Best Posture Pump Review | 4 Tips

The Posture Pump has been one of the most renowned pieces amongst the people who look neck pain relief. And, we simply had to do a Posture Pump review to see what this pump was all about. There are different types of Posture Pumps, but the Model 1400-D is by far the most popular and reputable. According to reviews, it is incredibly effective and most importantly – good value for the money.

But, will it be worth our and your money? Keep on reading to see our verdict.

Most important features of the Posture Pump

Here are the most important aspects of the Posture Pump 1400-D that you must know before getting one. By having the following things into consideration, you can determine if this is the right unit for you.

Certifications and Safety

The first thing that we noticed about the reputable Posture pump when we did our Posture pump review is that it is FSA and HAS eligible. We got it without plastic wrapping which is quite respectful. This shows that the company is eco-friendly and cares about providing less waste in the environment.

Another thing regarding the whole build and certification of the unit is that it is a USA-made one. Being made here, you know that it follows the strict laws and regulations and that it fulfills the highest standards. The construction is durable and made to last.


The Posture pump has a dual disc hydrator and it is a great piece. It has two uniquely angled air cells. These cells ensure the decompression and relieve pressure on your upper back and the neck. Also, the decompression helps with maintaining a proper body posture. This doesn’t come as a huge surprise, especially since you know that the unit is really effective thanks to the EED technology. This technology – the Expanding Ellipsoidal Decompression is a patented one. It was developed and invented for the sole reason of the Posture Pump, and you can’t find it anywhere else. As a unique feature, this technology ensures that the Posture Pump has unrivaled quality.

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Comfort for use

Usually, pumps with similar shape or purpose aren’t really comfortable. This makes the whole experience pretty irritating. However, with the Posture Pump – that can all be in the past. Thanks to the breakthrough EED technology, the unit operates at moderate pressure levels. This means that it effectively serves its purpose, without causing any pain or discomfort. Also, the dual disc hydrator ensures that you can use the unit safely. It provides comfortable disc decompression and yet, it is effective enough to reshape your proper spinal curves.


A thing that we noticed when doing our Posture Pump review is that the unit is lightweight and considerably compact. You can easily carry it around with you on travels or at work, and it won’t take up too much of your space – unlike other units for example. It can be conveniently placed in small bags or boxes. If you keep it at home, however, you’ll notice that the unit can fit into a regular drawer or a storage box. It doesn’t look too bulky even when it’s outside too.

Posture Pump review

Who can use the unit

Another thing that makes this unit a good piece is that it can be used by a diverse set of people. According to the manufacturers – it can be used “for most ages and conditions”. We tried it, and it really works for small-sized people, even younger adults, to old people. Large people have no problem using it either.

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In all cases, the unit proved to be effective for pain relief and worked fine in relaxing the body.

For which conditions can you use the Posture Pump

Usually, the problem with buying a device like a Posture Pump lies in the fact that not all of them are helpful, especially for certain conditions. However, we noticed that the Posture Pump can relieve discomfort related to muscle tightness, poor spinal alignment, tensions, excessive forward head posture, and many others.

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In fact, it is recommended by many medical professionals since it has the power to decompress the joints, relieve pain and tension in the upper back, and it is effective for reshaping the natural curves of the body.

Another thing that you should know about using it is that it can be effective for relaxation. You don’t necessarily need to have a condition to use it. It prevents many spine and neck-related conditions too.

How to use the Posture Pump

The Posture Pump is significantly beginner-friendly and can be used by anyone. However, the thing that really pops into our attention is that it is best if used before bedtime. If you use it like this, you can relieve neck and back discomfort, and you can minimize the stress in your life.

Another suitable time for using the Posture Pump is before or after workouts. This way, you give the proper rest to your muscles and neck, and you prevent any tension or stiffness there. Another good option for using the Posture Pump is during hardworking days. It is well-known that busy days can minimize the ranges of motion and cause stiffness. However, the Posture Pump is quite effective in reducing chronically compressed discs.

What you get by getting the Posture Pump

Let’s go to unwrapping the unit. The first thing that you see from the moment you open up your package is that the Pump is well-made. This isn’t too surprising since you know its USA made. However, besides the pump, you get everything else that you possibly need for the maximum efficiency of the unit.

Besides the pump, you get instructions that are well printed and easily explained. These instructions will be your guide on how to properly use and setup the unit. Another thing that you get by getting the pump is a product brochure. In case you want to up your game, you’ll be well-informed and have all the information at disposal.


  • Decompresses and minimizes head
  • Corrects forward head
  • USA-made
  • Lightweight
  • Easy-to operate
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  • Expensive

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That pretty much sums up our Posture Pump review. The unit has a lot to offer and even though it is a bit high with the price, it is still a great value for money. However, before buying it, we suggest consulting with a medical expert to see if this unit can be a fit for you and your specific condition. This is a safe option that will cause no trouble for you, but it can prevent further injuries or it can save you from making an investment that you’ll deem unworthy.

If you don’t have a condition, you’ll love having it around, as it can relieve stress and tension from your neck and back, and it can help you have a proper body stance. It is a good value for the money and we’ll absolutely suggest it to anyone feeling any back or neck related discomfort.

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