from the previous year.

To analyze Adidas’s financial performance more closely, it is essential to look at their key metrics. The table below shows Adidas’s revenue, operating income (EBIT), net income, and earnings per share (EPS) from 2018 to 2020:

Revenue (€B)21.9122.0419.84
Operating Income (EBIT) (€B)3.352.361.29
Net Income (€B)1.701.90-0.85
Earnings Per Share (EPS) (€)8.3911.55-4.02

As the table indicates, Adidas’s revenue stayed consistent between 2018 and 2019, but declined in 2020 due to the pandemic which caused disruptions in many industries worldwide. Additionally, there was an immense drop in profits from the prior years, mainly caused by decreased profitability resulting from store closures, impairment losses made on trade receivables and trademarks, as well as lower tax benefits than expected. All in all, Adidas’s financial performance throughout the pandemic reflects their determination to remain at the top of the sportswear industry.

How to Track Adidas Order

How to Track Adidas Order

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If you’re waiting for your Adidas order, you might be feeling anxious about its whereabouts. However, tracking your package is a simple process. In this guide, we will discuss several ways to track your Adidas order, such as using the Adidas website or a guest tracking option. We will also cover the available customer support options to assist you with any issues that may arise.

Adidas website order tracking

Adidas makes it simple to track orders online. Customers receive an email with their order tracking number and expected delivery date. No need to contact customer support or inquire about the parcel status.

Log into the Adidas account to check the status of orders. The system provides accurate information, such as location, delivery date, and arrival time. Even without an account, it’s still possible to track orders as a guest.

Also, there’s an online order tracking system with info about package, shipping, courier, etc. Access it using the order confirmation email. The system gives real-time info from dispatch to arrival.

Customer support is available via phone or email. Adidas urges customers to contact customer support to get problems resolved quickly.

In short, Adidas’ online ordering and delivery experience is made easy by offering customers a way to track orders online. This is just one example of how the company exceeds expectations.

Guest tracking option using Adidas order tracking number

Adidas make it easy for their guests to follow their parcels with the order tracking number. Customers can check their parcel’s status and estimated delivery date for peace of mind.

To use this feature, guests just need to do these steps:

  1. Firstly, go to the website’s “Track Your Order” section.
  2. Then, input the order number and authentication details.
  3. Once done, they can see the shipping status and estimated delivery date.

Remember, this feature displays real-time updates on the parcel’s location. Also, the authentication data must be given before customers can access the tracking info.

If customers require help or have any queries about the tracking, they can contact Customer Support via email or phone, found on the official website.

Note, this service only works for the customer’s order. Tracking of other parcels is not possible.

Adidas’ online order tracking system, which covers parcel, shipping, package, courier status and estimated delivery date, helps customers track their order like an expert.

Online order tracking system for parcel, shipping, package, courier status, and estimated delivery date

Adidas understands the need for customers to be informed about their order status. That is why they have a special online order tracking system. It is found on the homepage of their website as a designated tracking button. Customers can also choose to use the guest tracking option with the Adidas order tracking number sent in an email after placing the order.

The system gives customers info on their parcel, shipping, package, courier status, and estimated delivery date. If customers have any issues or queries, they can always contact customer support through phone or email. Plus, customer support services are available 24/7.

Keep in mind that Adidas works with third-party operators for deliveries. So, delays or disruptions can occur. Customers must track their package to be aware of any issues during transit.

If customers have problems or concerns while using the online order tracking system, they can contact customer support. Adidas values their customers and wants to offer efficient and reliable services. The online order tracking system is part of that goal, providing customers an easier way to keep track of their orders.

Customer support through phone and email

Adidas provides customer support via phone and email. If customers require help with orders, tracking, or personal data requests, they can contact Adidas with the given phone number to get swift assistance. For more elaborated answers, or to attach documents, customers can use email.

Adidas’s customer service team is knowledgeable and proficient in dealing with queries about orders, tracking, payments, deliveries, returns/refunds, and more. Phone support is the most suitable choice for those who need a prompt solution. If customers want to dodge long wait times for both phone and email, they can refer to Adidas’s FAQ page on their website for quick responses to usual questions.

Besides phone and email support, customers can also contact Adidas via social media platforms, such as Twitter or Facebook Messenger. These options give customers the power to select what works best for them and ensure their issues are solved as soon as possible. Adidas customer service is available 24/7, except for queries about which shoes to wear on a first date.

Adidas customer support availability

Adidas realizes the significance of great customer support. They provide a variety of channels to address queries. You can contact them 24/7 via email and phone. Moreover, they also have a chatbot for common questions about orders, returns, and products. Additionally, they have a FAQ on their website which covers shipping, delivery, returns, and sizing.

Adidas is devoted to giving smooth customer service to their customers all over the world. They are present on social media, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube, so customers can easily reach out and get their questions answered.

Trying to find lost parcels can be hard. However, Adidas does their best to resolve these problems quickly. Finally, customer happiness is essential to Adidas and giving great customer support channels is how they satisfy this goal.

Tracking other similar parcels

Customers may struggle to track parcels from carriers other than Adidas. Fortunately, there are several options available.

  • Third-party tracking platforms, such as TrackingMore and 17Track, provide universal parcel tracking services.
  • Alternatively, customers can track their parcels directly on the carrier’s website if they know which courier handles the shipment. Most carriers offer a real-time tracking feature where customers can input their tracking number and get updates.
  • If these options do not help, customers can reach out to the sender or carrier for assistance.
  • Be sure to review the carrier’s policies and protocols for tracking shipments.

Finally, Adidas offers the option to delete your data (and account) upon request. They value your privacy and provide measures to protect it.

Requesting Personal Data from Adidas

Requesting Personal Data from Adidas

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Did you know that you can request your personal data from Adidas? In this section, we will explore the process of requesting personal data from the shoe giant. There are three different options available for requesting personal data, including sending data, sending machine-readable data, and deleting both data and account. We will also discuss the personal details required to complete the request. So, let us get started and find out how you can access your personal data from Adidas.

Three options available – sending data, sending machine-readable data, and deleting both data and account

Adidas gives customers three options to manage their personal information.

  1. Firstly, they can ask for a copy of the data Adidas stores – this is called ‘sending data’. Customers also get info on how Adidas uses it.
  2. Secondly, they can download their personal info in a machine-readable form – this is known as ‘sending machine-readable data’. It’s simple to transfer it to other platforms. Plus, customers can delete the info.
  3. Finally, if a customer wants Adidas to delete all their data and account, they can request this. Adidas will erase the user’s online account and stop processing their personal information.

The brand’s privacy notice provides more info on data management. GDPR policy requests don’t incur fees. Adidas responds to requests in a month, if customers submit accurate details using one of the company’s methods. If customers have queries, they can contact Adidas support.

To adjust cookie policy preferences, customers can use web browser settings or opt out from personalized offers from 3rd-party partners like Google, Facebook, and Instagram. This is done through add-ons, plugins, tools or extensions – which vary between browsers.

Adidas needs more than shoe size for data requests.

Personal details required to complete the request

Adidas offers three ways to request personal data: send a request, request machine-readable data, or delete both data and account. When doing this, you must provide: first and last name, email address, shipping address, order number (if applicable), and phone number. Make sure the info matches your account.

You may need to verify your identity with a valid form of ID, like a passport or government-issued ID. Adidas will try to fulfill requests as soon as possible, in compliance with legal requirements.

Be aware: deleting data cannot be undone. If you live in California, you have extra rights under the CCPA, which you can exercise in a different way.

Adidas Tracking and Cookies Policies

Adidas Tracking and Cookies Policies

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Adidas not only offers quality products but also ensures customer satisfaction by providing tracking and privacy policies. In this section, we will discuss Adidas’ cookies policy, which is used for marketing and functional purposes. Adidas collects data for personalized ads and may share it with third-party partners, but they provide a privacy notice for data use to ensure transparency and data protection.

Use of cookies, pixels, tags, and similar technologies for marketing and functional purposes

Adidas utilizes cookies, pixels, tags, and other technologies to collect data. This data is used to provide personalized ads and an improved experience on their website. It is also used to make the website more user-friendly. To do this, Adidas stores some of the collected data.

When customers shop online at Adidas, they provide personal information. Security features and shopping cart related data may also be collected. Adidas works with third-party partners such as Google, Facebook, and Instagram.

This data sharing allows for effective advertising with pseudonymous mechanisms. Plus, it ensures privacy. Adidas only uses the data for personalized ads and website improvement. It is not used for any other purposes.

Collected data used for personalized ads and website improvement

Data collection is a main part of Adidas’ advertising strategies. This sportswear brand uses information from customers to make ads and improve their website’s user experience.

The data is used for different purposes, like in the table below:

Data CategoryPurposeThird-Party Sharing
Personal Details (Name, Address, E-mail)Purchasing, Identifying customers, Advertising and PromotionalGoogle Ads, Facebook Ads
Browsing History and Search QueriesImproving website experience and Tailored AdsGoogle Analytics, Facebook Pixel
Device Info (Operating system, IP address)Security, Avoiding fraud, Enhancing shopping experienceN/A

Adidas respects their customers’ privacy. People can control their data usage with browser settings or by asking to change their personal details.

This data, mostly used for marketing, helps Adidas optimize search results and have content that matches individual likes when people visit their website. They use cookies to keep track of browsing activity and show relevant content when someone visits again.

Adidas works with Google, Facebook, and Instagram to share data in a secure way. All this makes sure customers have the best experience on the website and with Adidas’ products.

Data sharing with third-party partners like Google, Facebook, and Instagram

Adidas collects data through cookies, pixels, tags and other technology. They then use this to show personalized ads on different platforms. They also share the data with 3rd parties, like Google, Facebook and Instagram, to drive ads and improve their website.

Adidas are clear that they look after user privacy. They don’t misuse or sell user info. By collecting data, they want to give users the best experience, while properly protecting their data when it is shared.

Privacy notice for more information on data use for required purposes such as security and shopping cart features .

Adidas knows the value of data privacy. They guarantee that all collected information is only for necessary reasons. Their privacy notice explains the use of data, like security and cart features when you shop on their website.

Adidas has protocols in place to protect data. They collect personal and device info, but only for necessary purposes like maintaining website performance and product preferences. They also use pixel tags, cookies, and similar technologies to better website function.

If you want more info about how Adidas uses your data, check out their privacy notice. It has details about collection, handling, sharing, and distribution with third parties.

Customers should review their options and update account settings for data privacy. The privacy notice is available online and offline so customers can decide how their data is used.

Five Facts About Tracking Adidas Orders

  • ✅ Adidas offers an online order tracking system for customers to check their parcel, shipping, package, courier status, and estimated delivery date information. (Source:
  • ✅ Customers can track their Adidas orders by entering the Adidas order tracking number on the tracker. (Source:
  • ✅ Adidas customer support is available 7 days a week from 8AM ET to 11PM ET through phone and email. (Source:
  • ✅ By selecting “Accept tracking,” users allow Adidas to collect device and browser information for personalized ads and website improvement. (Source:
  • ✅ Adidas customers can request their personal data from the company. The request form has three options: sending the data, sending machine-readable data, and deleting both data and account. To complete the request, personal details such as last name and email must be shared. (Source:

FAQs about How Do I Track My Adidas Order?

How do I track my Adidas order?

To track your Adidas order, you can enter your Adidas Order Tracking number in the web tracker form on Adidas’s website. Guests can also track their orders by entering their order tracking number on the tracker.

What information does Adidas provide for order tracking?

Adidas offers an online order tracking system that provides customers with information on their parcel, shipping, package, courier status, and estimated delivery date.

What is the best Adidas experience when tracking an order?

The best Adidas experience when tracking an order is by accepting the tracking cookies and allowing Adidas to collect device and browser information. This will enable Adidas to provide personalized ads and improve their website based on your activity.

How can I delete my data and account from Adidas?

You can delete both your data and account from Adidas by requesting it through their “Request Personal Data” option available on their website. By providing your personal details such as last name and email, you can choose to either delete your data, send your data, or send machine-readable data.

What is the best way to sell Dr. Martens?

The best way to sell Dr. Martens is by exploring online selling options available on different websites or social media platforms. Consignment shops and vintage stores are also potential options, but it is essential to research and compare prices before selling. The condition of the shoes affects their value, so it is recommended to clean and repair them before selling. Also, selling locally can save on shipping costs, and donating to charity is also an option.

What is the monitoring of cookies used for by Adidas?

Adidas uses cookies, pixels, tags, and similar technologies for monitoring purposes, such as tracking user activity for marketing and functional purposes. By accepting tracking cookies, users allow Adidas to collect information about their device and browser to improve the website and display personalized ads.

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