Can Guys Become Massage Therapists?

Men in Massage Therapy Are Stronger and More Knowledge of Anatomy Physiology

Men massage therapists are stronger than women therapists because they have a lot of knowledge about the human body and its structure.

This information can help them to execute their task better and give better result.

  • They are knowledgeable enough so that they can know how to apply for the body massage and what are the important areas which need it.
  • They should also be able to know the right way to use pressure over the body part that requires it.
  • The men in this field are also aware about the parts of body which requires pressure so that they can perform their job very well and give ultimate benefit to the clients.
  • They also know how to trigger the right kind of muscle strength required by a body part.
  • This is very essential for giving the best and safest service to the client.
  • They are aware about the nerves and what are the nerves do all the time and how can they be activated and how can they be affected?

The men in this field have a lot of experience and hence they are able to understand what are the right movements and position to use for a particular muscle or body part which requires more pressure or stress.

The massage therapist should be able to use muscle strength training techniques which are very important in relieving any kind of stress and tension and also repairing any type of injury which might have occurred to the client.

They should be trained in using different pressure points and muscle groups apart from the body and its structure.

The knowledge in muscle structure is also very important for the massage therapist as the muscle tissues have different kinds of nerve cell receptors which are available which can affect the functioning of that particular body part which needs to be treated.

Hence, they should be aware of this and should be able to know where the points are which are beneficial for the muscle strength training.

How Massage Therapy is One Setting in Which Men Often suffer Discrimination

Massage therapy is one setting in which men suffer extreme privilege.

Traditionally the only place that a woman has had Massage therapy is at a Spa or Beauty parlor, and even then it has been a bit of a hit or miss success as far as the woman’s body is concerned.

For decades now there has been little research done on the actual effectiveness of massages for men and women alike.

This is perhaps because when most people think of a massage they think of a relaxing experience that should not be dominated by either sex.

But the fact is that when men and women are both under the care and supervision of a qualified and skilled massage therapist the results can be astounding.

There are a number of reasons why this is so.

The most obvious reason is that as the therapy session progresses the client is gradually opened up to and uses more of his own body.

As such, the very idea of being dominated by another person can cause some discomfort, leading the client to develop feelings of resentment and even hostility.

When the treatment is done properly and the receiver realizes that he is no longer in control of the situation he will accept it graciously, no matter how unpleasant it has become.

Massage therapy is one setting in which men often suffer injustice.

Women are typically the receiving end of the massage strokes, with much less pressure placed on their bodies than men. And yet, they are usually the recipient of much more frequent and vigorous treatments.

Is it because men are simply too delicate and caring? Perhaps, but the results show that it is the massage therapist who is the recipient, not the woman. So, next time you get a massage, pay closer attention to who is giving it to you.

Why Male Massage Therapists Make It in the Industry

Male massage therapists who make it in the industry are often supremely talented, driven and focused on providing a superior level of massage therapy to their clients.

They have a genuine desire to exceed the expectations of their clients and provide each of them with an experience that is both relaxing and unforgettable.

Massage therapy is such a niche market that there are literally hundreds of different types of massage therapists out there who will guarantee to provide you with the best or most unique massage ever.

A good massage therapist has the skill, knowledge and confidence to be able to recognize the areas that need work and also has the knowledge and skill to provide it proficiently.

  • Male massage therapists who make it in the industry are very much focused on the art of touch and how it can bring so much more than just physical relaxation to a person.
  • It is said that the male version of the human pheromone spray is one of nature’s most effective natural pheromones at working on the central nervous system of our bodies.
  • There are many ways that these natural scented sprays work but the result is always the same; they are able to calm a person down.
  • This is achieved by binding the androgen hormones that cause our bodies to react in strange ways to certain kinds of stimulus.
  • It is also used to relieve stress, promote deep breathing and even increase blood circulation to the extremities.

These are just three of the many reasons why male massage therapists who make it in the industry are such an impressive group.

With so many skills in their belts, they are also very competent at working with many people from all walks of life, including couples.

They have the ability to bring a persons attention to them, as well as allowing them to feel comfortable enough to continue a massage with someone else.

Their focus on giving their client’s a total spa experience will no doubt ensure that they always have a high level of clientele.

What Do Some Women Worry About?

Most people who are not involved in the massage therapy field will have no idea what some women are worrying about when it comes to being exposed in front of a man.

Some women do not like the idea of being naked and vulnerable in front of a man.

They do not like the idea of having to say, “I think you might want to shave your pubic hair,” or “I think you might want to go bald.” While these issues do concern some women, there are some women that have legitimate concerns about being exposed in front of a man.

One of the main concerns that women worry about is that a massage therapist will be able to see them without their consent.

This is a valid concern because many massage therapists are professionals and they have to make sure that they are not able to see people without their consent.

As with any profession, the law requires that they have consent to perform massage therapy on someone.

This is to protect the client from being touched inappropriately.

For example, if a woman has to take off her clothes during a massage in order for the therapist to see her back, she should be able to do so without the client objecting.

Another issue that some women worry about is that they will not feel comfortable being naked with a stranger.

While women might feel more comfortable with a massage therapist than they would with a family member or a friend, a massage table is quite different from a locker room, public restroom or swimming pool.

A person who is just relaxing can be a person who is not expecting an intimate encounter.

If a woman is not used to being naked in front of a stranger, she might feel uncomfortable having that reaction during a massage.

Some May Assume That a Woman Massage May Have a Different Touch Than a Man’s

  • Some may assume that a woman massage may have a more nurturing touch than a male massage would, since the female version tends to involve more soothing, hypoallergenic products.
  • If that is true, why do so many men go to a sauna or purchase a lavender aromatherapy candle?
  • The reason may be because men have been conditioned by society to think that a massage is somehow masculine, and therefore somewhat dirty.
  • But that’s simply not true.
  • A male massage can be just as much of a sensual and intimate experience for the man as it is for the woman.
  • Both men and women may enjoy being pampered, and the practice of sensual and relaxing massage is a great way for people to be together.
  • And, while you may assume that a woman massage may have a softer touch than a male massage, that is not always the case.
  • When doing a woman’s massage, you may need to slow things down to get her in a receptive mood.
  • Most men love the feeling of being rubbed down, so don’t expect a man to jump right into a long and drawn-out massage.
  • In fact, it may take some time for her to become receptive to the idea.
  • She may even feel uncomfortable at first, and be thinking about how she is going to get the service ended.
  • As long as you are persistent and don’t push her too hard, she’ll eventually let you know she’s ready to go.

Why Clients Often Prefer to Have a Female Massage Therapist Work on Them

And they would also prefer a male therapist over a female therapist since they believe that male massage therapists are able to give better and more efficient massage treatments than female massage therapists.

However, you need to be careful when you want to hire a massage therapist, because the economy is also playing a big role in this.

Many companies are going for cheaper massage rates, which is why there are many male massage therapists in the market.

This means that if you have a preference for a particular gender over another, then it would be best for you to choose male massage therapists instead of female massage therapists, or vice versa.

This is why you need to check the background of the female massage therapist that you are going to hire.

You need to check whether she has proper accreditation, she has passed the state’s bar exam, and other things.

American Massage Therapy Association

According to the American Massage Therapy Association, there are more than 85 percent of licensed massage therapists in America are women.

Women are much sought after by companies that offer massages, such as a health club, because they tend to be more receptive to treatments.

This may come as a surprise to some because men are not known for being pushy or aggressive with their clients.

However, it does stand to reason that a woman would be more receptive to receive a massage because she has probably been through the same experience or has been exposed to the same emotions and stresses that her male counterpart has.

The American Massage Therapy Association says that their organization is dedicated to providing resources and encouraging individuals to engage in professional development.

  • One way that therapists learn about their field is through continuing education courses.
  • There are also seminars held monthly and yearly to help therapists stay up to date on the latest theories and techniques in their field.
  • The association does everything possible to regulate its member massage therapists and to keep standards high for its members.
  • To ensure that standards are met, each therapist must pass an exam given by the organization.
  • This exam is a multiple-choice test that assesses knowledge, skill, certification, and experience on massage therapy as well as communication style and management style.

In addition, American Massage Therapy Association also offers discounts and financial assistance for registered massage therapists who belong.

In addition to getting discounts and financial assistance, therapists who become a member of the American Massage Therapy Association are required to complete continuing education courses every two years.

Massage Therapists – Is a Career in this Field Dominated by Women?

The subject of massage therapy is a very popular and profitable one, and a great number of people are interested in becoming massage therapists.

In the United States alone, there are approximately thirteen massage therapy schools and training programs offered, with many more popping up every year.

However, the ratio of men to women practicing massage therapy is not exactly equal.

Research has shown that women make up fifty-seven percent of massage therapists nationwide, while thirty-three percent is male.

A career as a massage therapist can be both lucrative and fulfilling, as the demand for their services is constantly rising.

The most common services that massage therapists provide include massage to the back, neck, shoulders, and various other areas.

Additionally, they may also be called upon to apply a variety of oils, such as lanolin or lavender. They may also work with clients who have special needs, including physical therapy or those who have been injured.

To become massage therapists, one needs to undergo an accredited massage therapy school, and complete either a state-approved apprenticeship or practical nursing degree program, in order to gain certification.

Most states require massage therapists to obtain at least a high school diploma in order to legally perform massage therapy.

This is because most states require massage therapists to receive formal training before they can legally register with the state to do business.

It is also important to note that although massage therapists are women, the industry is still dominated by men.

Four out of five massage therapists are men, making it one of the few industries that is completely balanced. If you are interested in this occupation, you should consider getting certified as soon as possible.

Massage Therapists Directing Aggressive Behavior Towards Unassuming Clients

While most male masseuses are extremely nice people, a minority, usually male masseuses who prey on women in their profession tend to be less-than-professional and can come off as creepy, even criminal.

Massage therapists who prey on women may talk dirty, use innuendo, or take advantage of their clients trust in them.

When a client first meets with a massage therapist, he or she is typically relaxed, in a state of meditation designed to relax the body and mind.

It’s not until a massage therapist begins an intimate, sensual massage that clients begin to worry about paying for it and what the therapist is doing to their bodies – particularly if they’re not sure that the massage therapist is giving them a proper massage.

The first step in preventing predatory behavior among male massage therapists is for the massage therapist to make sure that his or her clients feel comfortable and safe while they’re having a massage.

  • This may sound simple, but too many male masseuses don’t take the time to put themselves in their clients’ shoes before they give them a massage.
  • This often leads male masseuses to start inappropriately touching and feeling against the clients’ skin.
  • Male massage therapists should always make sure that their clients feel completely relaxed and cared for before touching their bodies.
  • Unfortunately, sometimes male masseuses become aggressive when they treat their clients with care and respect.
  • When this happens, clients may develop feelings of discomfort and powerlessness.

You can avoid some of this aggression if you let your male masseuses know that you’re uncomfortable if he resorts to patting, tapping, and rubbing against your skin.

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