How To Time Travel in Sleep : 11 Interesting Insights

Sleep Could Be Called A Form Of Time Travel Only If You Did Not Age As Everybody Else

Sleep could be called a form of time travel only if you didn’t age.

Sleep could be called a form of time travel only if you did not age as everybody else

But wait – what if you did grow old and then went back to sleep?

Could you sleep travel again? You could, and scientists have actually confirmed this. In a paper published last year in the Journal of Personality and Individual Differences, researchers from Yale and Brandeis University showed that sleep can actually change your perceptions of time.

In other words, if you can fool your brain into believing that it’s daytime, you might actually be able to travel back in time.

Now that you know more about sleep and how it can affect your perception of time, maybe you could call sleep a form of time travel.

If so, you should try to take a sleep study sometime – there are plenty of companies that will hire you for one of these tests to see if sleep affects your ability to think fast or slow. It’s well worth it – after all, the future is here (so is time travel! ).

Does Time Exist in the Right Or Left Hemispheres of Your Brain?

Albert Einstein once said, “Time is kind of like a river. In the right side of the brain it flows backwards, while in the left side it flows forward.”

For Einstein time did not exist on its own, but was a construct of the mind. Similarly, neither does time exist on its own in the right or left hemisphere of the brain, but exists in both hemispheres at the same time.

Neither does time exist in the right hemisphere of the brain

To illustrate this point more fully let us imagine that the clock is ticking for each and every minute. Now, if we sit with our arms across our chest and sit comfortably the way we are so that we are very relaxed, we will begin to see that the time does indeed move in this manner.

But, as we move our head from side to side or our head from top to bottom our eyesight stops working and we see only the movement of our arms.

Likewise, time does not exist in the right or left hemispheres of the brain and neither does it ever change. Time and eternity are synonymous

In fact, time is such a construct in the right hemispheres of the brain that we actually use it the whole time without even realizing it.

We go about daily lives thinking we are awake but instead sleeping or have other various things going on within our mind or beyond our conscious awareness.

While our right brain is functioning as normal, the left brain is functioning as it normally would, only that in this particular case, we are not aware of this activity going on within our minds.

If we stop to examine this from a philosophical standpoint, it makes sense because the whole point of philosophy is to look at how our thoughts operate, where they originate from, and how they affect the world around us. So the next time you hear someone say, “time does not exist in the right or left hemispheres of the brain,” ask them to explain this to you.

How Do We Know That Time Is A Perception in the Conscious Mind?

Time is a perception in the conscious mind but is actually something that cannot be perceived by us.

Time is a function of the universe and it is not something that is fixed like a clock, as our perception of time shows us.

The fact is that our perception of time depends on our experiences and the memories that we have stored in our brain.

The moment when you were awake your perception of time was constant and was as precise as the moment you went to sleep.

The moment when you go to sleep and after that the whole perception of time changes and there are different ways of calculating time.

Time is a perception in the conscious mind

It is also possible that the subconscious also helps us in our perception of time.

The subconscious mind helps us in every decision making process.

When you are taking a decision the subconscious helps you in weighing the pros and cons and this helps us in deciding whether we should go for the option that will bring us more benefit or not.

Even when you are sleeping your subconscious helps you in calculating the duration of your dream and in knowing the direction in which you need to go in order to reach that dream.

All these calculations are done unconsciously and it is only once you wake up that you realize the fact that your time has changed.

It is not necessary that we know the secrets of the subconscious only the ones that are related to our life.

There are many other secrets of the subconscious that we don’t even know about. All of us use some part of our mind and this whole part of our mind is nothing but our imagination.

We have heard about the mind expanding and all that this means is that you are imagining all kinds of things and putting them in your head which gives shape to all of your dreams.

You might be thinking, how can the mind expand and what sort of things can it expand into? The answer is that it stores everything in it uses all of its resources in order to make you realize what ever it is you imagine.

Is There Any Time in the Experience of Sleep and Dreams?

When a person has no memory of falling asleep during the nighttime or remembering their dream, then they are said to be in a “dream state.” Some people think that there is no such thing as dreams because a dream cannot be remembered. If so, how come people remember their dreams? Dreams can be remembered if we pay attention to them and they can provide us with valuable lessons and experiences.

There is no time in the experience of sleep and dreaming

If we are looking for a scientific study about whether dreams exist, there is one reported case, who did a sleep study on four different groups of subjects.

Three of the groups had recorded no dreams, while the fourth group all had documented cases of dreaming.

The fact that all the subjects in this study had documented cases of dreaming could indicate to some scientists that the phenomenon is real, but the data set was not as complete as it would have been if this case had been repeated.

In another study, dream recall was investigated using children. The subjects were hypnotized in order to teach them to recall their dreams later.

One of the most popular explanations for the existence of dreams centers around astral projection and lucid dreaming.

Lucid dreaming is a state in which you can have your mind perceive things that are not really real.

Lucid dreaming can occur when you go to sleep, are fully asleep, or are awake and dreaming.

Many people claim to have had their first lucid dreams when they were babies. This is also another of the sleep state ideas that is commonly thought to not be true.

Could Cryogenics Be A Form Of Time Traveling Forward Forever?

The travel in the future of man might be possible through cryogenics, which is the process of freezing the human body at the moment of death to enable the person to be preserved in almost perfect health.

This might be against the ethics of most societies but the research into this topic has continued to increase and there is now a lot of research going on behind the scenes to test these theories and hopefully we will find out soon enough if these are even possible or maybe not.

Currently we do know that cryogenic processes are used to preserve meat and organs for some people who might need them in the future and this could very well be the beginning of a society without healthcare or living longer because of medicine.

Now then I’d like to talk about how this would work and possibly see if it is even possible and if so what sort of things we should expect when we begin the travel in the future.

cryogenics would be a form of traveling indefinitely forward

One thing I’d like to talk about with you regarding this travel in the future is what if we were able to travel back in time through our DNA.

What if we somehow modified our DNA when we were young and then went back in time through our DNA as an adult?

Well the theory behind this might be to get someone who had serious health issues to live a long and healthy life without those issues?

  • This could work and this might even be possible within our own lifetimes, and we haven’t yet found the way to do this. Okay, so let’s talk about this for second shall we?
  • Well one of the problems is the laws of physics state that space-time itself is fluid, thus any motion that goes along it would be like viscous fluid traveling forward.
  • But if we take an object and push on it at a certain speed, it would go faster until it reaches absolute zero and then it would simply stop moving.

I think if we took an object, moved it forward at a certain speed and slowed it down while still travelling along the path, we might be able to use some of this science in our own day to day lives. Think on this.

Comatose People Travel Years to the Future

When traveling years to the future you must make sure that your comatose patient has a support system in place, traveling years to the future is about having a care team that will be with you every step of the way.

comatose people travel years to the future

Dreams Find Time Pass Slower Than Reality

It is a common phenomenon that when we think about how time passes in your dreams we immediately envision the speeding bullet, or the flash of light that seems to have passed right over our heads.

If only that were really the way time passing worked. Many of us believe that time passing actually slows down as we get older. However, there are those who believe that time passes differently in your dreams; this is something you may be interested in knowing.

Those who believe that time passes differently in your dreams liken it to the television, they think that the images flashed before us on the screen either aren’t real, or are seeing things that aren’t really there. In other words, they feel that time is slowed down in your dreams. There are some who think that time passes at a different rate for those who have psychic visions, and see images from their past lives, while others feel that time passes at the same pace whether you’re awake or not.

So if you find that your dreams are rushing by and seem to fly by at seemingly impossible speeds, it may be time to start thinking about how time passes in your dreams.

You may find that your imagination is the culprit for this strange behavior, but it could also be a result of stress, anxiety, and even the television, depending on the type of dreams you are having.

Learn More About the Benefits of a Sleeping Extra Boost to Future Because Your Consciousness is Not Participating

When you are sleeping and do not wake up from your sleep, the best way is to do it with the help of some extra boost to your future. It is possible, by simply knowing the ways and secrets behind some sleeping tips to give you the extra little push you need to go ahead and wake up from deep sleep.

The lack of waking up from deep sleep can be quite disturbing especially if you are already in advanced age where your attention span is very short.

Sleeping is an important activity that must be done regularly and as such it needs to be done with some extra boost to your consciousness. The only way this can be done is to make use of sleeping time for learning purposes and learning more about life.

while sleeping extra boost to future because your consciousness is not participating

Going back to the theme of waking up from deep sleep, by making use of the extra boost to your consciousness while sleeping you can actually learn more and even acquire new skills that you did not have while you were asleep.

There is something called the sleeping habit, this habit can be acquired by engaging yourself in some activity that requires your full attention while you are sleeping.

Remember the golden rule when it comes to learning something while sleeping is to focus on a particular activity or subject so that your consciousness does not become distracted from what you are doing. This is the best way to wake up from your sleep without waking up from the deep sleep.

Technically Life is a form of time travel that points back again to your perception of time

Technically life is a form of time travel points back again to your perception of time

With this kind of life you have no need to struggle for survival. The future is always set beautifully for you. No wonder more people are attracted to this kind of life. It is the most exciting thing that has ever happened to them.

Time travel or traveling back in time is a great concept but it is a very complex matter which involve many factors to be considered.

The beauty of it is that you can live it until your death. It gives you so many chances to fulfill your dreams. You must try out for it, see it to its maximum potential and then decide whether to live in it or not.

2nd Law of Thermodynamics Point of View Processes Could Not Reverse

When a person thinks or believes something and puts their vibration into the process, like believing that they will get a job if they go to college and get a degree, their belief translates as energy which is then picked up by the universe, and the Law of Attraction goes along and gives them what they think they will receive.

2nd Law of Thermodynamics point of view processes universe could not reverse

The Law of Attraction is based on quantum physics and is extremely powerful. Its main premise is that we will receive what we put our vibration into.

So when we vibrate, believe and hope that we will receive a raise in salary or get a new job, it becomes literally happening, like a wave.

This is just one of the many ways that the Law of Attraction can be used, but for the purposes of our discussion we will stick with the process that the Law of Thermodynamics explains. Thermodynamics explains that all the processes in the entire universe were created by a conscious mind and not by chance or luck.

Now then, if we take all of this and put it into our human mind, wouldn’t it follow that if we could change the Law of Thermodynamics to work our way to getting what we want, we would be able to reverse the process and get what we don’t want? That would make sense right? Therefore, I have a theory that if we learn how to reverse the Law of Attraction, then we can do whatever we want and receive whatever we don’t want.

Forward Time Travel Happens Only When We Sleep

How does forward time travel happen only when we sleep? This is the question most frequently asked by science-fiction and fantasy writers that would like to make their work more interesting.

Although, it has been scientifically proven that one can indeed travel back in time using time travel methods such as faster-than-light travel, the phenomenon of time travel does not only apply to traveling back in time but also to traveling forward in time.

The difference is that the laws of physics state that time itself cannot be changed; therefore, no matter how fast you go forward in time, the clock will always run slower on your future journey.

forward time travel happens only when we sleep

To fully understand how forward time travel happens only when we sleep, it is important for us to understand how traveling back in time works.

The clocks on our space ships or expeditions go back in time by way of the traveler’s voice, which explains why we never know what time the locals on other planets may be speaking.

The reason why we never know the future is that of a big bang, an explosion of space-time. This explosion caused all the stars in our universe to go super fast, so fast in fact, that they left no trails for us to view.

Traveling through time, wouldn’t work like this because there is no “time stream” in space, only very tiny bubbles within the time stream, which are only slightly discernible to the human eye. It is therefore believed that time travel is only possible in very rare cases, such as through very fast collapses of time, or a temporal distortion.

The only known time distortion that is known to affect traveling in the future is the Einsteinian cosmological model. The laws of physics state that the only thing capable of traveling forward in time is energy, and in accordance with this law, the faster the traveler moves, the greater amount of energy he/she will need to fuel the ship or the aircraft. The faster the traveler moves, the less energy is needed to power the ship or the aircraft.

The most interesting aspect of time travel is that one can go forward in time or go backwards in time as we desire.

We are always in forward time travel into the future and either we awake or we wake up each day. This is a reality we all have to face and it is our choice whether we allow this time travel or not. We are always in the future and we have to face this tomorrow. The question is how do we deal with this reality and what can we do to steer ourselves in a certain direction?

In order to deal with the forward time travel, we have to first realize that we are always in the present and have to look at our lives as if we were living in the future. This is not as hard as it sounds because we all have these thoughts running through our minds. However, when you try to stop these thoughts you feel as if they are stuck and this causes them to run even stronger. We have to try this for a few days and then we will be able to see the difference. When we are able to see the difference, we will be able to make better decisions and have better outcomes in our lives.

The other aspect of this is that we are also in the future and we have to learn how to deal with this. There are a lot of tools and technology we can use to prevent this future from occurring, but the first step is for us to recognize that we are always in the future. Once we realize this we can use technology to propel ourselves forward or we can try to stop this from happening. Either way we have to try and find a way in which we can deal with the future and move forward. Forward time travel is possible, but we must use this technology correctly or we will get stuck.

Have You Seen That Either You Sleep Or Wake Up – We Are Always Moving Forward

One of the most common problems that people face is how to see beyond the moment. It’s easy to get caught up in the moment and try to make a decision from the very first second. This is not necessarily a bad thing but if you don’t pause and reflect upon what was actually happening during the time you were awake you are likely to make decisions that you later regret. You need to remember what was happening at the time and try to see things in a different light. For example:

We spend a large portion of our day on our computer and television, with little chance to socialize and meet people. We are sedentary and rarely do anything that stimulates us physically. The lack of physical activity causes us to become overweight and this has multiple consequences such as increased risks of heart disease, diabetes, stroke and osteoporosis. These are all preventable by participating in a regular exercise routine and eating a healthy diet.

In conclusion, it is important that you keep a positive outlook on life and don’t ever discount the importance of thinking about what you have seen that day. If you can see it as an opportunity rather than a negative event, you will be more likely to take advantage of it and make the most of the next opportunity that comes your way. In the same way that a negative event can be turned around you can turn something negative into a positive.

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