How To Make A Posture Strap

A Look at the Research Behind Posture Brace at Home

There are many shows on TV and in magazines that show you a technique to make a posture brace at home involving nothing more than a strapping device and a little ingenuity. One such show in particular, that I watched a couple of weeks ago, had a fitness model, Jillian Michaels, demonstrate the different types of braces she could use to correct her posture. She was able to demonstrate how a wide neck or a short neck would affect her posture. Then, with a little help from her trainer, she was able to move onto explaining how the uses of a brace for correcting bad postural habits could possibly benefit her. It was quite interesting watching this woman demonstrate a variety of braces and how they worked. Her ability to be both knowledgeable and fun was something that I enjoyed watching.

shows a technique to make a posture brace at home involving just a strap


  • Then, a couple of weeks later, there was another show that showcased a much simpler but still effective way to get a posture brace at home.
  • In this show, a man who was suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome was able to put on the brace and within just a few days, he was able to resume his normal life.
  • It was quite impressive to see how quickly a simple brace could solve an issue as simple as carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • It also made me wonder just how many other people may not even be aware of the brace as a treatment option.
  • The one show that stood out to me the most, which was a Home Fitness program on Fox News, had some impressive research and graphics to support their claims that a posture brace at home involving just a strapping device can cure up to 50% of all cases of lower back pain.
  • Although the claims may be exaggerated, it is important to understand that this kind of device does have a legitimate medical application. For example, if you are suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome, a brace like this may be recommended by your physician.

In addition, in cases of osteoarthritis, the effects of a strapping device on the hands and wrists have been found to be highly effective.

Good Posture Helps to Reduce Strain on the Back

Most back pain is a result of the individual’s good posture or lack thereof.

Studies have proven that the average person sits at a computer for at least eight hours a day with little activity and very little movement which place the average individual in great stress on their supporting muscles and ligaments.

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A good posture helps reduce neck and lower back pain when sitting all day, which is why it’s important to sit up straight, keep your chin up and avoid slouching.

good posture least strain are placed on the supporting muscles and ligaments

There are several positions that you can adopt while working that will help support your spine. The most common is sitting with the back flat against a chair with both feet flat on the floor and the hips elevated. This position provides optimal support for the lumbar region because it prevents the vertebrae from flexing as it would if the buttocks were flat against the chair. This posture will also prevent the person from straining the supporting muscles and ligaments.

You should also make sure that your feet are at a comfortable distance apart from each other so they form a U shaped curve. Keep your back straight and don’t allow the weight to rest on your shoulders and upper back. Lastly, you should be comfortable; relax and try to stay alert so you can maintain proper body posture. Proper posture is important and helps to reduce strain on the body which can lead to back injury, neck and shoulder pain, and other health related problems.

Wearing A Posture Brace to Strengthen and Stretch the Muscles For a Good Posture

Wearing a posture brace to help you straighten and improve your posture is a great idea. When your posture isn’t good, it can affect your health in many ways. You may not have the energy you need to get through the day or sleep well at night. It can also affect how you feel about yourself, which can lead to problems with confidence and self esteem. Also, if you’re constantly unsure of yourself and are not in the best mood, this can affect the people around you too. You may even start to have less patience and take things personally when you’re having a bad day at work or at home.

  • wearing a posture brace to strengthen and stretch the muscles for a good postureHowever, if you’ve tried wearing a posture brace to help you straighten your back before, you may already be familiar with how good it has helped you.
  • They are designed to gently align your body so that your spine is straight and your head, shoulders and torso are in the same position.
  • You’ll quickly notice how much better you feel when you straighten your back because you don’t dread any movements that could result from a misaligned spine.
  • You also won’t have to worry about any strain on your muscles because these brace can hold the weight evenly between your arms and let you do more strenuous activities without any pain or strain at all.
  • When you wear a posture brace to help straighten your back, it just might change your life for the better in more ways than one!
  • Once your posture has improved, you’ll be able to use that good posture to help others and yourself as well. Everyone deserves to feel comfortable and confident in their own skin. If wearing a posture brace makes your spine straight and your head, shoulders and torso in the same position each day, it can change your life for the better.
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It is very easy to do DIY on How to Make A Posture Strap

Easy to find materials at home :

  • 2 to 3 meters yoga strap or,
  • 2 to 3 meters two men’s ties knotted together
  • 2 to 3 meters uniform from karate or martial arts school

Here are the following steps:

  1.  Put the strap over your upper back and pull it to hold ends with both of your hands.
  2. Drape the two ends of the strap over to your shoulder way to the back
  3. Make a cross strap at the back holding one end on each hand
  4. Slowly pull the straps in a way that you feel a tension over your trapezius muscles upper back
  5. Tie a knot or get a velcro to secure both ends at the front

Source picture below

Place the strap over your upper back and hold the ends in each hand

Below are detailed explanation of the summary above.

What Are The Reasons Why Pull The Straps Slightly Forward So That You Feel A Small Bit Of Pull In Your Upper Back?

The trapezius muscles are located in your chest area and the front of your upper back. They lie along the sides of your shoulders, just above your arms.

These muscles get their name from the shape of the spine where it divides into two branches – the long part is called the cervical region and the short one known as the thoracic region. The trapezius muscles help us raise our bodies, support us during lifting weights and stabilise our backs, all important aspects of our physical structure.

Why Cross The Strap In Back Hanging One End In Each?

In doing this DIY posture strap, place your right hand under your left armpit and pull your left arm back behind your head, keeping your chin up. While holding the straps over your shoulders with one hand, bend your knees to allow the strap to pass through your legs, fully extending your legs.

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Why Drape Each End of the Straps Over Its Lending Shoulder

Drape each end of the strap over its corresponding shoulder so that you do not have a stoop posture.

Drape each end of the strap over its respective shoulder

To finish, you will want to lift the long straps over their respective shoulder and adjust them so they lie across your shoulders with about an inch between them. You should now have a nice rounded look.

Shoulder Straps

It gives you an instant streamlined posture.

Get Rid of Back Pain While Walking Around The Room While Adjusting The Strap Slightly

A walk around the room while adjusting the strap slightly will make your back feel better and if you are trying to get rid of back pain, this is one of the first things you can do. Adjusting the strap can make the back more comfortable and help it to release pressure. Straps are meant to help with tension and stretch out muscles. If you can stretch out the muscles, then they will be less likely to hurt. It may take several tries for it to work, but eventually you will have less tension in your back and you will not be as likely to suffer from back pain while doing certain activities.

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