Top 10 Best Back Massage/Shiatsu/Neck/Shoulder Pillows

Top 10 Best Back Massage/Shiatsu/Neck/Shoulder Pillows

Benefits of Massage Cushions and Pillows

One of the biggest benefits of massage cushions and pillows is reducing your neck pain.

Scientific Research:

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Neck pain can be due to stress, lack of sleep, and certain types of chronic illnesses. Nowadays there are numerous ways to relax.

Benefits of Massage Cushions and Pillows

It is a fact that relaxation does wonders to the body. One of the most relaxing activities for most people is relaxation at home. The real benefit of massage cushions and pillows is to help reduce the stress in your daily life.



Scientific Research:

Arthritis Foundation by John W Frymoyer, MD, Dean of the College of Medicine at the University of Vermont, Burlington, VT

There are many things in our lives we do not have control over. But when we begin to take responsibility for what we can control we become better people. One of the biggest benefits of massage cushions and pillows is to improve your posture strength.

Scientific Research:


Logo of University of Maryland Medical Center

One of the best ways to treat physical weakness is through physical exercise.

Walking, running, and biking all help to improve posture strength.

With good posture you can get better sleep and be less susceptible to the effects of neck and back pain.

Massage cushions and pillows are just one of the many ways to improve your posture strength.

One of the best ways to treat weakness and pain is through a diet rich in protein and calcium. Milk, cheese, eggs, and yogurt are the best foods that contain high levels of protein and calcium.

Scientific Research:

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One of the main problems people with back pain face is posture. It is common knowledge that improper posture can be a big cause of back pain.

If you think about it, if you spent your entire life trying to correct your posture, it would take a very long time to correct back pain. You want to correct the incorrect posture as quickly as possible.

Massaging your back can bring real relief to your problems. Many people who suffer from chronic back pain now find that they enjoy the gentle pressure of massage therapy more than medication. Massage is a natural remedy.

So now you know the benefits of massage cushions and pillows. You can receive relief from both pain and stiffness without spending a lot of money on medicine.

So now you know the benefits of massage cushions and pillows. You can receive relief from both pain and stiffness without spending a lot of money on medicine.

What is a Massage Cushion?

What is a massage cushion

A massage cushion is very beneficial to get your tired back and neck. It gives you a chance to relax your body and give your muscles a break.

Massage cushions come in different shapes and sizes. The size of the cushion determines the range of massage that can be given to your body.

For example, a one-inch cushion would give a nice, light massage to your shoulders while a three-inch cushion would give a deep and powerful massage to your neck.

How Do I Choose a Massage Cushion?

Do you want to know how do I choose a massage cushion? Well the main thing that you have to do is to look for it and to make sure that you are comfortable with it.

This will help you a lot when it comes to knowing how do I choose a massage cushion.

HoMedics MCS-750H Review – ProQ Technology, Heat System, and Other Benefits

HoMedics MCS750H Quad Shiatsu Massage Cushion with Heat

HoMedics MCS-750H are almost the same and after going through this review, you will know that there are no negative points in my mind.

I am sure that if you are planning to go for this massage device, then you must be pretty much satisfied with it.

One of the most important things in this massage chair is the heat system which will help you in relieving pain and tension which are caused by stress and pressure. So in this way, it can help you a lot.

With the advanced technology of the HoMedics MCS-750H, you will feel relaxed and you will feel good even without the help of the heated massage cushion.


If you have sore and tired muscles, you can surely get the best benefit from the system.

You can also feel great when you are having the massage treatment by the heat system. I have never felt that before and there is a reason behind it.

I think that the HoMedics MCS-750H can surely help you relieve pain and tension of your muscles, even when you are using your laptop or some other equipment.

One of the most important factors of this massage system is the Pro-Q which is said to be the most advanced massage tool.

As the name indicates, this device is capable of different types of massage that is very helpful for those who are suffering from severe pain and tension.

It can also give maximum comfort and relief from muscle pains, which is highly recommended for those who are suffering from arthritis and muscle spasms.

Besides this, there are many other advantages of this product.

Most of these advantages can also be seen in the HoMedics MCS-750H which includes the heat system, advanced technology, full range of massage and soothing services and more.

Nursal Shiatsu Massage Chair

Nursal Shiatsu Massage Seat Cushion

Nursal Shiatsu Massage Seat Cushion

Patients appreciate the extra comfort when they use these seats as it is much easier for them to sit down and relax their bodies.

Using the footrests helps patients reach their feet with a good grip so that the discomfort caused by excessive pressure during the session does not persist.

The Massage Seat Cushion provides more comfort. It is very easy to clean and maintain the cushions.

Nursal Shiatsu Massage Seat Cushion has four rolling nodes that can do kneading massage effectively.

The great thing about this is the heat that works clockwise and counter clockwise settings.

There are adjustable rollers that can ease back pain. The Nursal Shiatsu Massage Seat Cushion also comes with a hip vibration feature.

If you want an intense massage with the 3D rotating massage balls then this is what you are looking for.

Gideon Seat Cushion Vibrating Massager

gideon vibrating massage

One of the first companies to really launch an electric massager was the Gideon Seat Cushion Vibrating Massager. This is a nice compact model that has several vibration modes. This massager is very small so it can fit right into your bag when you travel. If you want something to give you a good massage this is a great choice.

Gideon Seat Cushion Vibrating Massager

The Pros and Cons. A lot of people know that there are some cons to a vibrating massager. There are some downsides. The most obvious pro is the price, it is quite affordable. The second pro is the size and portability. The only real con I have heard is that you need to be careful with using this as you can put too much pressure on the pads on the head.

The Pros. One of the biggest pro for this message is that it comes with a lifetime warranty. This means if it breaks within the first year of purchase you will be able to send it back and they will replace it.

Another pro is that it comes with a 10-minute use guarantee.

Another pro is that you can get a massage for up to 5 hours before you have to recharge the battery.

Last but not least, there are no cons at all, unless you really don’t like a vibrating massager.

This device comes with 10 vibrating points, four massaging nodes, heat. It also has rolling and tapping functions.

Viktor Jurgen Neck and Back Massager Pillow With Heat and Shiatsu Kneading

The Viktor Jugen Neck and Back Massager Pillow are one of the numerous Shiatsu Neck Massagers that is now available.

VIKTOR JURGEN Neck and Back Massager Pillow with Heat and Shiatsu Kneading

In a nutshell, what exactly are the pros and cons? Here are some of the pros and cons:

Pros: This portable and easy to use piece of technology has features that allow the user to massage all areas of the body from head to toe because of its portability.



It also provides additional options that will help you target specific parts of the body. With an option to adjust the pressure applied by the user, this particular product is very versatile.

Pro: The lightweight feature of this product makes it possible for it to be carried around during your travels.

Plus, it is very convenient to use as the user does not need to bend down or lift his/her back to use the product. You can move the device around wherever you want.

The nice thing about this is that it comes with a car adaptor and you can use it in your car!

Cons: This product has a small amount of vibration when used.

So, while you feel the sensations that it gives off when you are using it, you cannot experience the tingling sensation of massage.

Pro: The included massage pad gives the user all the features that he needs. Plus, it allows the user to glide the hands along the backs of the shoulders, arms, and back and neck.

Plus, the heat function helps with the relaxing of the muscles.

Pro: This product has 4 deep-kneading shiatsu rotating balls and heating function that help the user to achieve a comfortable experience while massaging.

Pros: In order to ensure that the shiatsu process is effective, you need to target the areas that are painful. Plus, the heat feature helps to improve the blood circulation on area where you needed most.

Dimensions: 17″ x 5″ x 14″ inches

Weight: 3.25 pounds

Power: 100 to 240 VAC

Massage nodes: 4 rotating balls

Gideon Shiatsu Deep Kneading Massage Pillow With 8 Rollers and Heat

Gideon Shiatsu Deep Kneading Massage Pillow with 8 Rollers and Heat

A Gideon Shiatsu Deep Kneading Massage Pillow with 8 Rollers and Heat is one of the best shiatsu massage pillow that you can find with great features.

It can massage the sore muscles, yet doesn’t provide the deep, thorough therapy of a full-body massage.

This can be used anywhere : Home, Office and inside your Car!

The shiatsu massage pillow comes with 4 rotating balls on each side, one side contains 2 larger balls and 2 smaller balls in order to simulate a real person doing the mssage.

This is a really cool feature since the 2 larger balls can effectively relive the muscle tension and the smaller 2 balls will provide the extra massage pressure points needed on the targeted area.

Dimensions: 13” W x 7” H

Weight: 3.3 pounds

Power: 100-240VAC 50/60hz

Massage nodes: 8 rotating balls

This is the best product value for your money since it is affordable with a lot of great features.

HoMedics SP-100H

Homedics Shiatsu and Vibration

HoMedics SP100H

The recent review of the HoMedics SP-100H, is that it is one of the most relaxing products that you can get for back and neck pain relief.

This review also highlighted the number of cons and the pros that it has.

This review found the pros about this product, such as the fact that it is very easy to use and gives effective results for many people.

The Pros of this product include its ease of use, and the fact that it provides very good results, especially when compared to other back and neck pain treatments.

It is also easy to administer and clean and therefore, people will be able to use it without much hassle.

The Cons of this product were the fact that it does not treat the pain in a specific manner and only targets certain parts of the body.

The Pros of this product included its effectiveness for treating various types of pain.

This product was also very affordable, and therefore, people will be able to use it without much hassle. The lack of side effects that this product has also helped it to be a favorite product among consumers.

Finally, this review highlighted the fact that this product can be used by anyone. People will only have to invest in this product when they see that it is a good buy for them.

Dimensions: 13.8 x 5.1 x 10.4 inches

Weight: 4.2 pounds

Power: 120V, 60Hz, 25W.

Massage nodes: 4 rotating balls

If you do not need the heat option then the SP-105H is the product you need.

Some advantages:

Very Tough

Poratble and Easy to Move Around

Very Quiet

Auto Shut Off after 15 minutes

Heat goes up to 108 degrees F

Problem is that you cannot use this in your car and this is corded.

Comfier Shiatsu Neck & Back Massager

Comfier Shiatsu Neck Back Massager

Many people are considering buying a Shiatsu Neck & Back Massager.

This is a popular health and fitness type of massager. The first question you may have is if it is safe. You may be wondering if it is good to use or not. As I mentioned above, this is not a toy, but is a different type of device that can have great benefits.

Neck and back pain are common in many people. In some cases, it can cause pain and discomfort. For many people, it will take years to get rid of the pain.

This is because they don’t know how to deal with it. One way to avoid the pain is to find relief for the pain. This can be done by using a massager like this. It works in a similar way to a full body massage, which works on the back and neck.

There is a 2D and 3D function and there will be a nice shiatsu like there is someone doing the massage for you. Of course, you have to activate the vibration and heat to realize the maximum benefits.

Comfier Shiatsu Neck and Back massager can cover the upper, lower back and full back feature.

This is a great device for your home or office.

Snailax Gel Shiatsu Neck & Back Massager

Snailax Gel Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager

Snailax Gel Shiatsu Neck & Back Massager – is it really worth the money? This is a question that I am often asked when considering a new massage device.

In this article I will provide a couple of pros and cons to help you make your decision.

First I want to discuss a few pros and cons for both the basic and deluxe models. These are basic models which have everything you need to get started; while deluxe models are designed with high quality pieces and may include attachments and other extras such as storage. Let’s start with the pros and cons.

Snailax Gel Shiatsu Neck Back Massager

If you want a simple yet effective tool, Snailax Gel Shiatsu Neck & Back Massager is perfect for you.

This is a great device because it uses gel rollers which is softer and helps you to find all areas that you would like to massage and a body release button to release all pressure from the neck and back.


This works by gently pushing a gel into the areas that you would like to massage and the massage wand releases the pressure.

This allows you to concentrate on the essential areas without feeling tired or tense after several sessions.

The joints and ligaments are brought back to their original condition and the pains are alleviated.

On the other hand if you are looking for a more sophisticated technique the Snailax Gel Shiatsu Neck & Back Massager come with two extra motion parts for adding additional sensations to the massage.

Zyllion ZMA13BK Shiatsu Pillow Massager With

Zyllion ZMA13BK

Zyllion ZMA13BK Shiatsu Pillow Massager with Heat

Zyllion ZMA13BK Shiatsu Pillow Massager with Heat Review Zyllion offers a Shiatsu pillow massage product with temperature control.

The heat and pressure is controlled to give you total relaxation. As a result, it has its use in the sleep spa, spa at home and at spa. It is also used as a massage tool in other applications like neck and back massage.

There are many types of massage products available in the market. You can choose a massage device according to your needs.

A good firm massage helps you feel relaxed. Good massage also helps you to release accumulated stress.

A good massage for your muscles also helps to reduce stiffness and joint pains.

It also helps to relieve your body from swelling and inflammation.

As a result, you will have improved mobility. So, if you want to relax and release stress, then it is important to go for a good massage tool like the Zyllion ZMA13BK Shiatsu Pillow Massager with Heat.

This Shiatsu Pillow massager just occupies 6cm of space which you can easily bring on your vacation, office or home.

Reviewers who have sensitive neck may find this too strong otherwise if you want very hard massage then this product is for you.

Naipo Shiatsu Seat Cushion Chair Massager

Naipo Shiatsu Seat Cushio with Cover

As a beginner I was totally new to shiatsu and naipo, so I was looking for a review on what to look for in a pro review for this piece of massage equipment.

I am always looking for all the benefits of my favorite brands and so I decided to go with a pro review on a pro-level massage seat cushion and massage.

Naipo Shiatsu Seat Cushion Massager

This massage chair comes with four massage nodes on the upper portion that is great for neck and another four massage nodes on the bottom portion for use on back and waist.

The great things about this shiatsu seat cushion chair massager has the option to adjust height which allows you to make a precise target on back area.

The massage cushion has a leather cover which you can remove if you want an intense massage or simply just remain it covered for a softer seated massage.

I like the feature that the control is remote which is easy to use.

For neck pain sufferers this is a very good product to a lot of users.

There are other users that find it uncomfortable so you have to make sure which massage chair that will provide you the best benefits.

Types of Massage Cushions

Types of massage cushions

There are a number of different types of massage cushions. The most common type is the massage chair Pad, these types of massage cushions have many advantages and it is a good idea to have several types in your collection. Here are some types of massage-cushion and what they do.

Some people refer to these types of massage cushions as massage mattresses. They are typically found in soft shapes that will fit under the mattress and provide more support for the body. These cushions may have straps or plastic tabs that fit around the sides of the mattress. This provides more firmness to the mattress to allow for deeper tissue massage.

Another type of cushion is a massage pillow / cushion. These cushions can be used to provide pressure relief when laying down.

All types of cushions vary depending on the preference of the user and his or her individual comfort level. Some people prefer firmer cushions while others would prefer a more plush feel. It really depends on the person and what type of massage is desired.

What Are Some Great Features Of Massage Cushions?

A lot of people go in for the features of massage cushions, and while that’s an aspect that might be fun to be a part of, it’s important to consider what all those features do.

Since so many products are out there these days, it can be hard to know where to start looking to find the right product for you. It’s really important to look at all the different things that can be great features of massage cushions.

Features of massage cushions


One of the most important things to consider is the quality of the materials that massage cushions are made from. This is important because this allows them to last for many years, making them something that you can get to use for a very long time.

The higher the quality of the material that they’re made from, the better. However, it’s important to consider a number of different things when looking for the best quality materials.


For one thing, you’ll want to make sure that the cushion is firm enough so that it can provide pressure points that help to relax the muscles.

This is one of the most important things to consider when choosing a product.

When you have a product that works to provide pressure points on a regular basis, you will find that you will be able to relax your muscles and have a much easier time with any type of muscle relaxation technique that you use.

Shape and Design

Another one of the great features of massage cushions is that they can be very flexible.

This is great for people who use them frequently and can ensure that they can fit into any space that you may need.

When you have a product that is flexible, it can fit in any space that you may be using it in, so you won’t have to worry about stretching it out when you have to move it around.


The next one of the great features of massage cushions is that they are very sturdy. This can make them great for offices, as well as homes. This is a great feature for a lot of people because you don’t have to worry about items falling off your chair or getting scratched up when they are sitting in a tight spot.

Where to Use a Massage Cushion

There are many locations where you can find a Massage Cushion or a Swimming Massage Cushion. If you are going to use it, you will want to make sure that it is in an area that is both safe and non-intrusive. Also, you want to make sure that it is not too cold.

Locations to use a massage cushion

If you are going to use it with a physical therapist, they will take the time to explain the process to you.

The massage cushions can be found in many areas. They can be found at massage spas, massages, spas, home health care providers, and even in a doctor’s office. Here are some of the different locations where you can use a massage cushion.


Home Health Care Providers – These locations may be very specific about what they do not offer. You will want to be sure that they have a good reputation for providing this type of service. Also, you will want to ask them to test the cushions before you buy them.

Massage, Spas – Many of these spas offer this type of service. A massage can help to stimulate your body in a way that will give you relief from stress. This can help to increase your blood flow, which can make you feel better.

Massage Cushions – These cushions come in a variety of sizes. Some offer a full body massage. Others will only offer the neck and head. You will need to select one that suits your needs.

Massage Classes – In order to properly treat a specific area of your body, you will need to learn how to treat that area. A massage class can help you learn how to properly perform massages on various parts of your body. This will help you to provide a great massage that can be used in many areas of your life.

How long can you use a massaging cushion?

How long can you use a massaging cushion for

Once you start looking for a cushion, you should be able to find many benefits in this product. The cushion is a very comfortable and relaxing way to enjoy a massage.

If you are not careful, it can also harm your skin and cause you skin rashes to develop if you are not careful.

This is why you need to buy a cushion that has built in parts that help make sure that the cushion does not affect your skin.

Normally when you are using a massaging chair it is very common for a duration of 15 minutes to 30 minutes to relieve the muscle tension.

Can You Drive While Using a Massage Cushion?

Can you drive while using a massage cushion

You might be asking yourself, can you drive while using a massage cushion?

The answer is yes, but it will depend on what type of massage you are getting. Basically there are two types of massage treatments that can be used.

They are also called manual and electronic.

The manual massage uses your hands, which is the most common method.

The electronic one works with just the right amount of pressure to help relieve stress and tension.

The same applies to using a massage cushion.

The main difference is the size of the cushion that you will be using.

As a general rule the smaller the cushion the less likely you are to cause an accident because you could be running into a wall instead of a seat cushion.

When you have a larger cushion the chances are greater that you will knock something over or even hurt someone when you lose control of your vehicle.

These days you can get cushions for all kinds of vehicles and the choices are very exciting too.

Massage chairs have become popular too. Some work just like a massage chair.

They have different padding so you can get the same benefits as a regular massage. One of the biggest benefits of these is that you can use them anywhere and anytime.

This includes while driving and being able to get relief from the stress that your body is feeling. It will help you relax and they also make driving much more comfortable.

Can I Use a Massage Cushion While Pregnant?

Can I use a massage cushion while pregnant

A lot of questions have been thrown around in regard to when and how to use a massage cushion while pregnant.

There is no specific time that a massage is best during your pregnancy, it all depends on you.

A massage is a natural process, so do not be scared to use one at any time. After all it is a wonderful way to relax and give yourself a gentle massage.

In fact there are a number of benefits to using a massage while pregnant. First of all you will relieve some of the tension that you may have accumulated during the early stages of your pregnancy.

The massage is great for helping to release those clumps of stress that you may have had since you were conceived.

It also helps to reduce your morning sickness and gives you a sense of well-being. For some it is a way to reach into that wonderful world of bliss that is going to be with you forever.

You have to be aware that there are some pressure points that may trigger contractions and premature labor, so it would be wise not to use a massage cushion while pregnant.

If you are very stressed out and need the therapeutic massage then please consult a qualified doctor and ask which method of massage that is safe.

Can I Use a Massage Cushion With a Pacemaker?

Can I use a massage cushion with a pacemaker


There are many types of cushions out there for cardiac patients. It was not hard to find the ones I wanted for my pacemaker.

It is usually safe to use a massage cushion when you have a pacemaker. You have to make sure that the area where the pacemaker is inserted should be avoided. Proper massage technique normally improves one’s sleep and also reduce blood pressure.

Can I Sleep on a Massaging Cushion?

Sleeping on a massage cushion isn’t a good idea – not to mention putting the mattress on a massaging pillow is even worse, since I have to lie on it.

Can I sleep on a massaging cushion



The massaging pillows aren’t made for sleeping on, so it was kind of hard to use. It was all too much. If you use it for sleeping, your muscles may be bruised which is not advisable.

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